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1 Equal protection offered to parties from home, abroad Chinadaily USA 2 days ago
2 Rosen & Cortez Masto Announce Support of Bipartisan Resolution to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment Jacky Rosen 2 days ago
3 City of Nome files motion to dismiss equal protection lawsuit KNBA 4 days ago
4 Senator Bush continues to fight for ratification of Equal Rights Amendment Illinois Senate Democratic 2 days ago
5 Republicans ask DOJ to probe 'racial discrimination' against whites in COVID treatment New York Post 16 hours ago
6 Idaho Supreme Court rejects 4 challenges, upholds legislative district plan Idaho Press 1 day ago
7 Criminal Practice — MAR – Equal Protection – Racial Discrimination Claim – Plea Offers North Carolina Lawyers Weekly 9 days ago
8 What's at stake as Supreme Court revisits affirmative action in college admissions ABC News 23 hours ago
9 Rutledge's office appeals ruling striking down Arkansas' ban on government mask mandates Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 13 hours ago
10 House speaker asks Zwonitzer to respond to allegations in writing Wyoming Tribune 10 hours ago
11 Justice Breyer, the optimistic pragmatist SCOTUSblog 2 days ago
12 Alabama petitions high court to get GOP-friendly congressional map reinstated Courthouse News Service 11 hours ago
13 Anti-Asian hate crimes increased 567% in San Francisco as lawsuit accuses DA of not doing enough 1 day ago
14 WRTA will save a seat on every bus in honor of Rosa Parks Spectrum News 1 14 hours ago
15 Union dues bill returns to the House, renewing 'union busting' accusations Florida Politics 2 days ago
16 Palomar College's proposed new trustee areas to be discussed Fallbrook / Bonsall Villlage News 14 hours ago
17 Judge: City has valid reason for vaccine requirement The Salem News 24 hours ago
18 HAF attacks Cal State move to include caste as protected category as 'illegal, a mistake' indica News 3 hours ago
19 The Supreme Court January 24, 2022 | Dorsey & Whitney LLP 5 days ago
20 Louisville settles with city cop investigated in abortion protest outside a women's clinic Courier Journal 2 days ago
21 Office of the Governor | Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Enshrine Marriage Equality into State Law 19 days ago
22 Letter: Why LBUSD Should Miss Culverhouse More Than Ever Laguna Beach Local News 10 hours ago
23 Appellate Court: 'We See No Difference' Between Workers With Secondary Mental Impairments and Secondary Physical Impairments 14 hours ago
24 BREAKING: Judge rejects effort to sue state GOP for supt. process Cody Enterprise 3 days ago
25 The Right to Defy Criminal Demands: Possible Limits on the Right to Defy (Part II) Reason 21 hours ago
26 Commentary: Do Americans know what free speech is? Jefferson City News Tribune 2 days ago
27 Pauli Murray applied to be a Supreme Court justice in 1971. 50 years later, a Black woman could make history. The Washington Post 1 day ago
28 Judge denies temporary injunction in mask mandate lawsuit 24 hours ago
29 Rulings in 2022 Could Bring Clarity on California and Nasdaq Board Diversity Mandates JD Supra 8 days ago
30 Homer Plessy, the Black man behind ‘separate but equal’ ruling, is posthumously pardoned MarketWatch 24 days ago
31 Opinion: Three's a crowd — an op-ed on redistricting The Missouri Times 3 days ago
32 Board Diversity Laws 'Aren't Optional,' California AG Warns Bloomberg 2 days ago
33 'Dangerous step backwards' as borough repeals LGBTQ anti-discrimination law York Dispatch 4 days ago
34 We are all Americans; but can we all vote? | TheHill The Hill 15 days ago
35 PIAA probe of McCort wrestling takes new turn Altoona Mirror 4 hours ago
36 Federal Court Orders Indiana School to Provide Equal Privileges to GSA Gay City News 28 days ago
37 Idaho Supreme Court Will Consider Tossing Out State's New Legislative District Map Centralia Chronicle 26 days ago
38 It's Illegal, Immoral, and Unconstitutional to Ration COVID-19 Treatments Based on Race 17 days ago
39 First Amendment Challenge to Restriction on Public Access to Electronic Court Records Advances JD Supra 10 days ago
40 Kol Israel panel addresses hate in Northeast Ohio Cleveland Jewish News 13 hours ago
41 Jews have been rejected by adoption agencies for years. This couple hopes to force a change. Forward 24 hours ago
42 New protection for gender identity and expression in Denmark Lexology 16 days ago
43 Children of UW System alumni living outside Wisconsin would be eligible for in-state tuition under GOP bill Wisconsin Public Radio News 23 hours ago
44 Proposed amendment states no right to taxpayer-funded abortions 5 days ago
45 Mother sues Lenawee County Health Department, Blissfield schools over quarantine orders The Daily Telegram 2 days ago
46 From Trashing Black Lives to Treasuring Each Other: A Journey From Incineration Toward Zero Waste Resilience 20 hours ago
47 For challenge to NJ congressional map, Supreme Court asks Democrats to respond to Wallace amplification New Jersey Globe | New Jersey Politics 5 days ago
48 People Charge Discrimination Over COVID-19 Vaccine Status 3 days ago
49 Louisiana Has Failed to Protect Black Communities from Toxic Air Earthjustice 9 days ago
50 Indiana's Attorney General says he supports the Vigo County School Corporation in federal lawsuit involving two transgender students 17 days ago
51 Secularism is not atheism. A new book explains why the distinction is so critical. Religion News Service 4 days ago
52 County hires firm to redraw district maps Daily Journal 4 days ago
53 Attorney General Ford Joins Coalition Urging Court to Protect Access to Healthcare for Transgender Teenagers Nevada Governor 9 days ago
54 The New Face of “No Promo Homo” Laws Slate 2 days ago
55 Claim that "Certificate of Need" Law Lacks a Rational Basis Can Go Forward Reason 12 days ago
56 In equal-protection challenge, court will review Puerto Rico's exclusion from federal safety-net program SCOTUSblog 3 months ago
57 Has the Supreme Court lost its compass? | TheHill The Hill 25 days ago
58 The Significance of the 14th Amendment and Equal Protection Clause C-SPAN 2 months ago
59 State NAACP opposes committee's redistricting proposals Oak Ridger 5 days ago
60 Quickly: Readers sound off on the issues of the day Chicago Tribune 12 hours ago
61 KENNARD: Note to DEQ: It’s just three little chickens The Robesonian 16 hours ago
62 No charges to be filed against deputy in fatal shooting of Salaythis Melvin FOX 35 Orlando 12 hours ago
63 Michigan Republicans sue over newly drawn congressional districts ⋆ Michigan Advance Michigan Advance 5 days ago
64 How Indians in Jersey City fought back against the terror of 'Dotbusters' in the 1980s 3 days ago
65 Equal protection in Virginia and free exercise in Maine SCOTUSblog 11 months ago
66 Transgender athlete laws face challenges 10 hours ago
67 Joanna Woolman: Equality under the law — the remarkable influence of our 14th Amendment Press 3 months ago
68 Denying disability benefits to Puerto Rico residents violates equal protection rights, ABA amicus brief says ABA Journal 5 months ago
69 Racial profiling trial delayed amid COVID-19 surge | Crime | The Daily Progress 25 days ago
70 Equal protection of the law: Open the courts 2 months ago
71 Equal Pay For Women Passes Mississippi House With Six Men Opposed Mississippi Free Press 8 days ago
72 Editing the Constitution | Guarantee decent living conditions The Boston Globe 1 month ago
73 Liz Cheney's latest plot against Trump The Spectator World 6 hours ago
74 Overturning Roe v Wade would take away equal protection for women The Columbus Dispatch 3 months ago
75 FACT SHEET: The Equality Act Will Provide Long Overdue Civil Rights Protections for Millions of Americans 7 months ago
76 Case: Individual Employment Rights/Equal Protection (S.D. Ohio) Bloomberg Law 4 months ago
77 Case: Individual Employment Rights/Equal Protection (7th Cir.) Bloomberg Law 8 months ago
78 Bar Exam Toolbox Podcast Episode 117: Listen and Learn -- Due Process and Equal Protection (Con Law) JD Supra 1 year ago
79 Montana Attorney General Rules Critical Race Theory Violates Equal Protection Newsweek 8 months ago
80 Unequal protection under the law? | Opinion | Sunbury Daily Item 6 months ago
81 Governor Lamont Signs Law Strengthening Equal Protection Rights for LGBTQ Parents 8 months ago
82 Guest opinion: LGBTQ military veterans deserve equal protection under the law The News-Press 6 months ago
83 The 14th Amendment and State Action Doctrine C-SPAN 2 months ago
84 The Peoples' Constitution: Equal Protection Under Law 4 years ago
85 DOJ: 2 states' transgender restrictions unconstitutional The Associated Press 8 months ago
86 The 14th Amendment Was Meant to Be a Protection Against State Violence The Atlantic 2 years ago
87 Citing Equal Protection and Potential Legislation, Court Says Juvenile Entitled to Same Impeachment Discovery as Adult Defendants | New York Law Journal 2 months ago
88 A Recent Case Highlights Equal Protections In The American Rescue Plan Act JD Supra 8 months ago
89 “Equal Rights May Ring Hollow”: The Precarious State of Abortion Rights Ms. Magazine 4 months ago
90 It's too late to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and it would be harmful to women USA TODAY 11 months ago
91 Plessy v. Ferguson aimed to end segregation—but codified it instead National Geographic 2 months ago
92 'Roe' Was an Originalist Reading of the Constitution The Atlantic 3 months ago
93 Continuing The Conversation Over the Constitutionality of California’s Recall Mechanism: Why We Are… Justia Verdict 5 months ago
94 Spears Conservatorship Drama Poses Fourteeth Amendment Questions The Great Courses Daily News 7 months ago
95 How the Court Inverted Constitutional Protections Against Discrimination The Atlantic 1 year ago
96 A Devastating Supreme Court Decision on Sexual Assault Shows Why the US Needs the ERA Now Ms. Magazine 3 months ago
97 Will Jersey's most vulnerable road users finally get equal protection? Mobilizing the Region 9 months ago
98 Arab Americans must have equal protection under Israeli law The National 4 months ago
99 Attorney General James Fights Discrimination Against Transgender Students in Schools New York State Attorney General 2 months ago
100 The Day Eastern Pequots deserve justice and equal protection 7 months ago