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1 FJT, OJ call support for Barrow re-election
2 Gambia Election 2021: Jammeh’s victims worried about ruling party alliance
3 Gambia: APRC Joins NPP Led Coalition for December 4th 2021 Presidential Election
4 The comeback of Gambia's dictator
5 Gambia: Will Jammeh help Adama Barrow secure a second term?
6 NPP says circulated MoU with APRC not authentic
7 Anger as Gambian president allies with ex-dictator's party
8 Gambia: No to Foreign Troops. ECOMIG Should Leave. Now.
9 FTJ says nothing can stop Jammeh from returning
10 The Perspective, by Edward Bwalya Phiri: real political change is illusive in Africa; case of the Gambia – The Mast Online
11 APRC Deputy Spokesperson Denies Allegation of D4million plus Package From President Barrow
12 APRC says draft constitution's retroactive clause is witch-hunt
13 APRC advised to denounce Jammeh
14 APRC leader renews call to investigate Haruna Jatta's death
15 APRC says TRRC appointments compromised
16 '2020 Draft Constitution Could Have Cause Constitutional Crisis'- APRC Leader |
17 Jammeh remains supreme leader as APRC grapples with insufficient finance
18 Gambia: FTJ Asks Gambians to Remind Themselves of Yahya Jammeh's Legacy
19 APRC leader blasts draft constitution, says it would have created crisis
20 'Prosecution on human right violations awaits Jammeh's return'
21 Info minster dismayed at APRC leader's comments
22 APRC admits Barrow talks on frozen assets
23 APRC brands Barrow as 'worst enemy'
24 Gambia: Jammeh Remains Supreme Leader As APRC Grapples With Insufficient Finance
25 Batchilly urges political parties to put aside differences
26 Gambia: APRC Describes Demise of Ex-IGP Mamour Jobe As Great Loss to the Gambia
27 Gambia searches Jammeh's palaces for missing millions
28 Equatorial Guinea confirms hosting ousted Gambian leader Jammeh
29 Central Bank of Nigeria to mint currency for The Gambia
30 Political Rights / Obstacles With Disability And Elections |
31 APRC raises eyebrow over Parliamentary elections
32 Darboe urges gov't not play with citizens' lives
33 Gambia’s ex-leader Yahya Jammeh creates panic as he hints of a comeback in leaked audio
34 APRC Insists on Jammeh's Return |
35 Jatta Punches Gov't Over Deportation
36 Jatta Describes Justice Minister' Statement on Janneh Commission as Prejudice
37 APRC Deputy Spokesman Debunks Allegation of Disarray in Party |
38 TRRC is against APRC, Jammeh Only-FJT |
39 Majority Leader condemns Jawara's regime for not electrifying Gambia
40 APRC Elects Jammeh as party leader, Calls for his return
41 Political parties are accountable to the people: Majority Leader
42 Covid-19: Senegal declares state of emergency, curfew in 2 major cities
43 NAMs applaud Jammeh's speech
44 'No one can deny APRC Development from 1994-2016'- FTJ |
45 APRC Blames Barrow Gov't for 'Injustice' |
46 GRA Submits 2018 Financial Report to National Assembly |
47 Yahya Jammeh supporters demand his return to Gambia
48 APRC makes demands from government
49 Widow points fingers at Jammeh over spouse disappearance
50 DPS Sonko: Domestic violence drastically increases during covid-19
51 FTJ Lambasts Gov't of not Praising APRC on Senegambia Bridge |
52 Jatta Blames Gov't over 'neglecting crimes'
53 Gambia: APRC Holds Rally in Kotu
54 Coalition 2016 Debate: Dr Ceesay VS Halifa Sallah Tomorrow
55 Covid-19: FTJ dispels rumor concern Jammeh's intention
56 Gambia: Fabakary Tombong, Turo Darboe Adopted Fathers in Badibu
57 Gambia truth hearings grip nation as past atrocities emerge
58 FTJ Praises Jammeh's Achievement in 22 Yrs
59 Majority Leader commends security personnel for maintaining peace
60 Gambia: APRC Leader Calls On President Barrow to Either 'Release or Grant Bail' to Yankuba Touray, Others
61 Two alleged burglars appear in court |
62 APRC demands unconditional return of Jammeh as thousands take to the street
63 Witness accuses soldiers of killing Ousman Ceesay
64 Gambia: How Yahya Jammeh orchestrated his imminent return from exile
65 Gambia: 'Terror Attack, an Affront On Gambians' Consent'
66 Gambia: Lawmakers Return Gratitude to Jammeh for General Amnesty
67 Police call in Gambian activist for questioning and charged him |
68 'Jammeh inflicted too much harm for a political comeback'
69 OJ slams APRC over Jammeh property claims
70 PAC/PEC adopts GPPC report
71 Economic reconstruction post-COVID revealed as Foreign Minister Tangara meets Ambassador Ma
72 APRC says government white paper is a 'selective justice'
73 Sabally: 'APRC Are Heros, I Am Not Afraid To Declare My Relationship with APRC' |
74 President Barrow welcomes new political parties as "dividends of democracy" |
75 Air France expands operations in Africa with new route to Banjul
76 Exodus Alliance mediate in damaging dispute
77 APRC Demands the Resignation of IEC Chair |
78 GPPA report given clean bill of health
79 Gambia: Assembly Convenes Session On Gambia's Petition On EU's Demand
80 D8M reportedly looted at Sanyang riot
81 Majority Leader Impressed with Alkali Kunda Women
82 Man 58, dies in Bereding land dispute
83 Gamworks hailed for complementing key gov't priority areas
84 Government, WFP Provide Emergency Food Assistance
85 BP Settles D1.5 Billion Outstanding Commitment To Drill Exploration Well |
86 Gambia: Fifth APRC Congress Slated for September
87 BAC launches COVID-19 prevention face-mask initiative
88 Gambia: 'Jammeh Inflicted Too Much Harm for a Political Comeback'
89 NAMs commence 2014 legislative session
90 Gambia launches projects to avoid election violence
91 Eidul Adha: A period of sacrifice, worship, joy and charity
92 Senegal confirms 26 new covid-19 cases
93 National Peace Award Conferred on Ex-president Jammeh |
94 Police Officers Appeared Before Lawmakers Over Association's Petition
95 APRC expelled 5 party Militants
96 Gambia: Turkey Furnishes New Gambia National Assembly Complex
97 'Gambia sliding towards dictatorship'
98 Gambia gov't refutes allegations of negotiations for ex-President Jammeh's return |
99 NAMs harp on importance of science and technology
100 Barrow calls for Unity in Guinea Bissau