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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Attys Say 11th Circ. FDCPA Ruling Could Harm Their Practices Law360 1 day ago
2 Convenience Fees: Not So Convenient for the Collectors JD Supra 12 hours ago
3 Bid for interlocutory appeal under FDCPA denied Virginia Lawyers Weekly 2 days ago
4 District Court says letter's disclosure did not violate FDCPA Lexology 7 days ago
5 Fifth Circuit FDCPA and Consumer Bankruptcy Rulings for 2021 Lexology 28 days ago
6 Plaintiff’s Confusion Over Debt Collection Letter Is Not Enough to Create Standing to Assert an FDCPA Claim JD Supra 28 days ago
7 District Court denies plaintiff's motion to remand FDCPA Lexology 15 days ago
8 FDCPA to be Amended Effective November 30, 2021 by New Regulation F JD Supra 3 months ago
9 New FDCPA Rules Are Now in Effect: Is Your Company Compliant? JD Supra 1 month ago
10 CFPB Will Enforce Laws Preventing the Collection/Reporting of Medical Debts Barred by the NSA JD Supra 6 days ago
11 Takeaways from the CFPB's Fall 2021 Supervisory Highlights: Debt Collection Lexology 23 days ago
12 FDCPA Compliance Center ACA International 2 months ago
13 Fate of FDCPA Claims Remains in Limbo in Eleventh Circuit JD Supra 2 months ago
14 Real Property, Financial Services, & Title Insurance Update: Week Ending December 24, 2021 JD Supra 21 days ago
15 Daily Decision Recap: Omission of "In Writing" Violated the FDCPA` ACA International 6 months ago
16 Modernizing Credit Card Collection Regulations: Updating the FDCPA PaymentsJournal 4 months ago
17 A Paradigm Shift in Consumer Collections: How the CFPB's Final Rule is Certain to Affect Creditors and Debt Collectors Ward and Smith, PA 3 months ago
18 Supreme Court Ruling in FCRA Lawsuit Applied to FDCPA Case ESR NEWS 4 months ago
19 Communication To Vendor Violates FDCPA Third-party Communication Prohibition JD Supra 9 months ago
20 What Is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? 10 months ago
21 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) | On Your Debt | courierjournal 2 months ago
22 New York District Court Dismisses Six FDCPA Cases Invoking “Mailing Vendor” Theory Emanating from the Eleventh Circuit Hunstein Decision JD Supra 6 months ago
23 CFPB Supervisory Highlights Report Covers FDCPA Violation Risks ACA International 1 month ago
24 Daily Decision Recap: Multiple Addresses on Validation Notice Did Not Violate the FDCPA ACA International 4 months ago
25 Second Circuit Reverses Ruling in FDCPA Case | Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP JDSupra 7 months ago
26 Sixth Circuit Dismisses FDCPA Voicemail Case For Lack of Standing JD Supra 5 months ago
27 Eighth Circuit Holds Boilerplate Disclosures Alone Insufficient to Implicate FDCPA Protections JD Supra 7 months ago
28 Law Firm's Claim That It Isn't a Debt Collector Goes Bust in FDCPA Case | New Jersey Law Journal 2 months ago
29 Timing Is Everything: Student Loan Servicer Avoids FDCPA Liability in Sixth Circuit JD Supra 10 months ago
30 Lender and Servicer Defenses to FDCPA Claims Lexology 1 month ago
31 What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? 1 year ago
32 June Case Filings Up for FDCPA, FCRA and TCPA ACA International 6 months ago
33 New York District Court Dismisses FDCPA Action for Lack of Concrete Injury Lexology 1 month ago
34 Back to Basics, Continued—The CFPB has accelerated the adoption of changes to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Regulation F, now effective November 30, 2021 JD Supra 6 months ago
35 FTC provides annual FDCPA update to CFPB | Ballard Spahr LLP JDSupra 10 months ago
36 FDCPA's Bona Fide Error Defense Applies to a Mistake of Law in Determining the Appropriate Statute of Limitations ACA International 10 months ago
37 When the FDCPA and FCRA Collide: Standing The National Law Review 12 months ago
38 Courts are Increasingly Dismissing No-Harm FDCPA Claims ACA International 10 months ago
39 Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Definition Investopedia 5 years ago
40 What the CFPB's New Debt Collection Rules Mean for Creditors and First-Party Servicers (sponsored) 11 months ago
41 DC Circ Addresses Harms Claimed under FCRA & FDCPA The National Law Review 7 months ago
42 Court Grants Summary Judgment in Favor of Defendant Debt Collector in a FDCPA Case Concerning a Disputed Debt JD Supra 6 months ago
43 Eighth Circuit Holds Insurer Not Obligated to Defend Debt Collection Firm in FDCPA Lawsuit JD Supra 4 months ago
44 Colorado Clarifies Intersection Between Regulation F and State Disclosure Requirement 1 month ago
45 CFPB Bites of the Month January Top 10 | Hudson Cook, LLP 10 hours ago
46 Update Regarding CFPB's Finalized Changes to Regulation F to Implement the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Lexology 2 months ago
47 What Creditors Need to Know About the Final Debt Collection Rule JD Supra 1 year ago
48 Debt Collection and CFPB Enforcement Trends to Watch Bloomberg Law 6 months ago
49 2020 Case Filings Decline for FDCPA and TCPA ACA International 12 months ago
50 Blank Rome Representing Midland Credit Management in FDCPA Case | New Jersey Law Journal 3 months ago
51 “You Hurt My Feelings!” An Examination of Emotional Distress Damages under the FDCPA 12 months ago
52 Rental Property and the FDCPA: Ninth Circuit Reverses and Remands Entry of Summary Judgment for Defendants-Appellees in FDCPA Case Lexology 7 months ago
53 Reasonable Procedures and The Bona Fide Error Defense: District Court for the Southern District of Indiana Grants Summary Judgment to Defendant in FDCPA Case JD Supra 12 months ago
54 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Enters Eviction Fray With New Ruling Under FDCPA JD Supra 9 months ago
55 CFPB Enters Into Consent Order With Debt Collector And Its Owner To Settle Alleged FDCPA And CFPA Violations JD Supra 10 months ago
56 The Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act: An Explainer 9 months ago
57 Daily Decision Recap: No Injury-In-Fact from Partially Visible Account Number ACA International 3 months ago
58 Court Decision Vacated Over Debt Collection Practices 2 months ago
59 Texas Court Denies Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss FDCPA Claim Over Statute of Limitations Defense JD Supra 1 year ago
60 Wiley Consumer Protection Download (January 24, 2022) | Wiley Rein LLP JDSupra 2 days ago
61 Temporary Relief for Debt Collectors: 11th Circuit Withholds Hunstein Mandate JD Supra 7 months ago
62 Sixth Circuit Examines Who is a Debt Collector for Purposes of FDCPA Section 1692(f)(6) JD Supra 2 years ago
63 Latest Word on Reg F Model Validation Notice: CFPB Issues New Document Formats for Agencies ACA International 5 months ago
64 CA DFPI brings first enforcement action against a debt collector and debt buyer for violating the state’s Consumer Financial Protection Law JD Supra 4 months ago
65 3rd Circuit Allows Oral Disputes Under FDCPA, Overturning Decades-Old Authority JD Supra 2 years ago
66 Ninth Circuit Holds Reliance on Contract Provision by Debt Collector Not Enough for FDCPA “Bona Fide Error” Defense JD Supra 1 year ago
67 FDCPA Caselaw Review for January 2018 4 years ago
68 District Court Reduces Request for Attorneys’ Fees in FDCPA Suit by More than Half in Response to Litigated Offer of Judgment JD Supra 1 year ago
69 Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection: Debt Collection Practices in Connection with the Global COVID-19 Pandemic (Regulation F) Government Accountability Office 8 months ago
70 CFPB Issues Debt Collection Final Rule | McGlinchey Stafford JDSupra 1 year ago
71 Another Overshadowing FDCPA Claim Bites the Dust 1 year ago
72 7th Circuit Issues Six Rulings Clarifying Standing Under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ACA International 1 year ago
73 The Federal Debt Collection Practices Act is Getting a Face Lift PaymentsJournal 1 year ago
74 Eleventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal of FDCPA Class Action Relating to Judicial Foreclosure Practices JD Supra 2 years ago
75 Daily Decision Recap: ATDS Claims in TCPA Action Sufficient to Survive Dismissal ACA International 3 months ago
76 6th Circuit Clarifies FDCPA’s Requirement to Cease Debt Collection Activities After Debt Collector Receives Dispute Letter JD Supra 3 years ago
77 Important changes to debt collection practices: What you need to know JD Supra 1 year ago
78 A Fresh Take on FDCPA Compliance ACA International 2 years ago
79 WebRecon Report: CFPB, FDCPA, TCPA and FCRA Show Declines ACA International 1 year ago
80 Dunning Letter Contents Viewable through Envelope Window Are Subject to FDCPA, Holds Sixth Circuit JD Supra 1 year ago
81 Seventh Circuit Reminds Plaintiffs That Article III Standing Cannot be Overlooked in FDCPA Cases JD Supra 1 year ago
82 Has the Definition of Consumer Changed? Insight from Research Assistant 1 year ago
83 Seventh Circuit Declines to Adopt FDCPA “Benign Language” Exception JD Supra 2 years ago
84 NICE NEVA For Debt Collection Practices Contact Centres 7 days ago
85 U.S. Supreme Court Holds Law Firms Are Not “Debt Collectors” Under The FDCPA In Nonjudicial Foreclosures JD Supra 3 years ago
86 Consumer Law Hinsights – May 2021 | Hinshaw & Culbertson Consumer Law Hinsights 8 months ago
87 3rd Circuit Clarifies Meaning of “Debt Collector” under FDCPA “Principal Purpose” Definition JD Supra 3 years ago
88 DC Council Passes Comprehensive Debt Collection Bill; Sends to Mayor for Signature 6 months ago
89 Regulation F FAQ: Disputes 10 months ago
90 Federal Court Agrees with Debt Collectors; Holds Two Hunstein Copycat Plaintiffs Have Standing in Federal Court 4 months ago
91 The CFPB Completes Debt Collection Rulemaking | Clark Hill PLC JDSupra 1 year ago
92 Brand Awareness and Reg F ACA International 6 months ago
93 Daily Decision Recap: Consumer Not Required to Plead All Elements of Cause of Action to Establish Standing ACA International 5 months ago
94 Adjusting Policies and Procedures for the Deceased Consumer ACA International 10 months ago
95 Can We Say Goodbye to Six-Figure Emotional Distress Jury Awards? The Future of Actual Damages Awards in Light of the Seventh Circuit's Standing Decisions 12 months ago
96 Electronic Payments Step Four – Don't Forget the FDCPA, the Consumer's Rights, or the Proper Notices 5 years ago
97 Year in Review: A Comprehensive Breakdown of 2021 in the ARM Industry 1 month ago
98 Taxes From A To Z 2019: F Is For Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Forbes 3 years ago
99 Federal Court Shuts Door on Motion to Dismiss in FDCPA Case Based on Counterclaims in Previous Collections Lawsuit Lexology 3 years ago
100 Time to Submit Comments for the Regulation to the New California Debt Collection Licensing Act JD Supra 4 months ago