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1 Scout, Fresh Off Of Raising $1.2 Million, Has A Growing Waitlist Of Over 150,000 People Hyped About The Metaverse
2 Blockchain Firm Magic Raises $27 Million To Become The Passport Of The Internet
3 Hightouch Raises $12M To Empower Business Teams With Operational Analytics
4 Senpai Helps Experts Get Paid To Answer Questions At Their Convenience
5 Entrepreneur Jas Mathur’s Weight Loss Journey Inspires Others To Have Limitless Dreams
6 Gearflow Raises $3 Million To Build The Go-To Construction Marketplace
7 Elite Professional Boxer And Social Media Sensation Viddal Riley Dominates In And Out Of The Ring
8 ElectroNeek Raises A $20 Million Series A To Drive Mass RPA Industry Adoption
9 Influencer news: Influencer boxing, YouTube earnings, TikTok vs Cameo
10 Brev Enables Software Engineers To Focus On Coding By Abstracting Away Infrastructure Tasks
11 Finary Raises $3.2M To Build The Gen-Z Group Chat Investing Platform
12 HeadsUp Helps Account Executives Keep Score Of Their Customer Engagement
13 AudioMob Drives Mobile Game Monetization Though Audio Ads
14 Addison Rae’s Family Gets Bit By The Crypto Bug As They Invest In Gryphon Digital Mining
15 RedTrack Boosts Ad Performance For Marketers
16 Eino Provides Corporations With A Decision-Making Platform For Network Upgrades
17 Outer Raises A $10.5M Series A From Sequoia China To Bring Consumers High Quality, Affordable Outdoor Furniture
18 After Raising $1.3M, This Founder Reflects On His Journey To Sell His Startup For $60 Million
19 Tara Electra And Nicky Gathrite, Founders Of Unruly Agency, Set The Stage For Female Empowerment Of Social Media Influencers
20 Intus Care Raises $1.65M To Create The Data Platform For Long-Term Healthcare Facilities
21 Navattic Raises $1.2M To Augment The Modern Sales Stack
22 Healthcare Startup pulseData Raises $16.5M To Help Lower Costs To Treat Kidney Disease
23 Cadana Facilitates On Demand Payment For African Workers
24 123 Baby Box Delivers Curated Monthly Gift Boxes For Babies
25 Full Measure Education Acquires Princeton Startup Adora Experiences
26 Motion, A Y Combinator Productivity Startup, Keeps You Moving In Google Chrome
27 Woflow Is A Platform For Marketplaces To Automate Their Merchant Data Processes
28 With Hackers On Offense, Kanary Provides The Average Internet User A Powerful Defense
29 YC-Backed Popl Raises $2.2 Million To Create The Digital Business Card
30 Convex Helps Commercial Service Businesses Find New Customers At Scale
31 TANGObuilder Automates And Optimizes Structural Design For Construction Firms
32 Alinea Invest, A Y Combinator FinTech Startup, Empowers Gen-Zers To Invest In The Stock Market
33 Docket Keeps Corporate Legal Departments Organized And Productive
34 Hightouch Ushers In The Era Of Operational Analytics
35 After Growing 6,000% Since Their Last Fundraising Round, Doppler Raises Another $6.5 Million To Accelerate Building The First Universal Secrets Manager For Developers
36 Sophya Brings World Of Warcraft To Your Workplace To Keep You And Your Team Connected
37 Taste Delivers Michelin-Star Dishes Right To Your Doorstep
38 From College To YouTube Fame: The Rise Of Kyle ‘Stromedy’ Godfrey
39 Aviron Delivers A Phenomenal, Intense Rowing Workout At Home
40 Fitnescity Helps Consumers Quantify And Proactively Manage Their Physical Health
41 Finary Is The Social Investing Platform For Gen-Zers And Millennials
42 Convictional Grows Their B2B Trade Network By Partnering With Lightspeed
43 You Can Become Fluent In A New Language By Browsing The Web
44 SiliconCFO Drives Startups’ Finances Up And To The Right
45 PromoRepublic Raises $1.5M To Help Corporations Keep Their Sales Messaging Consistent
46 Finch Helps Millennials Turn Their Checking Account Into An Investment Vehicle
47 Jemi Helps Content Creators Generate New Revenue Streams
48 DeckRobot Raises $1.5 Million To Generate PowerPoint Slides Using AI
49 Queenly Turns Searching For The Perfect Dress From An Art Into A Science
50 Creative Renewable Solutions Helps Businesses Achieve Their Clean Energy Goals
51 COVID May Have Canceled College, But Zoom University Is Still In Session
52 Nabis Raises $5 Million To Take The Cannabis Industry To A New High
53 Assured Automates Information Collection For Auto Insurance Claims
54 Invisible Technologies CEO Francis Pedraza Believes The Future Of Business Is Worksharing
55 Reebok Partners With Esports Analytics Platform Athlane To Connect With Top Content Creators
56 Cloud Agronomics Raises $6 Million From SineWave Ventures To Create The Agricultural Intelligence Engine
57 Apothecary, A Harvard Skin Care Startup, Helps You Discover The Right Cosmetic Products
58 Italic Produces Unbranded Luxury Goods At A Fraction Of The Cost
59 500 Startups’ Rovilus Keeps Batteries Cool With Technology
60 The Rae Family Discusses Gryphon Digital Mining Investment with Forbes
61 To Stay Competitive, Companies Rely On Yobs To Upskill Their Workforce
62 Acciyo Helps Readers Automatically Make Sense Of The 24-Hour News Cycle
63 Blue Wire Delivers A New Era Of Sports Podcasting
64 In A World Obsessed With Innovators, This 30 Under 30 Founder Believes Maintainers Matter Too
65 This Founder Helps You Skip The Small Talk And Get Closer With Others
66 When It Comes To Startups In Developing Countries, Play The Long Game
67 ForagerOne Lays The Foundation For University Research Initiatives
68 These Founders Use Empathy To Revolutionize The U.S. Healthcare System
69 Handle, A Y Combinator Construction Tech Startup, Creates Business Intelligence For Contractors
70 ElectroNeek, A Y Combinator Robotic Process Automation Startup, Eliminates Repetitive Tasks For Employees
71 These Y Combinator Founders Share Valuable Lessons On Converting User Feedback Into Product Features
72 Evera, A Harvard Consumer Biotech Company, Brings Stem Cell Banking To You
73 Season Three’s Founders Know How To Craft An Emotionally Resonating Direct-To-Consumer Brand
74 Eden GeoPower, An MIT Green Tech Startup, Improves America’s Oil Production
75 Paragon Enables Low-Code Software Development For All
76 The Best Problem A Founder Can Solve Is One They Have Faced
77 Aisling Organics Provides Organic Makeup For Health-Conscious Consumers
78 These Yale Founders Built Their Energy Bar Startup One Text At A Time
79 Dropping Out Of Harvard Isn't An Easy Choice. This Founder Did It Three Times.
80 With Early Decision, Y Combinator Is Going Back To Its Roots
81 Blue Collar Industries Use WorkClout To Enhance Worker Productivity
82 With Altru, Companies Leverage Employee Storytelling To Attract Top Talent
83 Monthly, An Online Learning Startup, Helps Creatives Monetize Their Knowledge
84 This Founder Believes You Can Accelerate Your Career Like A Startup
85 New And Growing Startups Use Branch To Furnish Their Ideal Workspace
86 As E-Commerce Grows, Brands Rely On Lumi For Their Packaging Needs
87 This Founder’s Incredible Journey From Academic Physics To Gaming Software Development
88 This MIT And Harvard Startup Is Making Writing Emails Easier And Effortless
89 This Founder Says To Not Be Afraid To Pivot Your Startup
90 A Consumer Product's Brand Has To Have Defensibility, Says This Y Combinator Founder
91, An MIT And Penn Voice Transcription Startup, Raises $5M From Canaan Partners To Automatically Take Meeting Notes
92 Leaving Business School Isn’t Easy, But Your Passion May Lay Outside Of It
93 Genecis Transforms Wasted Food Into High-Value Materials
94 The First Position You Hire For Sets The Tone Of Your Startup
95 This Highly Regulated Industry Did Not Stop These Founders From Getting Involved
96 This Trio of 30 Under 30 Founders Turned Early Rejections Into Hidden Blessings
97 How This Recent Graduate Prioritized Being A Startup Founder While In School
98 Sometimes Slowing Down Is The Fastest Way For A Startup To Grow
99 With A Part Of His Team Working Remotely, This Founder's Startup Is Online 24/7
100 Before Building A Product, This Y Combinator Alum Understood His Customer's Pain