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1 ESO telescopes record last moments of star devoured by a black hole
2 Astronomers See First Hint of Silhouette of Star Spaghettified by Black Hole
3 Star’s Death by Spaghettification: Shredded by Black Hole As Astronomers Record
4 Twofold improved tumor-to-brain contrast using a novel T1 relaxation-enhanced steady-state (T1RESS) MRI technique
5 Kerr Black Hole Eating Sun-like Star Explains Superluminous Explosion ASASSN-15lh | Astronomy
6 Origin of the Elements: Heavy Element Born From Neutron Star Collision Detected for First Time
7 Magnetar formation through a convective dynamo in protoneutron stars
8 Illicit trade in marine fish catch and its effects on ecosystems and people worldwide
9 Science News Releases
10 Four direct measurements of the fine-structure constant 13 billion years ago
11 Leverage points in the financial sector for seafood sustainability
12 Late formation of silicon carbide in type II supernovae