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1 How Japan chose where to base its F-35s (
2 F-35 Closes In on New Timeline for Combat Test Once Set for 2017
3 The number of major F-35 flaws is shrinking, but the Pentagon is keeping details of the problems under wraps
4 House panel wants probe of F-35 breathing issues | TheHill
5 Watchdog group finds F-35 sustainment costs could be headed off affordability cliff
6 Why We Know F-35 Support Costs Will Fall In The Future
7 Lightning Just Struck Two F-35 Lightnings: What Happened?
8 More than 40 F-35s Without Engines, Air Force Leaders Say
9 Lockheed Loses $225M on Secret Project, Lowers F-35 Production Forecast
10 The political implications of Switzerland’s F-35 acquisition
11 GAO Warns of Ballooning F-35 Sustainment Costs, Need for Plan to Cut Billions
12 F-35 Engine Problems
13 The F-35 Continues to Amaze and Astound in Its Ability to Be Everything Except a Functioning Airplane
14 The F-35 Cost Critics Have No Idea What They are Talking About
15 Navy Adjusts F-35C Squadron Size to End Fighter Shortfall by 2025
16 New Russian Fighter in F-35 Class Echoes Other JSF Designs
17 Rubio Urges Key Senate Committee to Remove Provision that Harms F-35 Platform, Tyndall AFB
18 KC-46 Tankers Expand Mission Workload, Start Refueling F-35s
19 Hill Air Force Base F-35s to be seen in the sky over Independence Day observances
20 The Marine Corps just beat the Navy and Air Force to the latest F-35 milestone
21 'We won't stop': Opposition to F-35 jets in Madison remains strong
22 NATO Baltic Air Policing fighters intercept Russian aircraft over the Baltic Sea
23 Alliance-Based Deterrence: The F-35 Strengthens NATO Partnerships
24 Defense Business Brief: Biden's defense request gets first OK; F-35 in Finland; Former SecArmy's new job; and more.
25 The Marine Corps Just Beat the Air Force and Navy in the Latest Jet Capability Race
26 Switzerland’s Federal Council Picks The F-35 As The Country’s Next Fighter Citing Capability And Surprisingly
27 Thunder this Thursday: Vermont's F-35s to train at night on July 8
28 Who’s Going To Pay for Russia’s Checkmate Stealth Fighter? Probably Not Russia.
29 F-35s to fly at night Thursday
30 Canada spends another US$71M on F-35 amid calls to cancel fighter jet purchase
31 Russia’s Got A New Stealth Fighter—What’s It For?
32 News
33 Aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt leaving San Diego as Navy moves to integrate F-35
34 Marine F-35Cs in this squadron are ready for combat in another fighter jet first
35 US Air Force to send dozens of F-22 fighter jets to the Pacific amid tensions with China
36 Alaska Seen as Strategic US Military Asset Against China, Russia
37 Persian Powerhouse: Don't Underestimate Iran's F-5 Tiger
38 Senate confirms Biden's Air Force secretary | TheHill
39 Israel activates third squadron of F-35 fighter jets
40 Peters ends hold on Biden nominee after Air Force commits to Selfridge mission
41 Admiral: Talisman Sabre Proves US, Allies Can Create Pacific Naval Force in Days
42 Air Force can't get rid of its A-10 Warthogs just yet, Senate says
43 Future Fighter Force
44 CNO Gilday: Keeping Littoral Combat Ships Nimble Key to Pacific Deployments, No Plans for 1st Fleet in Singapore
45 SASC Completes NDAA Markup With $25 Billion Extra, New Name for Air National Guard
46 Eurofighter Typhoon Adds Powerful ‘SPEAR-EW ‘ System To Its Arsenal As It Challenges Rafales, F-35s For Global Sales
47 Fort Drum helicopters to train over Adirondacks in August
48 Another Attempt To Retire A-10 Warthogs Isn't Going Well For The Air Force
49 An Update on 2nd Marine Air Wing: July 2021
50 Rare Russian electronic warfare planes intercepted by NATO aircraft
51 Smith slams F-35 lifecycle costs: 'We can do a hell of a lot better'
52 More than 130 House lawmakers push to ramp up F-35 buy The F-35 program
53 'Don't expect more money' for additional F-35s in FY22, lawmakers tell an embattled Lockheed
54 Russia still sweet on Indonesia Su-35 sale | News | Flight Global
55 Buckley Space Force Base Prepares for the Next Frontier | Colorado News | US News
56 Joint Chiefs Seek A New Warfighting Paradigm After Devastating Losses In Classified Wargames
57 Lockheed's F-35 topples competition in Swiss fighter contest The F-35 beat out the Eurofighter
58 F-35 Sustainment: Enhanced Attention to and Oversight of F-35 Affordability Are Needed
59 Two reasons Britain could slow its purchase of the F-35 The high costs of supporting
60 There Will Be 450 F-35s in Europe by 2030, NATO Commander Says
61 Air Force F-35 Stealth Fighters Now Outnumber its F-15s, A-10s
62 Lockheed says global demand for F-35 remains strong despite uncertainty over US Air Force plans
63 Air Force Could Ditch Oldest F-35 Jets as Part of Fighter Downsizing, General Says
64 Air Force Reduces Exhibition Flights on New F-35 Engine Woes
65 India’s 5th-Gen Aircraft: IAF To Model Its AMCA On US’ F-35s Instead Of J-20 Or Su-57 Jets – Experts
66 Pentagon to Seek 85 F-35 Jets in Next Year's Budget Request
67 US Air Force wish list includes more F-15EX jets but no F-35s The Air
68 Crucial F-35 Combat Test Risks a Delay to 2022, Five Years Late
69 HASC: Congress Let DoD Buy Too Many F-35 Fighters But Not Enough F-35 Spares, Sustainment
70 The Air Force admits the F-35 fighter jet costs too much. So it wants to spend even more.
71 Two Biden-Era Flashpoints Where The F-35 Fighter Could Prove Decisive
72 The F-35 Sale To The UAE Might Be Limited By These Conditions
73 Estimated development costs for the F-35′s modernization program increased by $1.9B in a year
74 US Defense Secretary pledges ‘stronger security ties’ with Indo-Pacific allies
75 F-35 in the crosshairs: Despite criticism, America needs the fighter jet
76 An engine shortage is the newest problem to hit the F-35 enterprise
77 COVID-19 pandemic keeps Lockheed from meeting F-35 delivery goal in 2020
78 F-35 program moves too slowly in deploying software, says government watchdog
79 UK 'Absolutely' Will Buy More F-35s, Procurement Minister Says
80 Senate appropriators add F-35s to defense budget, but there are strings attached
81 Air Force Mag: USAF to Cut F-35 Buy in Future Years Defense Plan
82 For War With Iran And China, The F-35 Stealth Fighter Needs More Gas
83 Key US Ally Declares Its F-35s Ready for Combat
84 DOD Extends F-35 Full-Rate Production Decision Due to Pandemic
85 Make-or-Break Time for the F-35
86 F-35 Program Delays and Stumbles Continue
87 Congress May Put the Kibosh on Buying Extra F-35 Fighter Jets
88 New British plan looks to boost F-35 numbers, but is it still aiming for 138?
89 Five Ways The Air Force’s F-35A Fighter Is Becoming More Affordable To Operate
90 The Defense Department still isn't meeting its F-35 readiness goals
91 US senators propose roadblock for F-35 sale to UAE Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob
92 Tyndall AFB selected to host three F-35 squadrons
93 SECAF nominee walks a tightrope on F-35 procurement plans
94 The F-35 Question
95 F-35 Sale to U.A.E. Imperiled Over U.S. Concerns About Ties to China
96 The F-35 and Other Legacies of Failure
97 Reporter Debrief: Is The Air Force Turning Its Back On the F-35s?
98 HASC Chairman Calls on Congress to 'Scrub' F-35 Program
99 TacAir Study Will Determine If F-35 Production Surge Needed
100 After 20 Years, The F-35 Stealth Fighter Is Still Stuck In Testing