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1 Fyre-Proof: The Sudden Fall And Swift Reemergence Of F*ckJerry's Elliot Tebele Forbes 2 years ago
2 Fuckjerry founder apologizes for stealing jokes and pledges to get creator permission The Verge 3 years ago
3 The First Family of Memes The New Yorker 3 years ago
4 A Twitter User Is Suing FuckJerry And Owner Elliot Tebele For Stealing A Meme BuzzFeed News 3 years ago
5 Op-Ed: It’s Time to Cancel FuckJerry Rolling Stone 3 years ago
6 Who The F Is Jerry? An Interview With F---Jerry's Founder Elliot Tebele Forbes Now 4 years ago
7 JAJA Tequila Is Building Their Brand Upon Social Media Savvy And Connecting To The Millennial Generation. Forbes 5 months ago
8 "Dude With Sign" at the White House Is the Best Influencer Appearance Yet Washingtonian 4 months ago
9 The Twitter User Who Sued FuckJerry And Owner Elliot Tebele Over A Meme Has Dropped His Lawsuit BuzzFeed News 3 years ago
10 Fyre Fest Scammers Jerry Media, FuckJerry and Elliot Tebele Sued for Stealing a Meme The Daily Beast 3 years ago
11 Choose Your Own Adventure | License Global 6 months ago
12 JAJA Tequila Enters Into A New Distribution And Production Partnership With Proximo Spirits 1 month ago
13 How This Entrepreneur Turned a Tumblr Page Into a Multimillion-Dollar Media Business ABC News 5 years ago
14 Instagram stars raise $100,000+ on Kickstarter Business Insider 5 years ago
15 FuckJerry Lawsuit Alleges the Meme King Stole Content LA Magazine 3 years ago
16 Fuckjerry's Elliot Tebele Wants His Brand to Last Forever or Whatever 6 years ago
17 Comedy Central Stops Advertising With Every Comedian’s Worst Enemy Vulture 3 years ago
18 The man behind Instagram's funniest feed New York Post 7 years ago
19 MediaKits Launches Platform that Helps Influencers, Musicians, and Athletes Manage Their Brands Using Real-Time Data PRNewswire 3 months ago
20 Instagram star sued for botching deal to promote frat movie New York Post 5 years ago
21 How FuckJerry Wants To Go From Instagram To Empire Forbes 6 years ago
22 Dude Keeps Protesting Annoying Everyday Things With Funny Signs (33 New Pics) ToysMatrix 1 month ago
23 Meet The Creators Of The Dude With Sign Instagram Account Forbes 2 years ago
24 FuckJerry’s Success Is Instagram’s Failure New York Magazine 3 years ago
25 Netflix's 'Fyre': Inside the Millennial Scam of the Decade The Daily Beast 3 years ago
26 Men’s Fashion Week Has New Social Stars: Elliot Tebele 5 years ago
27 FuckJerry didn’t steal your content, you gave it away 3 years ago
28 Fuckjerry sued again, this time for stealing a meme 3 years ago
29 @Pizza launches via Instagram to curate top-ranked pizza joints Fast Casual 11 months ago
30 A Twitter User Is Suing FuckJerry for Copyright Infringement Vulture 3 years ago
31 Fuckjerry meme lawsuit ends after plaintiff backs out The Verge 3 years ago
32 In tough nail salon environment, Glosslab raises $3 million in seed funding Glossy 12 months ago
33 FuckJerry: How a viral Instagram meme account became a marketing agency Digiday 5 years ago
34 The Justin Bieber-Inspired Brand Making Luxury Hotel Slippers You Can Wear Outside Fashionista 7 months ago
35 The LA Meme Community Speaks Out Against FuckJerry LA Magazine 3 years ago
36 Comedians are coming for one of Instagram’s biggest joke aggregators, Fuckjerry The Verge 3 years ago
37 Netflix’s Fyre Festival doc made Jerry Media an Emmy nominee Quartz 2 years ago
38 There's a campaign to unfollow FuckJerry, the Fyre Festival promoter Mashable 3 years ago
39 Southampton concert featuring Chainsmokers, Goldman Sachs chief could result in fines, criminal penalties MarketWatch 1 year ago
40 FuckJerry and BeigeCardigan: Get to Know Instagram's Most Stylish Power Couple Glamour 6 years ago
41 Amy Schumer, John Mulaney Support Boycott of Jerry Media Over Lifted Jokes and Memes TheWrap 3 years ago
42 Fiverr's Pro Service Helps You Hire Top Creators Like FuckJerry Resource 4 years ago
43 Here Are 9 Musician-Backed Tequila Brands to Enjoy Billboard 3 months ago
44 The Direct Connection Between Michael Bloomberg and the Fyre Festival Vanity Fair 2 years ago
45 Netflix and Jerry Media Are Being Sued Again 2 years ago
46 How an Instagram Star With a Name Like FuckJerry Makes $30,000 Per Sponsored Post Adweek 5 years ago
47 Hulu unexpectedly releases ‘Fyre Fraud’ days before Netflix’s competing documentary TechCrunch 3 years ago
48 FuckJerry sued for stealing tweet for tequila ad (updated) The Daily Dot 3 years ago
49 #FuckFuckJerry: The Movement to Unfollow Instagram's Most Shameless Joke Thief Paste Magazine 3 years ago
50 Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign Suddenly Drops Memes Everywhere The New York Times 2 years ago
51 This Tampa Bay meme account makes everyday observations funny Tampa Bay Times 2 years ago
52 FuckJerry stole celebrity photos to sell its tequila Mashable 3 years ago
53 Comedians Join Forces To Fight Joke Thievery With #FuckFuckJerry Gothamist 3 years ago
54 What Is F*ckJerry? Why Hulu and Netflix Are Battling Over This Company’s Role in the Fyre Festival Scam Decider 3 years ago
55 A Comedy Duo Infiltrated FuckJerry To Pitch The Concept Of Stealing Content & It Is Beautiful Pedestrian TV 1 year ago
56 At Least One Meme Account Will Start Paying Comedians Now Vulture 3 years ago
57 Instagram meme account FuckJerry is doing a Snapchat show Digiday 3 years ago
58 Meet the 'Meme Team' Behind Fuckjerry's Instagram Resource 5 years ago
59 F*ckJerry Is Being Sued for Allegedly Taking Control of Teen’s Instagram Account 4 years ago
60 This Instagram User Is Going Viral Without Taking Any Of His Own Pictures Business Insider 7 years ago
61 Brands, Agencies, and Creators: How BevAlc Influencer Marketing Happens Today VinePair 7 months ago
62 Mick Purzycki: Meme mogul & mayor-elect's son The News Journal 5 years ago
63 How Can Content Creators Protect Memes From Copyright Infringement? Social Media Today 3 years ago
64 Instagram Meme Lord F*ckJerry Is Launching His Own Show, And Here's When It Premieres Narcity 3 years ago
65 In the Spirit of Cinco de Mayo Shaw-Ross International Importers, LLC Inks Deal with JAJA Spirits, LLC to Launch New, Premium Tequila PR Web 4 years ago
66 Hulu Released A Documentary On The Disastrous Fyre Festival Days Before Netflix's Upcoming Film On The Same Topic BuzzFeed News 3 years ago
67 FuckJerry SoHo New York City Office Photos | HYPEBEAST HYPEBEAST 3 years ago
68 Instagram’s hottest meme maker sued for hijacking teen's account New York Post 4 years ago
69 Fyre festival co-founder Ja Rule criticises new documentaries The Guardian 3 years ago
70 Manhattan Data Scientist Makes Sham Instagram Account to Get Free Food Eater 3 years ago
71 18 Most Entertaining Instagram Accounts You Need to Be Following TooFab 4 years ago
72 Giffage Launches The Only Gif Keyboard You’ll Ever Need TechCrunch 6 years ago
73 Netflix & Hulu Fyre Fest Docs Are Throwing Shade At Each Other's Ethics Gothamist 3 years ago
74 What's Going On With Instagram and Memers? PAPER 2 years ago
75 Ja Rule Saw All Your Fyre Fest Comments & Says He Would “Never Scam” Anyone Refinery29 3 years ago
76 Which Fyre Festival Documentary Is Right for You? Vulture 3 years ago
77 GoFundMe for Netflix Fyre Fest Doc Breakout Reaches $100K Hollywood Reporter 3 years ago
78 In the Fyre Festival documentaries, who is being scammed? Columbia Journalism Review 3 years ago
79 8 Funny Instagram Accounts to Follow for LOLZ — Because Sometimes We Just Need a Laugh Mic 6 years ago
80 UPDATED: Netflix and Jerry Media are Being Sued for Allegedly Stealing Influencer's Video for Fyre Fest Documentary The Fashion Law 3 years ago
81 FuckJerry’s meme tequila JAJA tastes fine The Verge 3 years ago
82 Suit Brands Scream, Are You Not Entertained? Racked 5 years ago
83 Will Instagram's FuckJerry Reach Virality With Card Game 'What Do You Meme'? Forbes 5 years ago
84 Popular Meme Account Sued For Copyright Infringement and Other Claims Lexology 3 years ago
85 Ja Rule Watched Those Fyre Fest Docs This Weekend And Has Some Thoughts Gothamist 3 years ago
86 8 Takeaways From Hulu’s Surprise-Released Fyre Festival Doc Vulture 3 years ago
87 Biden's mission (not yet) accomplished POLITICO 4 months ago
88 Fu**Jerry Raises Spirits Again, Introduces JAJA Tequila PR Newswire 3 years ago
89 Fyre Media Bankruptcy Proceedings Are Putting Models, Jerry Media Under the Microscope The Fashion Law 3 years ago
90 ‘It doesn’t mean what it used to’: How the term ‘streetwear’ has been overused to the point of meaninglessness Glossy 3 years ago
91 Horrifying: Instagram is purging itself of its biggest meme accounts Dazed 2 years ago
92 The drama behind Netflix and Hulu's dueling Fyre Festival documentaries Page Six 3 years ago