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17 Deathloop's DualSense Support May Put Eventual Xbox Version At Big Disadvantage
18 Alan Wake Remastered: New-Gen Console Optimizations + DualSense!
19 Far Cry 6 To Support DualSense Features On PS5
20 PS5 Firmware 21.02-04: All the New Features and Hidden Changes You Might Have Missed
21 Gran Turismo 7's PS5 DualSense Support 'Should Allow You To Do Everything That You Can Do On A Steering Wheel Controller'
22 Deathloop on PC Supports DualSense Features, RT, HDR, and NVIDIA Reflex; No Crossplay
23 Here are the best PlayStation 5 accessories – MobileSyrup
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28 PlayStation VR Review
29 Where to preorder the black and red DualSense controllers for the PS5
30 Video Games’ Sensory Revolution: How Haptics Reinvented the Controller
31 Sony launches two new colors for PS5 DualSense controllers
32 Sony announces new black and red DualSense controllers for the PS5 you still can’t buy
33 DualSense Designer Explains Early Experiments for PS5 Controller
34 Pair DualSense™ wireless controller with Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV US
35 The DualSense’s adaptive triggers show how to make a button feel next-gen
36 PS5 DualSense controller looks stunning in unofficial purple and green
37 Apple now selling PS5 DualSense Controller following iOS 14.5 support
38 Alan Wake Remastered Features Have Been Detailed | Screen Rant
39 DualSense wireless controller for PS5 console support
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43 PS5 Remote Play now supports DualSense pad on Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV
44 PS5 Guide: How to Connect Your DualSense Controller With Other Devices
45 Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Release Date Announced
46 The Sony DualSense controller's been given 417 hours to live. My gaming keyboard? 91 years
47 Grab an extra Sony DualSense Wireless PS5 Controller while they’re down to $57
48 PS5 DualSense Unboxing: Check Out the Cosmic Red, Midnight Black Controllers
49 DualSense review: how the PS5’s controller makes games better
50 I’ve fallen out of love with the PS5 DualSense — here’s why
51 PS5 DualSense controller has ‘417 hour’ lifespan according to new tests
52 Head of Xbox Phil Spencer Praises PS5 DualSense Controller
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54 PS5 DualSense Controllers Get Software Update
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59 New PS5 and DualSense controller updates makes a short list of improvements
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61 PS5 update reportedly improves DualSense controller feedback for PS4 games
62 Devs reveal their upcoming DualSense wireless controller implementations
63 PS5 controller back buttons: Can I add DualSense rear paddles?
64 PS5 DualSense controllers reportedly breaking — what you need to know
65 Sony stops the bizarre McDonald's PlayStation 5 DualSense controller at the last moment
66 A PS5 controller sale as rare as the PS5: Get a PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller for $62
67 Two New PS5 DualSense Controller Colors Leak Early
68 PlayStation Midnight Black 3D Pulse Headset Gets SA Pricing and Date – Pre-Order Now
69 How To Connect An Additional DualSense Controller To Your PS5
70 I Love Everything About The PS5 DualSense Except The Home Button
71 Kena Bridge Of Spirits PS5-Specific Features Include Activity Cards, Native 4K/30 FPS Fidelity Mode
72 Apple Begins Selling PS5 DualSense Controller After Compatibility With iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac...
73 The PS5’s ultimate Easter egg is 40,000 PlayStation symbols you can feel
74 PS5 DualSense expert predicts how long the controller will last — and it's bad news
75 Lawsuit filed against Sony over alleged DualSense PS5 controller drift issue
76 PS5 DualSense Designer Details Early Experiments With Controller
77 PS5 DualSense Guide | Everything you need to know about the new PS5 controller
78 PS5 owners report the DualSense is now doing a better of job recreating PS4 rumble for back compat games
79 PS5 DualSense features revealed for Ratchet & Clank and a lot more
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81 The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is in stock (and it has a tiny discount)
82 Returnal impressions: PS5’s controller makes gunplay a dream
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89 PS5 DualSense Technology is Sparking Interest With Plenty of Third-Party Peripheral Manufacturers
90 Aim Controllers Customized PS5 DualSense Controller Review
91 How horror game The Medium immerses players with the DualSense wireless controller
92 Recommended Reading: 'The Facebook files'
93 More Dirt 5 PS5 DualSense controller advances in big July 20 update
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95 Gallery: Here’s PS5’s new Red and Black DualSense controllers, in the flesh
96 The best PS5 accessories for 2021
97 PS5 DualSense Has Biggest Launch Month of Any Controller
98 There's a New Software Update for PS5's DualSense Controllers, Too
99 Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5
100 PS5 DualSense Wireless Controllers are £5 less on Currys/PC World