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1 Cocktail Competition Winner Cassie Gallant Takes Home First Prize
2 St John is selling adorable tiny bottles of Fernet-Branca
3 ‘I still drink it like water’: The untold origin story of SF’s love affair with Fernet-Branca
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9 August Lust List: Picnic and BBQ foods, unusual spirits for fun cocktails and lashings of fake tan
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11 Recipe For A Fernet Old Fashioned, Where Bourbon Meets Fall Flavors
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13 Make a Dark, Tropical Cocktail With Mexican Fernet
14 Fernet-Branca Is the Bitter Darling of the Cocktail World Now
15 A liqueur ‘with Latin roots’: Chimichurri bartender is making his own unique drink
16 Hanky Panky Recipe
17 What to Mix with Fernet
18 Beyond Branca: Taste-Testing 10 Different Fernets
19 Fernet: The Best Liquor You're (Still) Not Yet Drinking
20 Tom Parker Bowles & Olly Smith: Eating out
21 Three Bitter Fernet Cocktails for Your Holiday Drinking Pleasure
22 Good Libations: The Curious Case of Fernet Branca
23 Cocktails Featuring Fernet, San Francisco’s Favorite Digestif
24 Argentina's Beloved, Two-Ingredient Cocktail Transcends Age, Class, and Economic Turmoil
25 Throwback Fernet by Black Market Spirits
26 Fernet-Branca Treats Consumers to Free Tasting
27 The Annual Branca Games Brings Fernet To The Forefront
28 Beyond Branca: 6 Best Fernet Brands That Aren’t Fernet-Branca
29 Argentina loves its Fernet, a bitter Italian liquor
30 The forest has secrets: Asheville's Eda Rhyne Distillery turns flora into unique spirits
31 Faccia Brutto's Brooklyn-Made Amari Takes Me Back to Italy
32 Fernet is not for the faint of heart
33 Get to know Branca Menta: Minty and tamer than Fernet-Branca
34 The Fernet Hot House: Don't Let Hipsters Ruin It For You
35 Skip the wine at the Seder, serve this liqueur at Passover dinner
36 Bourbon Hot Chocolate with Fernet
37 Let's Go: Death or Glory's creative '90s cocktail menu
38 The Life and Times of a Fernet-Branca Scion
39 Prohibition’s Medicine Is Today’s Top Amaro
40 Thanks to Drinks Like the Aperol Spritz, Bitters Are Back. And This Is the Next Big Drink
41 What Is Fernet-Branca? Count Edoardo Branca Tells Us
42 Drink: Why Fernet-Branca is popular in San Francisco
43 My Quarantine Cocktail: the Toronto
44 How Did Fernet-Branca End Up in Beer, of All Places?
45 Fernet: The After-Dinner Amaro That Flows
46 15 things you didn't know about fernet
47 Is this the most undrinkable drink in the world?
48 Fernet-Branca: a brand history
49 10 Things to Mix With Tequila: Grapefruit, Fernet Branca, & More
50 FOOD REVIEW: Caffe Fernet — “The food is bold, gentle, and pleasingly perplexing"
51 The Fuss About Fernet-Branca
52 A Bartender's Antidote To Sweet And Citrus? Bitter Bark, Myrrh And Secrets
53 How a 172-year-old spirits company that survived Prohibition is still thriving today
54 How To Make Your Own Amaro at Home
55 AWESOME THING WE DRANK #679 | Fernet Branca: The Darkly Wondrous Elixir Of Italy
56 A Bitter Beginning
57 INTERVIEW: David Tang of Caffe Fernet — “Moving to Singapore has been a journey of discovery”
58 A serious conversation about fernet: The more bitter, the better
59 The Bartender's Choice: Fernet Branca
60 Where to Eat he Best Food in London’s Best Restaurants
61 How Fernet-Branca Became The Drink Of Choice For Polo Players
62 Rejoice Fernet-Branca Fans: Fernet-Branca Beer is Finally Here
63 This Summer, Cool Down With Branca Menta Cocktails
64 How One Company Turned Grandpa’s Booze Into Argentina’s National Drink
65 At Caffe Fernet, come for the cacio e pepe and stay for the negronis
66 Kirsten Amann Explains the Cult of Fernet
67 Fernet-Branca launches coin competition in COVID-19 aid
68 Fernet Branca Menta Review
69 Which Liqueurs Are Gluten-Free?
70 The Fernet Capital of the World Isn't Italy
71 Best Drinks for Summer: Bourbon Whiskey Fernet Recipe for Camping
72 Make your own Fernet Branca hangover cure
73 Fernet-Branca announces top 12 Coin Challenge entrants
74 Bittersweet: All about amari from A to Z
75 If you're tired of drinking your Fernet straight, get fresh with the Hanky Panky
76 Hi-Spirits Ireland signs distribution deal for Fernet-Branca
77 Fernet-Branca Was Once a ‘Cure’ for Cholera
78 Fernet and Chartreuse Hot Chocolate Recipe
79 Fernet Francisco: S.F. gets its very own amaro
80 Fernet adds a minty refreshment to cold, winter nights
81 How Fernet Branca Became the Darling of the Mixology World
82 Portland Now Makes Its Own Fernet, the Unofficial Drink of the Hospitality Industry
83 Learning to Love Fernet Branca
84 Shake it up: We Have the Recipe for Whitechapel's Fernet + Gin Cocktail
85 All About Italian Amaro, the Bitter Digistif That's the Perfect After-Dinner Drink
86 Fernet-Branca Now Has Its Own Craft Beer and It Sounds Pretty Good
87 The Most Popular Cocktail Ingredient You've Probably Never Heard Of
88 Fernet-Branca Beer: Introducing FERNETIC
89 Practice Your Fernet Face at the Great Branca Bar Pop-Up
90 Local bartenders use Dark Matter coffee to make funky fernet
91 Taming of the Brew: From Malort to Fernet, Bitter Just Got Better
92 Best Cocktail Kits from Distilleries, Restaurants, and Liquor Stores in Minneapolis and St. Paul
93 Drink DuJour: Fernet-Branca's Palermo
94 A Fleeting Ode to Fernet and Pursuits of Leisure in Logan Square
95 Italy’s bitter Fernet-Branca a rite of passage for brave bartenders
96 Fernet-Branca + Forbidden Root's “Fernetic” Beer – COOL HUNTING®
97 Love Cocktails? Wear One of These Pins to Prove It
98 Bar Basics: Understanding the Amaro as Aperitif
99 Barfly: Marin man’s fervor for fernet
100 The 50-50 Cocktail Is a Miracle of Modern Mixology