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1 Formal Request Made to Arrest Iran's Regime President Ebrahim Raisi
2 Reformist Newspaper Highlights Raisi Gaffes, Demands Damage Control
3 Raisi receives credentials of six new ambassadors
4 Iran's Raisi says nuclear talks with major powers should be result-oriented
5 (Video) Formal Request Made to Arrest Iran’s Regime President Ebrahim Raisi
6 Iranians More Positive About New President
7 Iran's president calls on European countries to resist US pressure
8 (Video) Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, Must be Prosecuted Over Crimes Against Humanity
9 Cop26: Iran's president Ebrahim Raisi should be arrested for genocide and crimes against humanity if he comes to Scotland for climate change summit – Struan Stevenson
10 Iranian president's special envoy for Afghanistan inaugurated
11 A Look at Ebrahim Raisi’s Record, Two Months Into His Presidency
12 Iran: Human Rights Record of Ebrahim Raisi, Eyewitness Accounts, Mojtaba Akhgar
13 Conservative Paper In Iran Asks Raisi To Tell People The Truth
14 Iran: Raisi Squanders the People’s Money in His Worthless Provincial Travels
15 Iranians Losing Faith in Biden and the West, Have Hope for Raisi and the East: Poll
16 480 killed in 2020-21: Iran carrying out executions ‘at alarming rate,’ UN told
17 Iranians: ‘Arrest the Butcher’ President Raisi
18 COP26: Calls to ban Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi from Scotland | HeraldScotland
19 Why Iran's Raisi Didn't Go To New York
20 Raisi: University is central point of change in society
21 Pres. Raisi: Switzerland, Europe should not be influenced by US pressure
22 Butcher of Tehran's torture victim demands his arrest at COP26 in Glasgow
23 Analysis: Iran strikes hard-line pose ahead of new president
24 Victims Of Torture Want Iran's Raisi Arrested If He Travels To Scotland
25 Development of trade with neighbors a priority of government: Raisi
26 U.N. nuke watchdog chief says monitoring of Iran is no longer 'intact.'
27 Raisi appoints special envoy to Afghanistan
28 Iran Poll Contains Different Messages for Biden and Raisi
29 'Muslim world must prioritize Palestinian issue'
30 (Video) Anniversary of Reyhaneh Jabbari’s Execution and Plight of Iranian Women
31 What to know about Iran’s president-elect, Ebrahim Raisi
32 Reactions Abound To Embarrassment Of IRGC General Slapped In Public
33 Raisi: Iran seeking to eliminate poverty, corruption in Islamic world
34 Iran's Emboldened Workers Press New President for More Concessions — Bourse & Bazaar Foundation
35 President Ebrahim Raisi Brings Hard-Line Mentality To Iranian Ambitions
36 The View From Iran: What the Raisi Administration Wants in the Nuclear Talks
37 Iran assassinating Israeli businessmen: What is the game plan?
38 Nobel, Pulitzer and Tony winners call for release of Iranian writers
39 Pres. Raisi felicitates Prophet Mohammad's birth anniversary to heads of Islamic states
40 Iran: Ebrahim Raisi, A Mass Murderer For President
41 Iran's hard-line judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi registers to run for presidency
42 Iran expands high-level uranium enrichment efforts at Natanz, IAEA says
43 Iran’s Government Is Lining Up Against the People in Fear of a Revolution
44 For Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's presidency is a step toward Supreme Leader
45 Iran's Oil Refining Capacity Declining Amid Years Of Sanctions
46 Ebrahim Raisi, the hardliner poised to take power in Iran
47 Ebrahim Raisi: Will he stay or will he go?
48 Iran’s presidential race: Who is ultra-conservative favourite Ebrahim Raisi?
49 Are vaccines and Afghanistan routes back to US-Iran engagement?
50 Iran's President: In nuclear negotiations, US-Europe are in crisis of decision-making
51 Ebrahim Raisi's Cabinet: Sign of the Regime's Deadlock
52 New Iranian regional governor slapped in face at inauguration
53 Two Mashhads: A Discursive Rivalry in Iran's Holiest City
54 Iran's impressive collection of Western art
55 Today's Headlines and Commentary
56 Call to arrest Iran's President Raisi if he attends Cop26 in Glasgow
57 Ebrahim Raisi's Cabinet: An Unpopular Set for An Impossible Mission
58 Iran News in Brief – October 26, 2021
59 Iran: At Least 141 Hanged Since Raisi's Presidency; 31 in the Past 30 Days
60 Iran: Call on International Community to Prosecute Ebrahim Raisi
61 Pakistan and Iran discuss border security, Afghanistan
62 Hard-line judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi wins Iran presidency
63 Iran: The painful choices of being pregnant and unmarried
64 Ebrahim Raisi Takes the Reins as Iran's New President
65 Ebrahim Raisi Will Unleash Mass Violence Upon Iran
66 Iran: Calls for Holding Ebrahim Raisi to Account Amplifies
67 Who Will Be Iran's Next President and What Does It Mean for the Region
68 Ebrahim Raisi has delayed revival of nuclear deal
69 Explainer: Who Is Iranian President-Elect Ebrahim Raisi?
70 Ebrahim Raisi’s election represents a return to ideological moorings of 1979 Iranian revolution
71 Iran's Ebrahim Raisi is Exactly Who You Think He is | Opinion
72 Raisi vows to restore ‘trust’ with disillusioned Iranian public
73 Iran's political shake-up and Ebrahim Raisi as president
74 Raisi says Iran ready for talks but not with Western 'pressure'
75 Iran Election 2021: Ebrahim Raisi's Brutal Record In Massacre Of MEK Members And Supporters
76 Iran Rebels See Hardliner Ebrahim Raisi as Chance to Bring Down Regime
77 Iran's New President: What the World Can Expect from Ebrahim Raisi
78 Iran: Coronavirus Fatalities Exceed 462,800
79 Iran: Why Did Ebrahim Raisi Visit Khuzestan
80 Iran's president slams US in first speech to UN as leader
81 Judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi presidential favourite of Iran's hardliners | | AW
82 Is Iran Paving The Way For Hard-Line Cleric Raisi To Become President?
83 Iran: Ebrahim Raisi's Planned Speech to UN is a Threat to Human Rights
84 Iran's Supreme Leader to Confirm Raisi as President on Aug. 3
85 Iran's new president, Ebrahim Raisi, faces challenges from covid, water shortages and protests
86 As Ebrahim Raisi begins his presidential role, oppression is set to soar in Iran
87 With Raisi's Swearing-In, Hard-Line Conservatives Control Iran's Government
88 CNN asked Iran's President-Elect about nuclear deal. Hear his reply
89 Hassan Rouhani Fast Facts
90 A Raisi presidential win may be his undoing as future Supreme Leader
91 Sweden case against accused Iranian war criminal may spell trouble for Raisi
92 Iranians slam Macron for congratulating 'Butcher of Tehran' Raisi
93 New Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi appoints conservative Cabinet members
94 Iran's new President Ebrahim Raisi: What to expect
95 Iran's New President Has a Track Record of Antisemitism | Opinion
96 Hardliner Ebrahim Raisi to Run in Iran Election, Could Hurt Biden's Nuclear Deal Hopes
97 No Justice for women under Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi
98 Iran not ready for nuclear talks until President-elect Ebrahim Raisi takes over
99 Iran: Ebrahim Raisi's Cabinet, A Collection Of Suppressors And Looters – OpEd
100 Ebrahim Raisi takes office, as Iran and the West face off