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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Earthjustice Applauds President Biden's Climate Progress in First Year Earthjustice 4 days ago
2 Long-Time Northern Rockies Attorney Steps Into Leadership Role for Earthjustice Office Earthjustice 5 days ago
3 A Community Says 'No' to a Massive Climate-Polluting Refinery Earthjustice 15 days ago
4 This City Just Showed How to Boot Coal Earthjustice 4 days ago
5 Earthjustice Challenges Gas Misinformation Campaign Targeting Utility Customers Earthjustice 15 days ago
6 EPA sued over PFAS “secrecy” reporting loopholes Earthjustice 4 days ago
7 Earthjustice Statement: NY Governor Hochul Releases Executive Budget Proposal Earthjustice 5 days ago
8 Louisiana Has Failed to Protect Black Communities from Toxic Air Earthjustice 4 days ago
9 Earthjustice Applauds Biden Administration Action to Advance Clean Energy Earthjustice 13 days ago
10 Earthjustice Statement: New York Governor State of the State Address Earthjustice 20 days ago
11 Earthjustice Statement on Supreme Court Blocking Biden Employer Vaccine Mandate Earthjustice 12 days ago
12 EPA commits to regulating lead in aviation gasoline Earthjustice 13 days ago
13 Earthjustice Responds to BLM Announcement on New Direction for Western Arctic Federal Lands Earthjustice 14 days ago
14 Horseshoe Crab Management Proposal Could Further Imperil Threatened Red Knot Shorebird Earthjustice 5 days ago
15 Earthjustice, Sierra Club of Hawai'i Applaud Hearing Officer's Proposed Decision and Order in Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility Contested Case Hearing Earthjustice 29 days ago
16 Statement on the Anniversary of the Attack on the Nation's Capitol Earthjustice 19 days ago
17 After 30 Years, EPA Finally Adds to Hazardous Air Pollutant List Earthjustice 20 days ago
18 Tribal Voices Sidelined in Line 5 Tunnel Permitting Process Earthjustice 11 days ago
19 Large Municipal Waste Combustors/Clean Air Act: Earthjustice D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Petition for Writ of Mandamus Addressing Emission Standards JD Supra 19 days ago
20 Farming for Our Future: Opportunities Abound Earthjustice 21 days ago
21 Biden Administration Announces Crackdown on Coal Power Plants' Contamination of Water Earthjustice 14 days ago
22 New York State Advances Clean Trucks Rule to Electrify Vehicles Earthjustice 26 days ago
23 U.S. Court of Appeals Hears Arguments on the Legality of Oklahoma's Coal Ash Program Earthjustice 6 days ago
24 Earthjustice Applauds Methane Pollution Proposal Earthjustice 3 months ago
25 OUC should guard against pollution from coal plant | Editorial Orlando Sentinel 8 hours ago
26 Biodiversity Defense Program Earthjustice 7 months ago
27 Earthjustice Announced As Policy Program Partner for Climate Week NYC Earthjustice 5 months ago
28 50 Years of Going to Court for the Future of the Planet Earthjustice 4 months ago
29 Victory: National Monuments Regain Protections Earthjustice 4 months ago
30 50 for 50: Level up Your Environmental Advocacy With Earthjustice Today Earthjustice 6 months ago
31 Justice for the Earth and Its People Earthjustice 2 months ago
32 Coalition Sues Hawai'i Land Board to Halt Reopening of Aquarium Pet Trade Earthjustice 7 months ago
33 Senior Development Writer Job Opening in , California IP Career Center 13 days ago
34 Earthjustice Celebrates UN Adoption of Resolution Recognizing the Human Right to a Healthy Environment Earthjustice 4 months ago
35 Transportation Pollution Doesn't Only Come on Wheels Earthjustice 4 months ago
36 Groups Probe Government Over Migrant Children's Possible Exposure to Toxic Chemicals Earthjustice 3 months ago
37 Biden Administration Appeals Decision On Oil, Gas Leasing Earthjustice 5 months ago
38 New roadmap for PFAS rules good first step to curtail PFAS pollution Earthjustice 3 months ago
39 Earthjustice Commends Build Back Better Act Framework and Commitment to Historic Action to Combat Climate Change Earthjustice 3 months ago
40 We've Been Winning Environmental Battles for 50 Years. Here's What We'll Fight for in Our Next 50. Earthjustice 6 months ago
41 What Schoolhouse Rock Didn't Tell You About Lawmaking Earthjustice 9 months ago
42 How an Environmental Lawyer Stays Motivated to Fight the Climate Crisis Earthjustice 2 months ago
43 In First, Justice Department Opens Environmental Justice Investigation Earthjustice 2 months ago
44 Community Organizations Push for Cancellation of LUMA Contract Earthjustice 3 months ago
45 Earthjustice Reacts to Senator Manchin Statement on Build Back Better: 'Failure Isn't an Option' Earthjustice 1 month ago
46 Earthjustice Welcomes Environmental Policy Veteran Liz Moran Earthjustice 4 months ago
47 Environmental Groups: EPA's Proposed Federal Clean Car Standards Important First Step But Must Be Improved Earthjustice 6 months ago
48 Tennessee was 'ground zero' for coal ash pollution. Now, EPA is promising cleanups. | WPLN 12 hours ago
49 Syngenta Ag sued in Southern Illinois courts over pesticide's link to Parkinson's The Southern 3 days ago
50 Hawai'i Land Board Rejects Aquarium Pet Trade Yet Again Earthjustice 4 months ago
51 Lawsuit Challenges Idaho Wolf Trapping Laws That Endanger Grizzlies, Lynx Earthjustice 2 months ago
52 Earthjustice Report: Hydrogen No Silver Bullet for Climate Crisis, Focus on Electrification Earthjustice 5 months ago
53 Conservation Groups Relieved Protections Will Remain for 3.4 Million Acres of Critical Northern Spotted Owl Habitat Earthjustice 3 months ago
54 Organizations Call on EPA to Protect Communities from Climate-Driven Chemical Disasters Earthjustice 7 months ago
55 “Do Nothing” Toxic Ozone Rule Challenged by Health and Environmental Groups Earthjustice 12 months ago
56 This is What Climate Hope Looks Like Earthjustice 1 month ago
57 We're Fighting to Keep Lead Out of Homes, Childcare Facilities, and Drinking Water. Here's How You Can Help. Earthjustice 7 months ago
58 Groups File Legal Action to Protect Manatees from Water Pollution Earthjustice 1 month ago
59 Earthjustice: Biden Administration Must Act to Prevent More Extinctions Earthjustice 4 months ago
60 Earthjustice Encouraged by Boundary Waters Announcement, Urges Permanent Protections for Beloved Wilderness Area Earthjustice 3 months ago
61 Groups Ask EPA to Regulate Lead Pollution Around Nation's Airports Earthjustice 5 months ago
62 Earthjustice in the Biden Era Earthjustice 10 months ago
63 Making the Law More Than Words on a Page Earthjustice 9 months ago
64 Earthjustice Applauds EPA's Tightening of Chemical Air Pollution Loopholes Earthjustice 4 months ago
65 Michigan Approves Another Polluter in Flint Earthjustice 2 months ago
66 How's Biden Doing on the Climate Crisis? Earthjustice 5 days ago
67 Despite Environmental Commitments Made at COP, Biden Administration Offers Over 80 Million Acres of Gulf of Mexico for Oil, Gas Drilling Earthjustice 2 months ago
68 Groups Urge EPA to Ban Nerve Agent Pesticides Earthjustice 2 months ago
69 How the Courts Are Keeping Salmon Alive Earthjustice 6 months ago
70 Florida's environment took a beating in 2021. Could 2022 be even worse? TCPalm 23 days ago
71 Conservation Groups Laud EPA Decision to Restore Yazoo Pumps Veto Earthjustice 2 months ago
72 Groups Sue to Force FDA Decision on Petitions to Ban Phthalates in Food Earthjustice 2 months ago
73 Judge Ditches Trump's Dirty Water Rule Earthjustice 5 months ago
74 Earthjustice Applauds President Biden's America the Beautiful Plan, a Commitment to Confronting the Biodiversity Crisis Earthjustice 9 months ago
75 The Most Cost-Effective Climate Solution Available: Keep Forests Where They Are Earthjustice 4 months ago
76 Court Ruling Halts ConocoPhillips' Western Arctic Oil Drilling Project Earthjustice 5 months ago
77 Reclaiming Our Health: The Decades-Long Fight to Close Refinery Pollution Loopholes Earthjustice 3 months ago
78 EPA to Reconsider “Do Nothing” Ozone Rule Earthjustice 3 months ago
79 Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration's Failure to Cut Airplane Climate Pollution Earthjustice 1 year ago
80 President Biden Nominates Rick Spinrad to Head NOAA Earthjustice 9 months ago
81 EPA Takes Important Step Toward Science-based Policy, Environmental Justice Earthjustice 8 months ago
82 Groups Challenge Approvals for Mountaineer Fracked Gas Storage Wells Earthjustice 3 months ago
83 Earthjustice: Injunction Reversing Biden's Federal Oil and Gas Leasing Pause is 'Legally Wrong' Earthjustice 7 months ago
84 Flint residents file civil rights complaint over asphalt plant approval Earthjustice 1 month ago
85 Environmental Groups Urge Ohio Department of Natural Resources to Deny Permits for Powhatan Salt Company Earthjustice 10 months ago
86 Deep Seabed Mining Coalition Sends Letter to President Biden Urging a Moratorium on Dangerous Mining Earthjustice 2 months ago
87 Conservation Groups Challenge State's Approval of NorthWestern's Gas Plant Earthjustice 3 months ago
88 Fishing, Conservation Groups Return to Court to Challenge Latest Failed Plan for Columbia-Snake Salmon Earthjustice 1 year ago
89 Earthjustice Urges Senate Committee to Advance Regan EPA Nomination Earthjustice 12 months ago
90 EPA Can't Justify Keeping Chlorpyrifos on Food Earthjustice 6 months ago
91 Until the Earth Thrives, We Will Never Rest Earthjustice 1 year ago
92 Newark Environmental Justice Advocates Call On EPA to Update Regulations for Waste Incinerators in Lawsuit 4 hours ago
93 DC Circuit Court Rules in Earthjustice Case Challenging EPA's 2019 Renewable Fuel Volumes Earthjustice 6 months ago
94 Wisconsin Tribes Sue the State for Treaty Violations Over Wolf Hunt Earthjustice 4 months ago
95 Cleaning Up Coal Ash For Good: Resources and Recommendations Earthjustice 6 months ago
96 UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Turns Its Back on Climate Change Petition from Greta Thunberg and Children from Around the World Earthjustice 4 months ago
97 Court Victory Renews Hope for Survival of Lobos Earthjustice 3 months ago
98 Texas Expanding Language Access for Decisions involving Pollution Permits Earthjustice 5 months ago
99 California Beekeepers Triumph Against Deadly Pesticide Earthjustice 2 months ago
100 Earthjustice Welcomes President-Elect Joe Biden Earthjustice 1 year ago