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1 Eurocentric Beauty Standards for Young Women of Color
2 Peacekeeping body should be less Eurocentric
3 This dietitian is challenging the Eurocentric idea of healthy eating
4 Covid won't stop British Museum's ambitious departure from Eurocentrism
5 Catrina Makeup Was Originally Satirizing Eurocentric Colonization But It Evolved To Celebrate Our Ancestors
6 Undoing Eurocentrism: Cheikh Anta Diop | Tomorrow Today
7 Tillotama Shome Exposed Classism In Beauty Ideals When A Troll Said She Looks Like A Maid
8 People Are Losing It Over This TikTok Filter That Gives You "Puffy" Eyes
9 War of terror: Legal colonialism reincarnated
10 Imani Tafari-Ama | Recalibrating knowledge: Unity across continents and oceans
11 Olay Launches #DecodeTheBias Initiative to Fight Discriminatory Beauty Searches
12 COLUMN: Eurocentric beauty standards uphold white supremacy
13 On chasing the Eurocentric ideal – The Oxford Student
14 Opinion: Why Do New York Times Columnists Despise California?
15 6 Curvy Beauty Gurus Who Helped Me Love My Curves By Owning Theirs
16 Editorial: The sexism women face in the job market based on their looks is unacceptable
17 The untold story of Harlem Toile, a Black-centered makeover of Europea
18 The Local Take Talks the Business of Art with Artist Steve Allen
19 Nick Cannon Doesn't Subscribe to the 'Eurocentric' Idea of Monogamy
20 'I still feel I'm influenced by it': Students of colour on growing up around Eurocentric beauty standards
21 Dr Thanu Padmanabhan (1957-2021): In Remembrance
22 “I wanted to teach differently than I had been taught”: How some Texas educators practice anti-racist teaching
23 Mimi Sheller to Deliver Keynote at International Conference Nov. 11-12
24 Olay tackles beauty bias in search algorithms
25 University of Exeter professors ready to rebel over request to use tweets not textbooks
26 Respected Sociologist and Activist James Loewen Dies at 79
27 From a cashmere coated console to a leafy Lalanne chair: Design Miami/Basel director chooses her highlights
28 Beauty is pain: Eurocentric beauty standards in Asia
29 Armenia and the Failed Experiment of Eurocentrism
30 It's not a compliment: Deconstructing 'exotic' beauty
31 The false promise of a new normal
32 Politics Professor Emeritus leads prestigious four-part lecture series
33 I'm Fighting for Ethnic Studies in My Community So My History Won't Be Erased
34 Take a Look Around: Football Needs to Get Over Eurocentrism
35 How Eurocentric beauty standards get under the skin
36 Charlotte, NC, arts group doubles down after apologizing for funding 'Eurocentric' orchestra
37 Meet The ARTery 25 — Artists Of Color Transforming The Cultural Landscape
38 BWW Review: DECIPHERING, New Diorama Theatre
39 Situating populism beyond the deformation of Eurocentric and post-democratic narratives
40 “I’ve Unlearned Eurocentric Beauty Ideals”: Gabrielle Union On Her Big Chop
41 Opinion | Eurocentric philosophy education lacks diverse thought, ideas
42 The OECD 'advice' the PM didn't want
43 Eurocentric bias of America media shuns marginalized groups
44 ‘I wanted to be white’: The damaging impact of Eurocentric beauty
45 Designer Babies: Parents Doing IVF Are Picking Embryos That Are 'Healthier'
46 Rick Steves Says Hold On to Your Travel Dreams
47 A statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico City will be replaced by one of an Indigenous woman
48 Centuries-old maps offer early peek at Cape Cod
49 EU's hard Afghan slog may perish due to 'Fortress Europe'
50 100+ Writers of Colour Pen Open Letter Addressing Eurocentric Dramaturgy
51 Dismantling the Eurocentric worldview behind fashion illustration teaching
52 Eurocentrism: Modernity, Religion, and Democracy: A Critique of Eurocentrism and Culturalism
53 Away to Create: New documentary highlights Ryerson performers' revitalization of jazz
54 Using translational pharmacogenomics to boost race-conscious medicine
55 MOSES: Eurocentric beauty standards damaging to Black people
56 Undergraduate Program Opens Doors to New Creative Scholarship
57 The submarine row that is sinking diplomatic relations
58 With a new series, BSO’s Lucia Lin insists: ‘Classical music is not Eurocentric’
59 Instagram’s Beauty Filters Perpetuate The Industry’s Ongoing Racism
60 For My Black Daughter, Eurocentric Beauty Standards Are Weapons
61 Compacted snow provides looked-for men and women on a relationship software
62 Why We Need to Decolonize Design
63 P&G's Olay Takes On Beauty Bias With New Campaign 09/13/2021
64 Deciphering – New Diorama Theatre, London
65 Aesthetic Trauma: How Beauty Standards Pass Between Generations
66 Byte of Life: The economics of Tinder
67 Exeter Law School is to 'move away' from 'white, Eurocentric curriculum'
68 Challenging Eurocentric Perspectives and Practices in Literacy Education
69 Meet Diet Paratha, the community platform championing South Asian creativity
70 Legislature to Gov. Newsom: Make Ethnic Studies a High School Graduation Pre-Req
71 Ecology is overwhelmingly white. How can we halt gatekeeping and decolonize ecology?
72 Met Gala 2021: American Designers and Homages We Wished We Saw on the Red Carpet
73 From Eurocentric caricatures to formidable centres
74 Unfetching The White Hegemonic Narrative In ‘Mean Girls’
75 A New History Changes the Balance of Power Between Ethiopia and Medieval Europe
76 'World Heritage' site selection is Eurocentric – and that shapes which historic places get love and money
77 Charlotte arts group APOLOGIZES for funding 'white, Western Eurocentric organizations'
78 Why are there so few UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa?
79 Nintendo Switch price set to plummet ahead of new OLED model launch
80 A missed opportunity to rethink internationalisation
81 National curriculum ‘systematically omits' black British history
82 Nick Cannon Is Ecstatic Over Being a Father to 7 Kids, and Wants More
83 Are Eurocentric Genetic Databases Hampering Health Care?
84 OUR LIVES MATTER: Eurocentrism & the Privilege of Not Having to Care – Byline Times
85 What we miss when we write about Afghanistan
86 What to Stream: Ernst Lubitsch’s Most Underrated Sex Comedy
87 Middle East of What? On Identity Politics and Eurocentric Definitions
88 Opinion: We need to talk about Eurocentric beauty standards
89 Orientalism from the Other Side: On Zeynep Çelik's “Europe Knows Nothing about the Orient”
90 Fairphone’s first 5G smartphone leaks with new design
91 AP World History Makes a Turn Toward Eurocentrism
92 Basic idea of UN is euro-centric, says Iranian sociologist
93 A World Cup Every Two Years? Why?
94 Badal Patel creates identity for Kulfi, a South Asian cosmetics brand challenging 'Eurocentric views and patriarchal culture'
95 Is Socialism Eurocentric?
96 Toronto's newest cocktail bar features a Eurocentric menu | Dished
97 End of Eurocentrism in world politics | Daily Sabah
98 Seven foodies who want the world to acknowledge SA's culinary heritage
99 Low-key 2021 Milan design week shows that "less is better"
100 Exeter Law School to 'move away' from 'white, Eurocentric curriculum'