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1 'Stomach-turning': MAGA riot’s confederate flag rebuked by Fran Lebowitz | MSNBC Summit Series
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13 Everybody Loves Fran. But Why?
14 Fran Lebowitz has tough love for tough COVID-19 times
15 Fran Lebowitz On Netflix Series ‘Pretend It’s A City,’ Martin Scorsese, Toni Morrison, And “Ridiculous” NYC Mayoral Candidate Andrew Yang
16 “I'm Not an Assassin!”: Fran Lebowitz on Not Sleeping, Not Writing, and Not Naming Names
17 Fran Lebowitz vs. the World
18 The Delights of New York, Fran Lebowitz, and Martin Scorsese’s Laugh
19 Fran Lebowitz Hates Wearing a Mask More Than You Do
20 Opinion | Fran Lebowitz Isn’t Buying What Jack Dorsey Is Selling
21 ‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast — Fran Lebowitz (‘Pretend It’s a City’)
22 New bill to hold social media companies accountable for health misinformation
23 Fran Lebowitz Breaks Her Silence Over the Existence of Aliens
24 Fran Lebowitz on Our Post-Pandemic Future
25 Fran Lebowitz Talks Coups, Martin Scorsese and New York Mayors
26 Fran Lebowitz’s Life in NYC Real Estate
27 Fran Lebowitz offers the unlikely dose of truth we need in 2021
28 How Fran Lebowitz Became an Unlikely Men’s Style Icon
29 Fran Lebowitz Shares (Delightful) Reaction to ‘SNL’ Sketch
30 Fox News backtracks as Covid-19 surges
31 Fran Lebowitz: 'Pretend It's a City' | The Treatment
32 Bowen Yang loves that Fran Lebowitz disliked his SNL impression |
33 Fran Lebowitz’s Take on NYC Marijuana Legalization is Delightfully Quirky
34 Fran Lebowitz Says Good Riddance to Trump: He 'Never Deserved New York'
35 Bowen Yang Delights in Fran Lebowitz’s Disapproval of His ‘SNL’ Impression
36 Stop Doomscrolling and Watch the Fran Lebowitz Documentary Series on Netflix
37 ‘SNL’: Don’t Miss Bowen Yang as Fran Lebowitz Taking on New York City
38 New Fran Lebowitz Series, 'Pretend It's a City,' Elevates Art of Complaining
39 Fran Lebowitz’s One-Star Amazon Reviews
40 How Martin Scorsese and Fran Lebowitz helped me beat the lockdown blues
41 Martin Scorsese’s Portrait of New York With the Ultimate New Yorker
42 Fran Lebowitz on Dolly Parton, Andrew Cuomo and Netflix
43 Fresh Air Weekend: Fran Lebowitz; The Legacy Of Activist William Monroe Trotter
44 From The Archives White Columns Amp 112 Greene Street 112 Workshop 1970 8211 2021
45 Parents target Spence School principal — and now board — over 'woke' video flap
46 Fran Lebowitz On 'Pretend It's A City,' 'Metropolitan Life,' & Being Promiscuous
47 Fran Lebowitz on what makes New York so damn special 20 hours ago
48 Fran Lebowitz, American Conservative
49 Feinberg Forecast: Updated Emmys Standings Heading Into Final Weekend of Nomination Voting
50 Martin Scorsese’s Pretend Its a City documents life in New York through the eyes of Fran Lebowitz
51 For effortless style, let Fran Lebowitz be your guide
52 Fran Lebowitz Really IS the Mayor of New York
53 Fran Lebowitz Is Never Leaving New York
54 Fran Lebowitz Talks Touring, Vaccines & Taylor Swift's Re-Recordings
55 Martin Scorsese's Fran Lebowitz Netflix Doc Series is an Irresistible Tonic
56 Why Do People Hate Fran Lebowitz? Some Think She's a TERF Because of These Things She's Said
57 Video Fridays: Fran Lebowitz, Book Collector
58 Fran Lebowitz And Martin Scorsese Bring "A Double Dose Of NYC Attitude" To Netflix
59 The Sneaky Subversiveness of Laurie Colwin
60 Emerson Colonial Theatre will reopen to a jam-packed slate of shows beginning in September
61 Pretend it’s a City: How to discover Fran Lebowitz’s Seventies New York
62 See Ziwe interview Fran Lebowitz in exclusive clip of new show |
63 The Pretender: Fran Lebowitz' Netflix series excavates New York City
64 See Fran Lebowitz in trailer for Martin Scorsese's new Netflix docuseries
65 AN EVENING WITH FRAN LEBOWITZ to be Presented at the Aronoff Center
66 Lebowitz’s ‘City’: Martin Scorsese’s new Netflix series profiles social critic Fran Lebowitz
67 ‘I think an Anderson & Sheppard suit is the best suit there is’: Fran Lebowitz on her favourite tailor
68 Fran Lebowitz to headline Las Vegas Book Festival
69 Fran Lebowitz on ‘Pretend It’s a City’
70 Fran Lebowitz is delightfully cranky in 'Pretend It's A City'
71 Fran Lebowitz Joins Bill Maher on This Week’s “Real Time”
72 Bestselling author Fran Lebowitz to headline 2021 Las Vegas Book Festival
73 Pretend It's a City Proves Once Again, You Can't Argue with Fran Lebowitz
74 Fran Lebowitz and the Appeal of Formulaic Dressing
75 Robins feeding young grapes, an outdoors thought by Fran Lebowitz, a potential savings on Class TA trailers a…
76 An Evening with Fran Lebowitz
77 A Few Evenings With Fran Lebowitz
78 Fran Lebowitz Is an Iconic Guest in Ziwe's New Trailer
79 ‘Pretend It’s A City’ star Fran Lebowitz defends lack of women in Martin Scorsese’s films
80 Filming Locations for "Pretend It's a City" from Martin Scorsese & Fran Lebowitz
81 New Fran Lebowitz series elevates art of complaining
82 Great Outfits in Fashion History: Fran Lebowitz in What She Always Wears
83 Martin Scorsese Is ‘Still Angry’ About the Color Red Ruining ‘Taxi Driver,’ Says Fran Lebowitz
84 Fran Lebowitz's New York Stories
85 Pretend It's a Review
86 Fran Lebowitz’s brilliant life lessons in Pretend It's a City
87 Emerson Colonial Theatre Sets Onsales for STOMP, Freestyle Love Supreme, Fiddler, Jesus Christ Superstar & More
88 Ziwe Isn’t Sure About Cancel Culture: “I See It as a Bad Press Day”
89 The Broad Stage Announces An Evening With Fran Lebowitz
90 'Ziwe' Season 1 Premiere: Host Takes On Karens and White Feminism
91 Fran Lebowitz is coming to The Ridgefield Playhouse!
92 ‘Pretend It’s a City’: TV Review
93 Fran Lebowitz Has Mastered the Ultimate Anti-Trend Wardrobe
94 Martin Scorsese is still angry over Taxi Driver’s final edit: Fran Lebowitz
95 Ziwe Puts the Met in the Hot Seat
96 Get to know Fran Lebowitz's New York, as shown in "Pretend It's a City"
97 Alexander Fury: An Interview With the Unflinching Fran Lebowitz
98 Caustically loveable Fran Lebowitz shows New York in the worst light
99 AN EVENING WITH FRAN LEBOWITZ to be Presented at The Town Hall in 2022
100 Fran Lebowitz Will Never Read This Interview