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1 Navy Plans Upgrades to Fly E-2Ds into the 2040s
2 Northrop Grumman's US Navy E-2D Advanced Hawkeye leads the battlefield
3 Air Force, Navy units provide joint command and control for the high-end fight
4 Northrop Grumman aids French Hawkeye delivery schedule
5 Northrop Grumman's Melbourne growth boom spurred by B-21 Raider bomber, military tech
6 Boeing-Led Team Demonstrates Advanced Manned-unmanned Teaming Concepts for Naval Aviation
7 France Finalizes Purchase of 3 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft
8 Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group departs on deployment
9 US Navy looks at manned-unmanned teaming role for E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
10 US, France Set to Begin Potential $2B Northrop E-2D Aircraft Sale Process
11 Northrop Grumann's Xetron facility in West Chester Township wins work on $19.7M defense contract
12 Collins Aerospace Helps Maximize Performance for Northrop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye With NP2000 Propeller
13 France to Procure E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft from US Navy
14 Navy Orders One E-2D Aircraft Inside Major Support Contract
15 NG Tapped For E-2D Delta System Software | DoS Approves FMS To Kuwait | BAE To Deliver M-Code GPS User Equipment To Germany
16 Exposing The Data Makes JADC2 Possible
17 France orders trio of E-2D Advanced Hawkeyes for navy
18 France signs agreement to buy Northrop Grumman's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
19 SASC's FY 22 Defense Bill Boosts DoD Topline by $25B; Adds 2nd Destroyer, More Navy F-35Cs
20 Taiwan upgrades Hawkeye early warning aircraft to E-2D level
21 U.S. Navy purchases Leonardo's airborne HF radio for E-2D fleet
22 France confirms order for 3 US-made E-2D Advanced Hawkeye carrier-capable early warning aircraft
23 HECTR brings E-2D cockpit tech refresh | Tenant Profile |
24 Northrop Grumman Awarded $3.2-Billion E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Contract Modification
25 Northrop to begin cutting in aerial refueling capability in E-2D Advanced Hawkeye production this year
26 E-2D achieves mission capable goal 5 months ahead of target
27 E-2C / D Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning Aircraft, USA
28 Japan Takes Delivery of First E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft
29 > US Department of Defense > Contract
30 E-2D community achieves 28 Mission Capable E-2D goal 5 months ahead of target
31 VIDEO: Aerial Refueling for E-2Ds Will Expand Reach of Carrier Strike Groups
32 More Hawkeye Exports as U.S. Navy Introduces Enhancements
33 Northrop Grumman secures $164M contract for Hawkeye aircraft for Japan
34 Navy E-2D Hawkeye squadron reaches key milestone
35 Biden Warns Cyber Breach Could Lead To War | Navantia Finishes Tropicalization Works Of F-311 Frigate | Japan To Modernize JS Kaga
36 US State Department Approves Sale of 9 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft to Japan
37 US Navy Wants ‘Drone Control Features’ On AWACS; Awards Contract To Northrop Grumman For Upgrades
38 Japan takes ownership of first E-2D Advanced Hawkeye at Misawa
39 Northrop Receives $99M Navy Early Warning Aircraft Contract Modification
40 Lockheed Martin to provide advanced radar signal processing for E-2D carrier-based surveillance aircraft
41 Japan Moves Ahead With Procurement of 9 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft
42 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Squadron Heading to Japan Next Month
43 Northrop Wins Navy E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Cockpit Redesign Deal
44 NAVSUP WSS Integrated Weapon Systems Team delivers Mission Capable E-2Ds
45 Local Navy Contract Awards; July 12-30, 2021
46 Navy Declares IOC For E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
47 Navy E-2C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning Radar Plane Crashes and Burns In Virginia (Updated)
48 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye multi-year procurement contract awarded
49 Northrop Gets $404M Modification on E-2D Aircraft Production Contract
50 FRCSW returns first E-2D Hawkeye to complete PMI-2
51 Congress Notified of Potential $1.7B E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Sale to Japan
52 Navy upgrades E-2D Advanced Hawkeye radar
53 CPI Aero order for E-2D Advanced Hawkeye wing kits
54 Extending the Range of the U.S. Navy's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
55 Northrop Grumman to provide displays, mission computers, and stress stations for Navy E-2D aircraft avionics
56 VAW-117 Carrier Qualifies on Ford, Transitions to E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
57 Confessions Of An E-2C Hawkeye Radar Operator
58 Lockheed Martin to provide radar signal processing retrofit subsystems for Navy's carrier E-2D aircraft
59 60th Anniversary of First E-2 Flight: Looking Back and Shaping a Way Ahead
60 Behold These Gorgeous Shots Of An E-2D Hawkeye Testing Its New Refueling Capability With A KC-10
61 Japan to receive E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft
62 First fleet aerial refueling certification between an E-2D Advanced Hawkeye and F/A-18F Super Hornet
63 Northrop Grumman's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye: The U.S. Navy's Eyes and Ears Just Got Long Legs
64 Navy E-2 Hawkeye Squadrons Renamed to Reflect Expanded Capabilities
65 60 years in the skies: E-2 Hawkeye celebrates milestone
66 UESA Revival Offers Dual-Band Radar For Future Early Warning Aircraft
67 China's Command and Control Strategy Looks Suspiciously Familiar
68 Possible sale of 3 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft to France approved
69 Interesting pictures feature first airborne interoperability practice between USMC F-35C and USN E-2D
70 This Is The Early Warning Radar Helicopter The Royal Navy Could Have Had
71 Northrop Grumman nets $1.4B for Japan's next nine E-2D aircraft
72 24 APY-9 Radars for US Navy E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Program
73 E-2C/D Hawkeye Early Warning Aircraft
74 Cobham Receives Follow-On Order for Navy E-2D Aircraft Oxygen Concentrators
75 France Cleared for Possible E-2D Procurement
76 French Navy to Procure E-2D Advanced Hawkeyes for 2026-2028
77 E-2D Conducts Successful Aerial Refueling Tests | Tenant Profile |
78 Advanced Hawkeye Deploys, as NG Unveils Export Version
79 France approved to buy 3 E-2D Hawkeye Aircraft for $2B
80 VX-20 pilots are flying high after awards | Tenant Profile |
81 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye heading for Japan
82 First F-35C Air Wing Ready to Bring 5th-Gen Fighters to Carrier Strike Group
83 Shaping A Way Ahead for the Hawkeye/ Stingray Cluster in the Integratable Carrier Air Wing
84 Vinson Carrier Strike Group Drilling Near Hawaii Ahead of First Deployment With F-35Cs
85 E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Squadron Completes USS Ford Qualifications
86 Navy’s F/A-18 Super Hornets, other military planes not quite mission-ready, federal officials say
87 Navy orders two E-2D Advanced Hawkeye planes from Northrop Grumman
88 E-2D Hawkeye AEW aircraft Takes Out 4 Super Hornet Strike Fighters while landing on USS Abraham Lincoln
89 Navy Awards Contract for 9 E-2D Aircraft for Japan
90 Latest Northop Grumman E-2D Advanced Hawkeye makes maiden flight
91 Northrop Grumman wins contract to install E-2D Advanced Hawkeye's latest software suite
92 China KJ-600 Looks Like US E-2C Hawkeye
93 E-2D Aerial Refueling System Completes Design Review
96 Northrop Grumman, US Navy Hit Milestone for E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aerial Refueling System
97 Destroyer, JADC2 Top Navy Unfunded Requirements
98 US Navy aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford transition to E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne surveillance aircraft
99 Revealed: Japan's Secret Weapon to Destroy China's J-20 and J-31
100 Navy: NGAD Will be Family of Systems, Super Hornet Replacement Likely a Manned Fighter