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1 Next chapter: Ex-NIH head Francis Collins works to bridge the country's divides NPR 4 days ago
2 Staunton Native Dr. Francis Collins, 'Rock Star of Science,' Retires as NIH Director Bearing Drift 28 days ago
3 Next chapter: Ex-NIH head Francis Collins works to bridge the country's divides – WAMU WAMU 88.5 4 days ago
4 Fauci and Collins Dismissed Prominent Scientists Who Endorsed Lab-Leak Theory, Emails Show Yahoo News 17 days ago
5 Francis Collins to step down as director of the National Institutes of Health National Institutes of Health 4 months ago
6 Coronavirus Roundup: Smooth Sailing on Test Kit Distribution, Kudos for Fauci and Collins 14 hours ago
7 NIH director Dr. Francis Collins on a life in science CBS News 1 month ago
8 Team Biden's plan to ‘ensure scientific integrity’ should start with itself New York Post 15 days ago
9 Fauci: The 'very upending' last 2 years have 'shaken me a bit' The Week Magazine 16 hours ago
10 The NIH is 'largely finished' moving its former research chimps to a sanctuary Arizona Public Media 9 hours ago
11 Francis Collins on medical advances, vaccine hesitancy and Americans' ill health : Shots Health News 2 months ago
12 The Tragedy of Francis Collins's Model for Science-Faith Integration Discovery Institute 3 months ago
13 Deborah Nickerson, Pioneering Genome Researcher, Dies at 67 The New York Times 8 days ago
14 Covid has deepened the West's monopoly of science publishing Quartz 3 days ago
15 “Culture Wars Are Killing People”: NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins on Politics and Harm to Pandemic Science Federal News Network 5 months ago
16 Voters oppose 'transformative' policies, want reform of dysfunctional bureaucracies Denton Record Chronicle 3 hours ago
17 Transcript: NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins on "Face the Nation," December 19, 2021 CBS News 1 month ago
18 Solving the puzzle of cystic fibrosis and its treatments is a Nobel Prize-worthy breakthrough The Conversation CA 7 days ago
19 The head of the National Institutes of Health on why he's stepping down NPR 4 months ago
20 The Cautionary Tale of Francis Collins | Justin Lee First Things 3 months ago
21 Fauci Says Senator Rand Paul Is Fueling Threats Against Him The New York Times 17 days ago
22 Collins breaks SLU assist record as Billikens roll past GW 1 day ago
23 'This Week' Transcript 8-8-21: Dr. Francis Collins ABC News 6 months ago
24 NIH Director Francis Collins: “There’s No Reason to Panic” Over Omicron Yet Slate 2 months ago
25 Covid-19 vaccine pushback is stubbornly high among white evangelicals STAT 21 days ago
26 #5 Story of 2021: Collins's Troubling Record Discovery Institute 1 month ago
27 ‘Step back, don’t read the Facebook posts’: Dr. Francis Collins on vaccinating kids and COVID-19 NewsNation Now 4 months ago
28 NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins: 'Certainly possible that this is not the last emerging variant' New York Post 2 months ago
29 Dr. Francis Collins is retiring as director of the National Institutes of Health. What will be his legacy? What will he do next? USA TODAY 3 months ago
30 Transcript: Dr. Francis Collins on "Face the Nation," September 19, 2021 CBS News 4 months ago
31 Is Christianity non-rational? Eternity News 3 days ago
32 Ron Johnson's Covid Panel Shows 800K Seeking 'A Second Opinion' The Federalist 3 days ago
33 Francis Collins 'a bit' frustrated with evangelicals amid COVID-19 vaccine push Religion News Service 5 months ago
34 CDC Study Examines Potential Link Between COVID-19 and Pediatric Diabetes, As Experts Warned Jackson Free Press 3 days ago
35 Dr. Francis Collins to step down as director of NIH Business Insider India 4 months ago
36 Editor's Note: Building a Resilient Society Stanford Review 3 days ago
37 Becerra names incoming acting NIH director | TheHill The Hill 2 months ago
38 Calls ring out for Fauci to debate virologist after Rogan podcast appearance KATV 25 days ago
39 Alumnus, NIH Director Francis Collins: 'We've Got a Lot More to Do' on COVID UVA Today 9 months ago
40 How Many People Did NIH Director Francis Collins Kill? Reason 3 months ago
41 NIH's Francis Collins: For Biden's new research agency to succeed, it should prepare for some projects to fail STAT 7 months ago
42 'A world of trouble': NIH director Collins addresses COVID threat in Texas schools Houston Chronicle 6 months ago
43 NIH Director Collins says omicron variant questions will be answered as data come in NPR 2 months ago
44 NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins on COVID-19: We can't exclude lab leak theory Fox News 6 months ago
45 NIH Director Discusses Vaccines, Science, Faith, and Structural Racism WebMD 11 months ago
46 Francis Collins, NIH chief, expects FDA to expand COVID-19 booster recommendation in "coming weeks" CBS News 4 months ago
47 Vaccine mandates would make a difference: NIH director ABC News 6 months ago
48 2022 Officers and New Member Announcement Business Wire 7 days ago
49 NIH director says pandemic's toll is now on the shoulders of the unvaccinated NPR 2 months ago
50 Chris Wallace Confronts Francis Collins on Boosters, Asks If Biden Did 'Opposite' of 'Follow the Science'? The Daily Beast 4 months ago
51 Fire Health Institutes leader. Animal experimentation is cruel and fails to help human beings | Opinion Miami Herald 5 months ago
52 How Fauci and Collins Shut Down Covid Debate The Wall Street Journal 1 month ago
53 NIH Director Francis Collins Calls on China to 'Open Up' for Investigation Into Wuhan Lab Newsweek 8 months ago
54 NIH 'not done' fighting Moderna over Covid vaccine patents, director Francis Collins says Endpoints News 3 months ago
55 NIH Director Collins: Unvaccinated Americans 'are sitting ducks' as delta variant causes 'world of hurt' Fox News 6 months ago
56 NIH Director urges unvaccinated to join 'winning team' CNN 6 months ago
57 ‘We could be having a million cases a day’: outgoing NIH director issues COVID warning WGN-TV 1 month ago
58 NIH Director Collins On Why The U.S. Reversed Its Decision On Booster Shots NPR 5 months ago
59 NIH head Dr Francis Collins dismissed Wuhan lab leak theory as 'conspiracy' Daily Mail 8 months ago
60 In The '24th Mile' Of A Marathon, Fauci And Collins Reflect On Their Pandemic Year NPR 11 months ago
61 Francis Collins: How Christians Can Help Curb COVID-19 7 months ago
62 Scientists React As NIH Head Francis Collins Calls Wuhan Lab Leak Theories 'Misinformation' Newsweek 3 months ago
63 NIH director makes plea to evangelical Christians CNN 4 months ago
64 Transcript: The Path Forward: Combating COVID-19 with NIH Director Francis Collins, MD The Washington Post 10 months ago
65 FBI Sought Documents Related to US-Funded Coronavirus Research in China The Intercept 7 days ago
66 NIH Director on the Coronavirus Response: 'We're Not Done Yet Here in March of 2021' 11 months ago
67 NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins: Connecting The Dots From The Human Genome Project To The COVID-19 Vaccine Forbes 1 year ago
68 NIH Director on Omicron: 'There's no reason to panic' but go get boosted CNN 2 months ago
69 Francis Collins: 'Give God the glory' for vaccines 'but roll up your sleeve' Baptist News Global 6 months ago
70 Francis Collins talks fetal tissue research, COVID-19 vaccines for kids and his plans after retirement (video) The Christian Post 3 months ago
71 Francis Collins on the urgent need for COVID-19 antivirals Chemical & Engineering News 6 months ago
72 NIH Director Collins: Sen. Graham's case helps, not undermines, argument to get vaccinated Fox News 6 months ago
73 NIH Director Collins: Masks on children under 12 'is a really smart thing to do' Fox News 6 months ago
74 Man charged with sending threatening emails to Dr. Fauci ABC News 6 months ago
75 Francis Collins Relies on Science and Faith The Wall Street Journal 1 year ago
76 Dr. Francis Collins: ‘Put the mask back on’ if it will help curb spread MSNBC 6 months ago
77 NIH director ‘most worried’ about Missouri’s COVID-19 spread compared to any state Kansas City Star 7 months ago
78 A Vaccine For Children Is Not Likely To Be Approved Until The End Of Year NPR 5 months ago
79 How NIH chief Francis Collins is trying to get people of faith to wake up to coronavirus realities The Washington Post 2 years ago
80 Remarks by Dr. Collins at the Kennedy Center Concert of Remembrance National Institutes of Health 5 months ago
81 NIH director slams maskless Republicans — helped kill thousands Axios 11 months ago
82 More People Need Shots In Arms To Reduce COVID Cases, NIH Director Says NPR 6 months ago
83 Statement on Misinformation about SARS-CoV-2 Origins National Institutes of Health 3 months ago
84 NIH head accuses Rand Paul of 'misinformation' about US ties to Wuhan lab New York Post 9 months ago
85 NIH director Francis Collins says Covid lab leak theory is 'fairly unlikely' but cannot be ruled out Daily Mail 3 months ago
86 Roughly 85 Million People Are Unvaccinated. Get It Today, NIH Director Collins Urges NPR 5 months ago
87 Analysis | The Health 202: NIH director: 'It's almost like we have a new pandemic' The Washington Post 5 months ago
88 NIH still failing Holloman's retired research chimps Albuquerque Journal 4 months ago
89 Dan Bongino takes 'victory lap' after YouTube suspension, says it proves double standards Washington Examiner 10 days ago
90 Outgoing NIH director says Trump pressured him to endorse unproven Covid-19 remedies CNN 1 month ago
91 Lander, Collins set forth a vision for ARPA-H National Institutes of Health 7 months ago
92 President Biden Announces New Actions To Fight COVID-19 NPR 5 months ago
93 We Can't Listen to the Science if Scientists are Silenced The Bradenton Times 5 days ago
94 Opinion | The NIH?s Francis Collins deserves the Templeton Prize for his brilliance ? and his faith The Washington Post 2 years ago
95 Q&A: Francis Collins on science, faith, and COVID-19 Physics Today 2 years ago
96 NIH Director Francis Collins Wins $1.3M Templeton Prize | News & Reporting 2 years ago
97 What Happened When My Husband And I Disagreed About Vaccinating Our Children 18 days ago
98 Dr. Francis Collins: If You Are Vaccinated And Boosted, Wear Your Mask RealClearPolitics 1 month ago
99 NIH director on the spread of the omicron variant PBS NewsHour 2 months ago
100 NIH Director explains why new covid variant has experts worried CNN 2 months ago