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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Wild Fig Mediterranean restaurant opens in Bayside – 2 days ago
2 11 Best Fig Recipes Easy Ideas For Fresh And Dried Figs 24 days ago
3 It's Fig Time Louisiana 10 Delicious Ways to Enjoy The Bounty 6 days ago
4 Soft, bioresorbable coolers for reversible conduction block of peripheral nerves Science 3 days ago
5 Monocyte-derived alveolar macrophages autonomously determine severe outcome of respiratory viral infection Science 2 days ago
6 Inside Kate Middleton's Body Language Tricks: The Fig Pose Explained Cosmopolitan 9 days ago
7 Shifting mutational constraints in the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain during viral evolution Science 5 days ago
8 Wildgood, the World's First Olive Oil Ice Cream, Expands Gourmet Flavor Line with Caramelized Fig vegconomist 2 days ago
9 “Figs,” by Henri Cole The New Yorker 13 days ago
10 Fig, the Food as Medicine Company, Calls on Food Manufacturers to List #EveryIngredient PR Newswire 26 days ago
11 Introducing Fig City News! 11 days ago
12 Peyer's patch TH17 cells are dispensable for gut IgA responses to oral immunization Science 2 days ago
13 Pleiotropic effects of trans-regulatory mutations on fitness and gene expression Science 3 days ago
14 Closed-loop stimulation using a multiregion brain-machine interface has analgesic effects in rodents Science 4 days ago
15 New Evidence Suggests Olive and Fig Trees Were Cultivated as Early as 7000 Years Ago 17 days ago
16 Good start for the Spanish fig campaign 20 days ago
17 Pearl Street Wine Market & Cafe to open in former Flying Fig space 19 days ago
18 Zonated leucine sensing by Sestrin-mTORC1 in the liver controls the response to dietary leucine Science 3 days ago
19 Figs made scrubs cool. Now it needs to convince investors it will become the health care uniform of choice Fortune 3 days ago
20 Pro-abortion activists, one wearing fig leaves interrupt church mass in Eastpointe FOX 2 Detroit 19 days ago
21 Human endogenous retrovirus-K (HERV-K) reverse transcriptase (RT) structure and biochemistry reveals remarkable similarities to HIV-1 RT and opportunities for HERV-K–specific inhibition | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 3 days ago
22 Wool, Rain, Figs, Clocks: 8 Fascinating Nonfiction Deep Dives Into The Ordinary Book Riot 2 days ago
23 Synthetic regulatory reconstitution reveals principles of mammalian Hox cluster regulation Science 3 days ago
24 In vivo multidimensional CRISPR screens identify Lgals2 as an immunotherapy target in triple-negative breast cancer Science 4 days ago
25 FIG: Setting the Scene for the Coming Four Years GIM International 25 days ago
26 Cenozoic evolution of deep ocean temperature from clumped isotope thermometry Science 3 days ago
27 MECP2-related pathways are dysregulated in a cortical organoid model of myotonic dystrophy Science 4 days ago
28 Performance of islets of Langerhans conformally coated via an emulsion cross-linking method in diabetic rodents and nonhuman primates Science 4 days ago
29 Abbreviated Screening MRI for Women with a History of Breast Cancer: Comparison with Full-Protocol Breast MRI RSNA Publications Online 19 days ago
30 Mitochondrial RNA modifications shape metabolic plasticity in metastasis 4 days ago
31 Glen Ewin Estate serves up new fig-tastic feed me offering ahead of winter menu launch • Glam Adelaide Glam Adelaide 3 days ago
32 Low-dose sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitor ameliorates ischemic brain injury in mice through pericyte protection without glucose-lowering effects | Communications Biology 22 hours ago
33 Next-generation 2D optical strain mapping with strain-sensing smart skin compared to digital image correlation | Scientific Reports 8 hours ago
34 Immunomodulatory actions of a kynurenine-derived endogenous electrophile Science 4 days ago
35 NYC-Based Grassroots Collective Uses Food as a Tool of Resistance – Food Tank Food Tank 13 days ago
36 Increasing the resilience of plant immunity to a warming climate 4 days ago
37 Predicting high recombinant protein producer strains of Pichia pastoris MutS using the oxygen transfer rate as an indicator of metabolic burden | Scientific Reports 23 hours ago
38 Identification of an integrase-independent pathway of retrotransposition Science 4 days ago
39 Gluten free fig and pecorino focaccia (Focaccia ai fichi e pecorino senza glutine) SBS 6 days ago
40 A previous hemorrhagic stroke protects against a subsequent stroke via microglia alternative polarization | Communications Biology 21 hours ago
41 Delivery of therapeutic carbon monoxide by gas-entrapping materials Science 4 days ago
42 Gen. “Fig” Newton to tell his story of service in war and peace Columbia Star 17 days ago
43 GREM1 is required to maintain cellular heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer 4 days ago
44 Ashley Graham (and Fig.1!) gave me the skin care routine I've been seeking Motherly Inc. 25 days ago
45 Metabolic reprogramming of skeletal muscle by resident macrophages points to CSF1R inhibitors as muscular dystrophy therapeutics Science 4 days ago
46 Enhanced phosphorus recycling during past oceanic anoxia amplified by low rates of apatite authigenesis Science 2 days ago
47 Enteric viruses replicate in salivary glands and infect through saliva 4 days ago
48 How the Glorious Revolution changed the nature of the English country house Country Life 13 hours ago
49 Functional cargos of exosomes derived from Flk-1+ vascular progenitors enable neurulation and ameliorate embryonic anomalies in diabetic pregnancy | Communications Biology 2 days ago
50 Grey wolf genomic history reveals a dual ancestry of dogs 4 days ago
51 Group size affects predation risk and foraging success in Pacific salmon at sea Science 4 days ago
52 Structural insights into dsRNA processing by Drosophila Dicer-2–Loqs-PD 4 days ago
53 Profiling of mature-stage human breast milk cells identifies six unique lactocyte subpopulations Science 4 days ago
54 Hypocrystalline ceramic aerogels for thermal insulation at extreme conditions 4 days ago
55 Cancer-associated fibroblasts require proline synthesis by PYCR1 for the deposition of pro-tumorigenic extracellular matrix 6 days ago
56 YAP/TAZ activity in stromal cells prevents ageing by controlling cGAS–STING 4 days ago
57 Direct observations of pure electron outflow in magnetic reconnection | Scientific Reports 3 days ago
58 Structural basis for SHOC2 modulation of RAS signalling 4 days ago
59 Exceptionally stable preindustrial sea level inferred from the western Mediterranean Sea Science 4 days ago
60 Global Fig Snacks Market 2022 SWOT Analysis – Kellogg, Little Duck Organics, Made In Nature, Mondelez International – Designer Women Designer Women 5 days ago
61 Gasdermin D–mediated release of IL-33 from senescent hepatic stellate cells promotes obesity-associated hepatocellular carcinoma Science 9 days ago
62 Dissecting the roles of Haspin and VRK1 in histone H3 phosphorylation during mitosis | Scientific Reports 2 days ago
63 Chikungunya virus assembly and budding visualized in situ using cryogenic electron tomography 3 days ago
64 Banned gymnast Kuliak set to miss Cup of Russia over fear of FIG sanctions 1 day ago
65 Microbiota mediated plasticity promotes thermal adaptation in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis 2 days ago
66 Big Fig Mattress Announces Partnership with Plus-Size Model, Social Media Influencer and Activist, Tess Holliday PR Newswire 26 days ago
67 Quantum-dot-labeled synuclein seed assay identifies drugs modulating the experimental prion-like transmission | Communications Biology 4 days ago
68 Effect of nickel-coated carbon nanotubes on the preparation and wear resistance of microarc oxidation ceramic coating on ZL109 aluminum alloy | Scientific Reports 3 days ago
69 A peroxisomal ubiquitin ligase complex forms a retrotranslocation channel 4 days ago
70 Structures and mechanism of the plant PIN-FORMED auxin transporter 4 days ago
71 Tropical System Getting Better Organized in the Gulf 97.3 The Dawg 4 days ago
72 Dry pick-and-flip assembly of van der Waals heterostructures for microfocus angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
73 A chimeric thermostable M2e and H3 stalk-based universal influenza A virus vaccine | npj Vaccines 4 days ago
74 LKB1 is the gatekeeper of carotid body chemosensing and the hypoxic ventilatory response | Communications Biology 4 days ago
75 Antibody Fc characteristics and effector functions correlate with protection from symptomatic dengue virus type 3 infection Science 4 days ago
76 Chiral molecular intercalation superlattices 4 days ago
77 Mutations linked to neurological disease enhance self-association of low-complexity protein sequences Science 3 days ago
78 High spatial and temporal variability in Antarctic ice discharge linked to ice shelf buttressing and bed geometry | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
79 Anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG antibodies detection using a patch sensor containing porous microneedles and a paper-based immunoassay | Scientific Reports 2 days ago
80 Extended the depth of field and zoom microscope with varifocal lens | Scientific Reports 3 days ago
81 Will Figs Inc (FIGS) Stay at the Bottom of the Consumer Cyclical Sector? InvestorsObserver 3 days ago
82 Deep learning–based integration of genetics with registry data for stratification of schizophrenia and depression Science 4 days ago
83 Therapeutic use of α2-antiplasmin as an antifibrinolytic and hemostatic agent in surgery and regenerative medicine | npj Regenerative Medicine 3 days ago
84 Recipe: Mascarpone stuffed figs with honey and black pepper Vancouver Sun 4 days ago
85 Antigenic cartography of SARS-CoV-2 reveals that Omicron BA.1 and BA.2 are antigenically distinct Science 10 days ago
86 FIGS Becomes Oversold Nasdaq 1 month ago
87 Optimization of avian perching manoeuvres 4 days ago
88 Earliest giant panda false thumb suggests conflicting demands for locomotion and feeding | Scientific Reports 3 days ago
89 Consumer Cyclical Stocks Moving Thursday: VLCN, FIGS, ISPO, LIDR, CULP, EVGOW, RH, EFOI InvestorsObserver 3 days ago
90 Disentangling drivers of air pollutant and health risk changes during the COVID-19 lockdown in China | npj Climate and Atmospheric Science 3 days ago
91 cGAS-STING signaling encourages immune cell overcoming of fibroblast barricades in pancreatic cancer | Scientific Reports 3 days ago
92 Magnesium stable isotope composition, but not concentration, responds to obesity and early insulin-resistant conditions in minipig | Scientific Reports 4 days ago
93 North West business briefs: Stagecoach; FIG; Uncle Joe's Mintballs; Bibby Line Group; RLWC2021 | The Business Desk 6 days ago
94 Monovalent ions and stress-induced senescence in human mesenchymal endometrial stem/stromal cells | Scientific Reports 2 days ago
95 Rapid generation of Shigella flexneri GMMA displaying natural or new and cross-reactive O-Antigens | npj Vaccines 3 days ago
96 There is chemistry in social chemistry Science 9 days ago
97 Edwardsiella tarda TraT is an anti-complement factor and a cellular infection promoter | Communications Biology 4 days ago
98 Four-octyl itaconate improves osteoarthritis by enhancing autophagy in chondrocytes via PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling pathway inhibition | Communications Biology 4 days ago
99 Early expression of mature αβ TCR in CD4−CD8− T cell progenitors enables MHC to drive development of T-ALL bearing NOTCH mutations | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 4 days ago
100 Target deconvolution studies of (2R,6R)-hydroxynorketamine: an elusive search | Molecular Psychiatry 4 days ago