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1 The strategic reverberations of the AUKUS deal will be big and lasting
2 Economist to share local prognosis | WilmingtonBiz
3 Is China already the world's most dominant economy?
4 Business this week
5 Economist's view: End of pandemic unemployment programs to weigh on consumers
6 Why does abortion divide America?
7 The Economist Asks: Dr Scott Gottlieb Will America's vaccine mandates work?
8 Why Would an Economist Ever Look on the Bright Side?
9 The threat from the illiberal left | Sep 4th 2021
10 Adventures in DeFi-land
11 Naftali Bennett on why Israel is giving booster jabs for covid-19
12 Who needs expats?
13 Is America in decline?
14 KAL’s cartoon
15 What are blockchains?
16 How America should spend on child care
17 Letters to the editor On the rise of illiberalism
18 Middle Eastern foes are giving diplomacy a shot
19 Argentine voters deal a blow to the ruling Peronist coalition
20 Politics this week
21 Why America needs vaccine mandates
22 Delta and the world economy How the pandemic became stagflationary
23 Two new shocks for American shopping
24 Former BoE economist Haldane to head UK govt taskforce on regional inequality
25 The vanishing allure of doing business in China
26 The cracked egg The new economics of global cities
27 The economy that covid-19 could not stop
28 Christian Lindner’s FDP may soon return to government in Germany
29 The Gates Foundation's approach has both advantages and limits
30 Are Economists to Blame for Climate Inaction?
31 The world's biggest carbon-removal plant switches on
32 A bold, controversial memorial to a wartime massacre in Kyiv
33 Vladimir Putin is still rattled by Alexei Navalny
34 America's consumer-price inflation stays above 5% in August
35 The fight over the Fed The new Powell doctrine
36 The Dull Man theory of history
37 How Marvel took over cinema and TV
38 Salt Lake City is one of the biggest winners of the past decade
39 The great awokening—America's threat from the illiberal left
40 A perfect storm for container shipping
41 Why the number of children working is rising
42 Australia is getting nuclear subs, with American and British help
43 The real lessons from 9/11
44 Japanese companies try to reduce their reliance on Chinese manufacturing
45 Which is the most recognisable country?
46 SpaceX sends the first-ever civilian crew into Earth orbit
47 Energy prices will push up inflation across Europe, economists warn
48 Cryan Joining AFBF as Chief Economist | News Dakota
49 Mississippi economist refutes politicians’ claim that state cannot afford Medicaid expansion
50 Edtech that helps teachers beats edtech that replaces them
51 Political thought The threat from the illiberal left
52 State economist refutes politicians' claim that Mississippi cannot afford Medicaid expansion
53 Operation Tame Finance
54 Economist: Climate change, hunger, food scarcity demand 'transformation'
55 Update your calendar The future of meetings
56 GVSU Economist: West Michigan Economic Recovery Slows
57 Economist Emily Oster Creates Data Site on Schools and Covid
58 In much of the world, economic policy is becoming tighter
59 Wanted: a new economics writer
60 Obama economist Betsey Stevenson on affordable childcare's funding problem
61 Iranians worry that their new government is inept
62 Who is Erin O’Toole, Canada’s would-be prime minister?
63 American power
64 Apple exemplified an era of global capitalism that has passed
65 Agriculture is an economic bright spot in Mexico
66 America is substantially reducing poverty among children
67 What next for Islamists in the Arab world?
68 Why has the price of electricity in Europe reached record highs?
69 Federal minimum wage of $26 per hour proposed by top economist
70 French covid-19 passports How France tackled vaccine hesitancy
71 Rumours of the demise of American enterprise are exaggerated
72 How the world changed
73 Why San Francisco's city government is so dysfunctional
74 Could climate change trigger a financial crisis?
75 Biden's Build Back Better Plan Will 'Ease' Inflation, 15 Nobel Prize Economists Say
76 Economist: Rivian Production Will Spur 'Ripple Effect,' Higher Wages In B-N
77 Russia holds the largest military exercise in Europe for 40 years
78 Satoshis for cervezas Using bitcoin as legal tender
79 Paul Kennedy on whether China’s rise means America’s fall
80 Go nuts: the multilayered history of baklava
81 China's bad debts China's dodgy-debt double act
82 How did American “wokeness” jump from elite schools to everyday life?
83 Nobelist, senior Democratic economist Stiglitz says Fed's Powell should go
84 Oregon economist on inflation concerns
85 State economist: Mississippi Medicaid expansion would pay for itself
86 Xi Jinping's talk of “common prosperity” spooks the prosperous
87 The 'world's safest city' for 2021 revealed
88 Why America keeps building corrupt client states
89 Britons are snapping up electric vehicles
90 Booster shots—are they necessary?
91 Intel's turnaround and the future of chipmaking
92 Brazil is running out of time for economic reforms
93 Was the mysterious death of Dag Hammarskjold murder?
94 In the metaverse, will big gaming eventually become big tech?
95 Battersea offers lessons in regeneration
96 Keir Starmer, the post-populist
97 How Britain plans to co-exist with covid-19
98 Almost 450 economists signed a letter in favor of extending the enhanced child tax credit
99 What’s next for the real estate market? We asked the chief economist at the National Association of Realtors
100 Tracking space debris is a growing business