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1 Frank Figliuzzi: FBI And DHS Need "More Money" To Hunt "Decentralized Insurgency" That Is Is "Going Local" RealClearPolitics 15 days ago
2 DOJ announces a new unit to combat domestic terrorism but few details on how it will function MSNBC 5 days ago
3 Though Obsessed with Donald Trump, the Media Was Blind to Brewing Threat of Violence Newsweek 26 days ago
4 Matt Gaetz Indictment Speculation Grows After Ex-Girlfriend Granted Immunity Newsweek 4 days ago
5 Ex-FBI Official to CEOs: Your New Job Is Chief Risk Officer Inc. 7 months ago
6 Tickle The Wire » Growing Number of FBI Agents Accuse MSNBC Commentator Frank Figliuzzi of Fabricating Passage in His Book on Bureau Ethics 6 months ago
7 Lengel: MSNBC Commentator Frank Figliuzzi Lied in his FBI Book and the Network Doesn't Care Deadline Detroit 4 months ago
8 Tickle The Wire » Agents Accuse Ex-FBI Executive Frank Figliuzzi of Fabricating Passage in His Book 7 months ago
9 Steep cost to pray in peace: For many Jewish Americans, police protection at synagogues is normal USA TODAY 14 hours ago
10 Judicial Creativity Makes the News Fair Observer 18 days ago
11 Frank Figliuzzi: There's a perfect storm of grievance and cause developing on extremist sites MSNBC 5 months ago
12 Havana Syndrome: ‘Attacks have stepped-up in their brazenness,’ says national security expert CNBC 4 months ago
13 NBC's Frank Figliuzzi: Current Members Of Congress Were "Command And Control Element" For January 6 Terrorism RealClearPolitics 8 months ago
14 Transcript: The ReidOut, 1/14/22 MSNBC 7 days ago
15 Tickle The Wire » 2022 » January » 19 2 days ago
16 National security expert expects Brian Laundrie’s parents to be 'summoned to the grand jury' momentarily CNBC 4 months ago
17 Dubai Destinations: Soar above the desert sands in a hot air balloon Khaleej Times 30 days ago
18 Transcript: Frank Figliuzzi on "Face the Nation," December 27, 2020 CBS News 1 year ago
19 Transcript: Frank Figliuzzi: The FBI Way MSNBC 1 year ago
20 Politics And The Markets 01/02/22 Seeking Alpha 20 days ago
21 Former FBI assistant director Frank Figliuzzi: Capitol riot was "a form of terrorism" Salon 12 months ago
22 Former FBI official-turned-NBC News analyst speaks out against 'bureau bashing' NBC News 12 months ago
23 Book review of The FBI Way: Inside the Bureau's Code of Excellence by Frank Figliuzzi The Washington Post 1 year ago
24 Transcript: The 11th Hour, 1/13/22 MSNBC 8 days ago
25 MSNBC contributor: 'My gut's telling me' Trump White House behind lack of Capitol protection on Jan. 6 Fox News 11 months ago
26 U.S. diplomats ‘deserve better’ in the fight against soundwave attacks, urges national security expert CNBC 8 months ago
27 Frank Figliuzzi torches Tucker Carlson's FBI false flag lie MSNBC 7 months ago
28 'We're still not done': Hunt for Robert Fisher continues despite removal from FBI list KPNX 3 months ago
29 Book Review: The FBI WAY: Inside the Bureau's Code of Excellence by Frank Figliuzzi Officer 11 months ago
30 FRANK FIGLIUZZI THE FBI WAY: Inside the Bureau's Code of Excellence 12 months ago
31 The most important thing FBI Director Chris Wray didn't tell the Senate MSNBC 11 months ago
32 C. Frank Figliuzzi Appointed as Assistant Director of the FBI's Counterintelligence Division Federal Bureau of Investigation 11 years ago
33 Frank Figliuzzi SecurityInfoWatch 2 years ago
34 FBI called in to help teachers as extremist violence gets personal MSNBC 4 months ago
35 Ex-FBI official warns Capitol riot was a ‘dress rehearsal’ for what’s to come in 2022 The Independent 2 months ago
36 When it comes to insider risk, not all employees are equal Security Magazine 10 months ago
37 'Who gets to call whom a domestic terrorist?': former FBI agent in OKC to discuss threat 11 months ago
38 Figliuzzi: "When You Turn Ashli Babbitt Into A Martyr... You're Legitimizing The Insurrection" RealClearPolitics 7 months ago
39 Steller's Friday Notebook: On TV from Tucson, ex-FBI leader analyzes Russia probe Arizona Daily Star 3 years ago
40 Former FBI official: Ivanka may have perjured herself in DC testimony Business Insider 7 months ago
41 Afghanistan's fall to the Taliban just made terrorism a real threat, again MSNBC 5 months ago
42 Frank Figliuzzi condemns the 'lack of professional law enforcement' at Capitol riots MSNBC 1 year ago
43 The question FBI Director Wray refused to answer — and why it may mean trouble for Trump MSNBC 8 months ago
44 Rittenhouse verdict watch: A peek into America's comfort with violence MSNBC 2 months ago
45 VES Awards Nominations Led By ‘Dune’, ‘Encanto’, ‘Loki’ Deadline 3 days ago
46 Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd targeted by hypocritical far-right backlash MSNBC 5 months ago
47 How the FBI's most wanted Capitol rioters are being hunted online MSNBC 8 months ago
48 This week on "Face the Nation," December 27, 2020: Cooper, Figliuzzi, DeWine, Whitmer, Gottlieb CBS News 1 year ago
49 Mr. Nice Guy: Former FBI official offers wackiest conspiracy theory I've ever heard Fairfield Daily Republic 2 years ago
50 How Trump steered America's police straight into the Oath Keepers MSNBC 2 months ago
51 MSNBC Analyst: I've Interviewed Terrorists More Cooperative Than Whitaker The Daily Beast 3 years ago
52 Julian Assange extradition could mean even more legal trouble for Donald Trump MSNBC 1 month ago
53 Transcript: The ReidOut, 12/3 MSNBC 2 months ago
54 Nashville bombing 'is a wake-up call,' ex-FBI counterintelligence chief warns Daily Mail 1 year ago
55 Trump's imaginary return to the White House could cause actual real world violence MSNBC 5 months ago
56 Why Tucker Carlson is blaming the FBI for the Capitol riot MSNBC 7 months ago
57 FBI involvement in cover-up of Malcolm X assassination produces more questions than answers MSNBC 2 months ago
58 Matt Gaetz just keeps incriminating himself MSNBC 10 months ago
59 Mary Trump Spots The ‘PsyOp’ Against Donald Trump In Joe Biden’s Jan. 6 Speech Verve Times 14 days ago
60 Proud Boys Deny Reports of September 18 Capitol Rally: 'Sounds Like Bait' Newsweek 5 months ago
61 Republican QAnon candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene's win highlights coming 2020 crisis NBC News 1 year ago
62 Why Trump loyalists should fear the first Capitol riot confession MSNBC 9 months ago
63 GOP blaming Dems for Michigan school shooting fits its midterm election strategy MSNBC 2 months ago
64 Ex-FBI official says Trump's half-staff flag order has neo-Nazi symbolism New York Post 2 years ago
65 Nashville Bombing Suspect Possibly Driven by 5G Conspiracy Theories: Ex-FBI Official Newsweek 1 year ago
66 Serving Warrants Is Always Hazardous, and Law Enforcement Meticulously Prepares for Them NBC 6 South Florida 12 months ago
67 The Trump criminal probe's heating up. Here's why the Trump children might want to lawyer up. MSNBC 8 months ago
68 Tucker Carlson: January 6th Was Not A Terrorist Attack, It Is The Midterm Strategy For Democrats RealClearPolitics 16 days ago
69 Trump's White House is racking up whistleblowers — and America's flying blind NBC News 1 year ago
70 Zimmerman woman paralyzed after missing window for urgent medical care during riots KSTP 1 year ago
71 How the FBI protects American intel: a bizarre case study MSNBC 3 months ago
72 Frank Figliuzzi: Giuliani Just 'Threw Trump Under the Bus' Law & Crime 2 years ago
73 Transcript: The 11th Hour with Brian Williams, 7/7/21 MSNBC 7 months ago
74 Canada's spy-catching system caused delay, anxiety in Delisle case: former FBI official 1 year ago
75 Conservative radicalizers are well-coiffed, well-paid — and increasingly dangerous MSNBC 1 year ago
76 Oxford Police, Prosecutor Face Criticism for Allowing School Shooter's Parents To Get Away Newsweek 2 months ago
77 Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie's police encounter exposes dangerous inconsistencies MSNBC 4 months ago
78 Madison Cawthorn’s description of meeting his wife raises giant red flags over Russian influence The bharat express news 25 days ago
79 Former FBI official: Nashville bombing a 'wakeup call' on vulnerability of infrastructure | TheHill The Hill 1 year ago
80 Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi says Parnas is unlikely to be a witness in Senate impeachment trial MSNBC 2 years ago
81 TIMPANO, Carmelo Obituary 2 months ago
82 Trump's latest betrayal of America sends a clear message to foreign adversaries MSNBC 1 year ago
83 MSNBC Contributor Frank Figliuzzi Discovers Hidden Nazi Message In White House Statement RealClearPolitics 2 years ago
84 Officers who slept while Epstein died plead guilty NNY360 8 months ago
85 The FBI didn't brief Giuliani about Russian disinformation. That's bad for him. MSNBC 9 months ago
86 Threats of violence explode: 'This becomes a security crisis' MSNBC 4 months ago
87 Trump never cared about Americans. His endless list of indicted influencers proves it. MSNBC 6 months ago
88 Extremist groups, radicalization at center of Jan. 6 investigations MSNBC 2 months ago
89 White nationalist domestic terrorism is rising — rethinking how we label it can help the FBI stop it NBC News 2 years ago
90 Unverified TikTok threats put schools on edge across nation KVOA Tucson News 1 month ago
91 Column: Despite its popularity and reach, I don't trust Twitter. And neither should you. Chicago Tribune 2 months ago
92 Louis DeJoy had a lot of red flags. The FBI's investigation validates them. MSNBC 8 months ago
93 The police who defended the Capitol had America's back. America doesn't have theirs. MSNBC 6 months ago
94 TIMPANO, Carmela 'Lina' Obituary 2 months ago
95 How to stop Russia from recruiting the next Trump MSNBC 12 months ago
96 How To Quell A Domestic Insurgency | On Point WBUR 1 year ago
97 Thrillers: Boston stars in Lisa Gardner's latest The Providence Journal 1 year ago
98 Survival Tips for Drs. Fauci and Birx From A Former FBI Hostage Negotiator Vanity Fair 2 years ago
99 'Putin Took a Hit' From Fiona Hill's Damning Impeachment Testimony, Former FBI Assistant Director Says Newsweek 2 years ago
100 The Senate asked all the wrong questions about the pro-Trump attack on the Capitol MSNBC 11 months ago