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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Girgis: A Thought on Equal-Protection Arguments for Abortion Rights Reason 4 days ago
2 California S.B. 826 Deemed a Violation of Equal Protection Clause The National Law Review 3 days ago
3 What is the 14th Amendment and what does it have to do with Roe v. Wade? USA TODAY 20 days ago
4 Lawsuit filed in Rhode Island to protect Roe v. Wade What'sUpNewp 9 hours ago
5 Readers React: State abortion laws vs. equal protection clause The Morning Call 12 days ago
6 Prisons — 'Start Unit' – Equal protection Michigan Lawyers Weekly 9 days ago
7 ACLU challenges Indiana bail law under First Amendment, equal protection JURIST 17 days ago
8 Justice Alito’s alternate abortion ‘facts’ The Hill 13 hours ago
9 Akhil Amar and the Dobbs draft The Hill 7 hours ago
10 A 17-Year-Old's View: The Left is Terrified of Equal Protection for the Unborn Wisconsin Right Now 18 days ago
11 Analysis | Legal Reasoning Can't Settle Abortion-Rights Fight The Washington Post 15 days ago
12 'This conversation has really started to dominate on politics up and down the ballot': How abortion rights has become the center of two Texas runoff races KAKE 6 hours ago
13 Justice Department Challenges Alabama Law that Criminalizes Medically Necessary Care for Transgender Youth Department of Justice 24 days ago
14 Tennessee Supreme Court Holds That Education Savings Account Pilot Program Does Not Violate Home Rule Amendment Of Tennessee Constitution Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts 4 days ago
15 Look At Brown V. Board In A New Light Jamestown Post Journal 2 days ago
16 'Sanctuary city for the unborn' ordinance creates rifts, allies in march to November vote Abilene Reporter-News 23 hours ago
17 A lawsuit in Wash. claims Native-run casinos have a monopoly on sports betting NPR 14 hours ago
18 Appeals court puts Florida congressional redistricting decision on hold Tampa Bay Times 2 days ago
19 The Fascinating Supreme Court Opinions in the Vaello Madero Case Independence Institute 12 days ago
20 Kansas Supreme Court Allows Republican Voting Map to Stand The New York Times 4 days ago
21 Alabama Ban on Trans Kids' Medical Care Gets Partial Pause (1) Bloomberg Law 7 days ago
22 Opinion | The Alito opinion would be like Plessy overturning Brown v. Board of Education The Washington Post 18 days ago
23 Governor Whitmer Welcomes Preliminary Injunction Against Michigan 1931 Law Criminalizing Abortion Michigan (.gov) 5 days ago
24 California’s women on boards law ruled unconstitutional Silicon Valley 6 days ago
25 SCOTUS Declares U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico Inferior Bloomberg Law 21 days ago
26 Opinion: Thoughts on gerrymandering and Ga.’s Constitution The Atlanta Journal Constitution 14 days ago
27 Trans activist urges Md. high-schoolers to demand what they deserve The Washington Post 23 hours ago
28 Whitmer Joins Governors Calling on Congress to Protect Access to Abortion Michigan (.gov) 20 days ago
29 No, the Supreme Court is Not Going to Reconsider the Constitutionality of Bans on Interracial Marriage Reason 11 days ago
30 Kid Lit Authors Petition Congress to Condemn Book Banning Publishers Weekly 3 days ago
31 Weekly Briefs: McDonald's, Wendy's sued over burger ads; ICE is 'a domestic surveillance agency,' report says ABA Journal 2 days ago
32 Federal Court Sanctions MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for "Frivolous" Legal Claims Reason 2 days ago
33 The problems with Disney and Florida | Napolitano New Jersey Herald 22 days ago
34 Judge rejects voting rights suit against city Austin Monitor 5 days ago
35 Exotic birds need legal protection The Philadelphia Inquirer 5 days ago
36 Call for care system to offer equal protection for refugee and migrant children Children & Young People Now 16 days ago
37 UC Hastings Professors Talk Future of Abortion Rights After Supreme Court Leak UC Hastings 10 days ago
38 Brown and racial equality in public education | Columnists | Williston Daily Herald 19 days ago
39 A lesbian mom raised her son for two years. An Oklahoma judge erased that in 15 minutes. The 19th* 3 days ago
40 Hidden Discrimination: Casteism Persists in South Asian Spaces South Seattle Emerald 2 days ago
41 Texas Matters: Why Abbott wants Plyler v. Doe overturned Texas Public Radio 6 days ago
42 'A solution in search of a problem': Lawmakers may vote to overturn transgender girls sports veto Tu WFYI 1 day ago
43 Opinion | Puerto Ricans Deserve Better Than Separate and Unequal The New York Times 4 days ago
44 A short list of overturned Supreme Court landmark decisions National Constitution Center 20 days ago
45 House Judiciary Committee debates future of abortion rights Roll Call 4 days ago
46 Roma refugees who fled from Ukraine to Moldova are now in limbo WAMU 88.5 1 day ago
47 Civil Rights Groups Submit Amicus Brief in Support of Race-neutral Admissions Policy at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund 6 days ago
48 M.K. Sprinkle: Conservatives are just trying to protect an unborn child's right to life | COMMENTARY Baltimore Sun 8 days ago
49 Abortion rights are protected in Massachusetts — or so we thought The Boston Globe 6 days ago
50 FBI failing to address white supremacist violence, warns former special agent The Guardian US 3 days ago
51 CHR report on drug-related killings ‘incomplete’ – NTF-Elcac 6 hours ago
52 States rush to revise their abortion laws as a major US Supreme Court decision nears – Oregon Capital Chronicle Oregon Capital Chronicle 21 days ago
53 Office of the Governor | Governor Murphy Renews Efforts to Secure Reproductive Rights and Bolster Access to Reproductive Health Care in New Jersey 11 days ago
54 Nebraska Medical Marijuana Activists File Lawsuit Over Ballot Rules Marijuana Moment 5 days ago
55 Conservatives Have Given Up On One Man One Vote Democracy The Nigerian Voice 4 hours ago
56 Clarence Thomas' attack on equal protection illustrates his chaotic jurisprudence. Slate 1 month ago
57 Facebook sued for giving preference to visa workers JURIST 3 days ago
58 Draft Opinion Overturning Roe Raises a Question: Are More Precedents Next? The New York Times 12 days ago
59 Opinion | Why Is Congress Broken? Because the Other Branches Are Doing Its Job POLITICO 4 days ago
60 What you should know about the Plyler case Chalkbeat 12 days ago
61 The Significance of the 14th Amendment and Equal Protection Clause C-SPAN 6 months ago
62 Majority-Black town reaches agreement with Tennessee to avoid state takeover CNN 17 days ago
63 This California U.S. Senate candidate has a reparations plan. Here’s what it would do Sacramento Bee 2 days ago
64 Pennsylvania Courthouse Workers Advance Sexual Harassment Suit – Bloomberg Law Bloomberg Law 14 days ago
65 When Is Revising Admissions Criteria to Alter the Racial Makeup of a School’s Student Body… Justia Verdict 24 days ago
66 Durr: My mother taught me my body is my own; the world taught me it isn't Standard Online 3 days ago
67 California’s Non-Equal Protection The Wall Street Journal 1 month ago
68 The slaughter of babies should be unfathomable | Napolitano New Jersey Herald 7 days ago
69 Andrew Hartzler Wasn't Allowed To Be Gay on Campus. So He's Suing. POLITICO 3 days ago
70 In equal-protection challenge, court will review Puerto Rico's exclusion from federal safety-net program SCOTUSblog 6 months ago
71 Originalists Don't “Hate America” Reason 2 days ago
72 LGBTQ+ equal protection measure advances in the House The Midnight Sun 2 months ago
73 Rosa Garcia to serve as associate director of Equity & Equal Protection, ADA Officer University of California, Santa Cruz 2 months ago
74 Justice Thomas Dunks on Due Process, Argues for Stronger Equal Protection as SCOTUS Says Puerto Rico Doesn’t Deserve Some Government Benefits Law & Crime 1 month ago
75 Abbott Labs Strikes Deal with FDA to Resume Baby Formula Production in U.S. JD Supra 5 days ago
76 Letter to the Editor: 14th Amendment Section 1 (5/6/22) Spencer Daily Reporter 17 days ago
77 Here Are the 90+ ‘Equity’ Plans Taxpayers Are Now Funding Across the Federal Government NTD News 12 hours ago
78 Conn. Fisher Sues Town for Violating Equal Protection Clause Law Street Media 2 months ago
79 City Council extends equal protection to include sexual orientation, gender identity Lincoln Journal Star 3 months ago
80 Joanna Woolman: Equality under the law — the remarkable influence of our 14th Amendment. Part 4 of our Constitution series St. Paul Pioneer Press 7 months ago
81 Paxton Fights to Protect Pro-Life Laws Threatened by Expired Equal Rights Amendment Texas Attorney General (.gov) 2 months ago
82 OPINION: CNN: The US Constitution does not guarantee women equality. We intend to change that. Senator Lisa Murkowski 2 months ago
83 Our view: Idahoans need equal rights and equal protection Argonaut 3 months ago
84 We cannot deny disabled voters equal protection under the law The Hill 3 months ago
85 Denying disability benefits to Puerto Rico residents violates equal protection rights, ABA amicus brief says ABA Journal 9 months ago
86 Why the 14th Amendment Does Not Prohibit Abortion Reason 6 months ago
87 The 14th Amendment and State Action Doctrine C-SPAN 6 months ago
88 Jackson discusses interpreting the Equal Protection Clause The Washington Post 2 months ago
89 Citing Equal Protection and Potential Legislation, Court Says Juvenile Entitled to Same Impeachment Discovery as Adult Defendants | New York Law Journal 5 months ago
90 The Supreme Court January 24, 2022 | Dorsey & Whitney LLP 4 months ago
91 The Peoples' Constitution: Equal Protection Under Law Loudoun Now 5 years ago
92 BNT162b2 booster vaccine provides equal protection against BA.1 and BA.2 News-Medical.Net 2 months ago
93 Rosen & Cortez Masto Announce Support of Bipartisan Resolution to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment Jacky Rosen 4 months ago
94 US Supreme Court Reverses WI Supreme Court, Gov. Evers' Maps Unconstitutional Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty 2 months ago
95 Justice Department Reinforces Federal Nondiscrimination Obligations in Letter to State Officials Regarding Transgender Youth Department of Justice 2 months ago
96 Equal protection in Virginia and free exercise in Maine SCOTUSblog 1 year ago
97 Equal Rights Amendment is needed now Las Cruces Sun-News 1 month ago
98 The Equal Rights Amendment is Needed Now KRWG 1 month ago
99 SCOTUS nominee says she has 'a religious view' about when life begins, but does not know when equal protection of the law starts to apply to a human being TheBlaze 2 months ago
100 WI Supreme Court Selects Race-Neutral Legislative Maps Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty 1 month ago