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1 Congress members from both parties call on Dr. Fauci to end 'reprehensible' puppy testing
2 Jim Jordan Calls on Anthony Fauci to Resign: If He 'Had Any Sense of Honor Left'
3 Dr. Fauci Says It’s ‘Very Likely’ Vaccines for Kids Under 12 Will Be Available Soon
4 ‘Molecularly Impossible’: Fauci Blasts Rand Paul for Covid Lab Theory
5 Anthony Fauci's metaphysical get-out-of-jail-free card
6 Dr. Anthony Fauci Received Big Pay Increase To Prevent Pandemics
7 Fauci in the Doghouse; SCOTUS to Review Texas Abortion Law; Public Health's Downfall
8 Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on 'cruel' puppy experiments | TheHill
9 'This Week' Transcript 10-24-21: Dr. Anthony Fauci
10 Dr. Fauci predicts another COVID-19 wave could come soon.
11 Rand Paul calls for Fauci's firing over 'lack of judgment' | TheHill
12 Fauci says it's "too soon to tell" whether Americans should avoid gathering for Christmas
13 Sure Signs You've Already Had COVID, Says Dr. Fauci — Eat This Not That
14 Candace Owens compares Fauci to Nazi doctor Josef Mengele in shocking tweet after fury over horror dog...
15 Dr. Fauci Says to Enjoy Halloween
16 The 'unhealthy' strategy Dr. Anthony Fauci relied on to balance his career and family
17 Fauci: People 'react against me' when 'truth becomes inconvenient'
18 The danger of COVID-19 misinformation is 'mind-boggling,' says Dr. Anthony Fauci
19 Fauci Urges Police Officers to Get Vaccinated
20 Dr. Fauci suggests unvaccinated trick-or-treaters add face mask to their costumes
21 If You Got Moderna or J&J, Dr. Fauci Says Here's the Latest on Boosters — Eat This Not That
22 What We're Reading: Fauci on Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccination; Aromatherapy Spray Recalled; Brain Fog Persists
23 Fauci: Boosters for Everyone Will Keep America Healthy
24 With Covid Numbers Heading in the ‘Right Direction,’ Fauci Cautions Not to ‘Declare Victory’ Yet
25 Misleading video implies Anthony Fauci doesn't support COVID-19 testing
26 Dr. Fauci Just Issued This Surprising Warning — Eat This Not That
27 Fauci grilled and pressed to resign on talk show | TheHill
28 Dr. Fauci refutes Republican misconceptions on Covid-19 spread
29 Do vaccinated people need to wear masks inside? Dr. Fauci updates timeline
30 People in the Northeast could prevent a Covid-19 surge like the one in the South by following these measures, Fauci says
31 Coronavirus tally: Global cases of COVID-19 near 244 million; Fauci says kids aged 5 to 11 should start getting shots in early-to-mid November
32 Opinion | Hugh Hewitt: Anthony Fauci has a credibility problem
33 'Fauci' celebrates a life marked by public service -- and more recently, political attacks
34 Fauci: U.S. headed in 'right direction' on pandemic -- full interview
35 One-on-one with Dr. Fauci: ‘Expect the unexpected’
36 Get the candy bowl ready. Dr. Fauci says Halloween is a go this year
37 Fauci allegedly misled Trump administration on gain-of-function research in Wuhan: Book
38 Fauci pressed if he should 'step aside' as an 'impediment to public health': 'People won't listen to you'
39 Fauci: COVID cases must go ‘way down’ before vaxxed Americans can ditch masks indoors
40 Fauci Says U.S. Is Turning the Corner on Latest Covid Surge
41 Fauci says FDA will review Merck's new Covid treatment 'as quickly as they possibly can'
42 Fauci addresses contradicting vaccine mandates and mask guidelines
43 Fauci’s Christmas gathering flip-flop
44 Dr. Fauci Just Issued This “Surge” Warning — Eat This Not That
45 Fauci Dismayed by Texas' Move to Ban Mandates
46 JonTron Trends After Comments On Dr. Fauci Controversy
47 Is it safe to go trick-or-treating this Halloween? Dr. Fauci weighs in
48 October 25: Fauci talks kid vaccines. Get gas-saving tips.
49 New Anthony Fauci Documentary Shows Why His Hero Image Is Flawed
50 The Latest: Fauci addresses vaccine hesitancy
51 Dr. Fauci Says This Is How to Decide Which Booster to Get
52 Fauci says data from NIH's mix-and-match Covid vaccine booster trials will soon be ready
53 Dr. Anthony Fauci Weighs In On Boosters, Kids' Vaccines And What To Expect This Winter
54 Fauci says his comments about holiday gatherings were ‘misinterpreted’ as CDC removes holiday guidance
55 Could we see new COVID-19 variants? Dr. Fauci explains
56 Fauci Documentary Trailer: Don’t Shoot the Messenger
57 Fauci, AIDS and Playing Pandemic Politics
58 Trump: Fauci is better at pitching a baseball than he is at 'predicting what to do with people's health'
59 Dr. Fauci offers an important point about COVID vaccine
60 Dr. Fauci Just Predicted What Will Happen Next — Eat This Not That
61 Peter Navarro calls Fauci ‘evil,’ says he twice urged Trump to fire him
62 Unlearned AIDS Lessons for Covid
63 Dr. Fauci Just Issued This "Surge" Warning
64 Rotten Tomatoes audiences ignore 'Fauci' documentary
65 Fauci, RBG, and the Liberal Fandom Dilemma
66 Fact check: Fauci and HHS officials are not 'plotting' for a new flu virus to force vaccinations
67 Shut up, Fauci! We don't need your permission to celebrate a holiday
68 Dr. Fauci Says Here's What You Should Do to Keep Yourself Safe During the Delta Surge
69 Fauci: Data will eventually show Israel doing right thing with 3rd vaccine shot
70 Peter Navarro claims he twice urged Trump to fire Fauci
71 NBC fact-checks Fauci's fear that college football games would be COVID super-spreaders: 'Never happened'
72 Dr. Fauci Just Issued This Warning About Future Mutations — Eat This Not That
73 'A disgrace' Dr Anthony Fauci still holds his position
74 Dr. Anthony Fauci: It's fine to trick or treat this year
75 Fauci says three shots will be the 'optimal regimen' of vaccination
76 Fact check: Fauci says 'precious few' religions forbid getting vaccinated
77 Sen. Johnson: Fauci and 'COVID gods' have been deified despite record, ignoring of non-intravenous treatments
78 Clay Travis: Fauci ‘100% wrong’ on prediction college football will spike coronavirus
79 Fauci flops with the public
80 Analysis | Biden has a Christmas problem. It's not Anthony Fauci
81 His View: Clown or evil elf? Either way, Fauci has to go
82 FDA Is Reviewing Data on Mixing and Matching Boosters, Fauci Says
83 Dr. Fauci Gave an Update on Getting a Booster of a Different Vaccine
84 Editorial: Christmas and Dr. Fauci
85 Fauci: 'I agree' with Newsom vaccine mandate for California students | TheHill
86 Remembering Those Journalists Who Helped Cover for Anthony Fauci’s ‘Gain-of-Function’ Misdirection
87 Democratic strategist rips her skydiving instructor after jump for having 'arrest Fauci' helmet sticker
88 Rep. Jim Jordan: Fauci Is Part Of "The March Towards Communism" For The Left
89 In McGill lecture, Fauci says we're in 'worst possible environment' for a pandemic
90 Anthony Fauci’s NIAID funded institute that trained researchers at Wuhan lab that housed fatal aerosol-borne viruses, reveals leaked email
91 Back to school amid another COVID surge. What's a parent to do? Fauci says adults need to step up.
92 Why is Anthony Fauci hedging on the origins of the coronavirus?
93 Why are people talking about Dr Anthony Fauci's emails?
94 Fauci: More 'pain and suffering' ahead as COVID cases rise
95 Dr. Fauci: 'Things are going to get worse' — here's what that could look like
96 The smoking gun on Anthony Fauci?
97 Fauci: 'We're going in the wrong direction' on Covid-19 cases
98 Fauci says he wouldn't be surprised if Covid vaccines require three shots for full regimen, instead of two
99 Dr. Fauci, Movie Star
100 Fauci Says U.S. Virus Cases Are More Than Ten Times Too High