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1 Facebook’s Oversight Board will meet with the Facebook whistleblower
2 The Oversight Board wants answers about Facebook’s celebrity moderation program
3 Facebook Asks Oversight Board for Guidance on How It Regulates High-Profile Users
4 What if Facebook is lying to its own Oversight Board?
5 Yale Law's Wikimedia Initiative hosts discussion on Facebook Oversight Board
6 Facebook oversight board reviewing 'XCheck' system for VIPs
7 Q&A: Real Facebook Oversight Board member on Facebook's new whistleblower scandal
8 Facebook's oversight board to meet with whistleblower Frances Haugen
9 Will Facebook respect international rights or the whims of angry rulers?
10 Facebook fined $70M for flouting Giphy order made by UK watchdog
11 Facebook's Oversight Board realizes it’s been ‘misled’ on secret exemptions for politicians
12 Why Facebook is holding off on kids' Instagram
13 Facebook oversight board to meet with whistleblower Frances Haugen
14 Facebook Oversight Board Says It Will Investigate A-List Content Rules Exemption
15 Facebook's Oversight Board's Decision A Step In The Right Direction, But Not Enough
16 In 1st Big Test, Oversight Board Says Facebook, Not Trump, Is The Problem
17 Facebook attempts to stop leaks by making some message boards private
18 The Facebook Trap
19 Facebook's Terrible Month Is About To Get Even Worse
20 Factbox: Who are the first members of Facebook's oversight board?
21 Facebook’s Oversight Board already ‘a bit frustrated’ — and it hasn’t made a call on Trump ban yet
22 EXCLUSIVE-Facebook to change rules on attacking public figures on its platforms
23 Facebook’s Oversight Board Overturns Some Content Decisions in First Rulings
24 Facebook Expands Oversight Board’s Scope to Hear Removal Requests
25 Everyone On Facebook’s Oversight Board Should Resign
26 After Trump Ban, Facebook Oversight Panel Pushes for More Say
27 Admit It: The Facebook Oversight Board Is Kind of Working
28 Facebook oversight board widens scope to rule on content left up on platform
29 Facebook Oversight Board says other social networks ‘welcome to join’ if project succeeds
30 Facebook’s Oversight Board has upheld Trump’s ban — what’s next?
31 Facebook whistleblower finally might force Congress to negotiate policing social media
32 Facebook's Oversight Board Should Step Up and Reform the Social Media Giant
33 Facebook’s Oversight Board makes an imperfect case for private governance
34 Facebook Provides New Overview of Oversight Board Decisions and Actions
35 Facebook will reportedly launch its own advisory group for election policy decisions
36 Facebook Oversight Board members get six-figure salaries: Report
37 Facebook Oversight Board members share disinfo worries
38 Facebook wants ‘other companies’ to use the Oversight Board, too
39 Facebook Oversight Board Co-Chair On Determining The Future Of Trump's Accounts
40 All eyes are on the Facebook Oversight Board as its decision on Trump's account looms
41 Facebook’s Oversight Board will review the decision to suspend Trump
42 Facebook's Oversight Board Members Seek to Clarify the Organization's Role and Impact
43 What Is Facebook's Oversight Board and What Does It Do?
44 Facebook's Secret Blacklist of “Dangerous” Groups and People
45 Facebook's Response to Oversight Board on Trump Falls Short
46 Is the Facebook Oversight Board an International Human Rights Tribunal?
47 Facebook’s Oversight Board takes its first six cases
48 A Deeper Dive: Facebook's Response to Oversight Board on Trump May Be Less Than It Appears
49 Oversight Board Says Facebook Must Revisit 'Arbitrary' Indefinite Trump Ban
50 Facebook's Oversight Board Must Uphold the Ban on Trump
51 “Newsworthiness,” Trump, and the Facebook Oversight Board
52 Selena Gomez privately put Facebook execs on blast in 2020 for all the hateful content
53 Facebook oversight board rulings so far
54 Facebook's Oversight Board open but unlikely to play role before U.S. election
55 Trump's Facebook Ban Will Likely Be Overturned by New Oversight Board
56 Facebook 'lost' important rule on dangerous individuals for three years
57 Facebook reportedly plans to change its name to focus on the metaverse
58 Can an Oversight Board Created by Facebook Actually Fix the Company's Failings? – Mother Jones
59 Facebook’s Oversight Board will weigh in on rules for politicians
60 Oversight Board's First Rulings Show Facebook's Rules Are a Mess
61 Facebook Stock Rises on Plan to Hire 10,000 EU Workers
62 What to Make of the Facebook Oversight Board's Inaugural Docket
63 Trump is suspended from Facebook for 2 years and can’t return until ‘risk to public safety is receded’
64 Facebook Oversight Board's Decision on Trump Ban in a Global Context: The Treatment of Political Leaders
65 Oversight board orders Facebook to restore post criticizing Myanmar coup
66 If Mark Zuckerberg won’t fix Facebook’s algorithms problem, who will?
67 Facebook says it won’t loosen COVID-19 policies after Oversight Board request
68 Oversight Board upholds Facebook decision to keep post calling lockdowns ineffective
69 Facebook Seeks First Policy Advisory Opinion From Independent Content Oversight Board
70 Facebook's Oversight Board Is a Convenient Flak-Catcher
71 Facebook Oversight Board Co-Chair On Future Of Trump's Account
72 Facebook Oversight Board: Israel-Palestine saga needs 'independent review'
73 ‘The Real Facebook Oversight Board’ launches to counter Facebook’s ‘Oversight Board’
74 Facebook Seeks Oversight Board Advice on What Qualifies as 'Private' User Information
75 Facebook to investigate Israel-Palestine content suppression
76 Facebook Oversight Board's Decision on Trump Sets Up New Tests
77 Facebook’s new Oversight Board is a wild new experiment in platform governance
78 Facebook Inc’s oversight board should push for transparency
79 Opinion | Facebook’s ‘Supreme Court’ Faces Its First Major Test
80 Facebook Suspended Trump. The Oversight Board Shouldn't Let Him Back.
81 A Facebook Watchdog Group Appeared To Cheer A Law That Could Hurt Journalists
82 Will Trump be allowed back on Facebook? This board will decide
83 Facebook launches digital currency wallet Novi
84 The Lawfare Podcast: Facebook's Thoughts on Its Oversight Board
85 The Oversight Board Moment You Should've Been Waiting For: Facebook Responds to the First Set of Decisions
86 While Facebook works to create an oversight board, industry experts formed their own
87 The Facebook Oversight Board Should Review Trump's Suspension
88 How a fake “Real Oversight Board” is putting pressure on Facebook.
89 Facebook's Oversight Board decides who stays and goes. Here's what you should know.
90 Facebook whistleblowers agree Facebook is too focused on profit
91 A New Report Shows How Trump Keeps Buying Facebook Ads – Mother Jones
92 A New Frontier for ESG: Responsible Sales – Bloomberg Law
93 Facebook's Oversight Board is just a stopgap, regulation urgently needed, RSF says | RSF
94 Inside Facebook's oversight board that upheld Trump ban
95 Facebook's AI research could spur smarter AR glasses and robots
96 Future Tense Newsletter: Now Comes the Real Test for the Facebook Oversight Board
97 Facebook's Whistleblower Said the Company Does Too Little to Protect Users. Most of the Public Agrees
98 Facebook's Oversight Board calls on independent investigation over anti-Palestinian bias allegations
99 Facebook oversight board to rule on suspended Trump account
100 The new ‘supreme court’ of Facebook invites a reckoning for the future of social media