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1 What next for the NHS GP data collection scheme?
2 General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR): What does it mean for you?
3 NHS data sharing scheme "on hold" as millions opt out
4 Over a million opt out of NHS data-sharing
5 Trust me, I’m a doctor: Why some concerned GPs helped pause the NHS ‘data grab’
6 Big data is our friend – here's how it can help level the playing field in education
7 Which? study reveals half of British adults are unaware of GPDPR
8 Rationale of GPDPR is there but trust issues need to be addressed
9 NHS Digital CEO says organisation needs to 'face GPDPR challenge'
10 GPDPR September implementation date is scrapped
11 Coalition formed to represent patient interests in digital health
12 BMA and RCGP issue joint letter to NHS Digital over GPDPR programme
13 Digital Health Unplugged: A chat with Simon Bolton
14 GPDPR or v2.0?
15 NHS Digital gave GPDPR opt-out deadline 'in error'; says GPs must set own dates
16 What is the NHS 'data grab' and what does it mean for patients?
17 BCS: Lack of communication over NHS GPDPR ‘astonishing’
18 NHS health data sharing: what you need to know about your medical data and GPDPR – Which? News
19 The NHS data grab shows the rise of tech authoritarianism
20 New GP patient data extraction scheme raises concern
21 GP data sharing: What is it and can I opt out?
22 New GP data extraction 'far exceeds' plans, warn privacy campaigners
23 NHS Digital announces new primary care data collection service
24 UK dials up the spin on data reform, claiming ‘simplified’ rules will drive ‘responsible’ data sharing
25 NHS plan to share GP patient data postponed – but will new measures address concerns?
26 GPs urged to refuse to hand over patient details to NHS Digital
27 UK's National Data Guardian warned about GP data grab being perceived as going 'under the radar'
28 NHS data gathering: government plans to collect and share health records are hugely concerning – here's why
29 Campaigners challenge NHS England's latest plan to share patient data
30 Helen Salisbury: Should patients worry about their data?
31 NHS Digital defends new data system that campaigners claim could mean patient data is passed to US tech giants
32 A funding workshop, recommendations and representatives
33 Dozens of GP practices to block extraction of data from patient records
34 GPs will need to risk assess mass patient data extraction, says ICO
35 Ex-health secretary said 'vast majority' were 'onside' with GP data grab. Consumer champion Which? reckons 20 million don't even know what it is
36 Patients to be given until 25 August to opt out of GP data extraction
37 ‘UK government plans to collect and share NHS data are hugely concerning – here’s why’
38 NHS' Plans to Share Patient Records with Third Parties
39 I was threatened with breach of contract during – this is worse
40 BMA warns NHS Digital's own confidentiality guardian could halt English GP data grab unless communication with public improves
41 Snail mail would be a fool-proof way to inform patients about plans to slurp GP data, but UK govt won't commit
42 NHS England's release of 'details' on access to Palantir COVID-19 data store: Good enough? We're in a 'dialogue' says national data watchdog
43 Big Brother's big data grab: GPs caught up in patient records controversy
44 Hancock asks former RCGP chair to help on derailed GP data project
45 Leeds Teaching Hospitals selects Agilisys for data platform
46 Roundup: NHS Digital launches improved collection of GP data, Dutch hospital expands use of Sectra and more briefs
47 NHS Digital launches data transparency tool as millions opt out of record sharing
48 Of all the analytics firms in the world, why is Palantir getting its claws into UK health data?
49 Lincolnshire councillors hit out at NHS data sharing plans
50 AG data & privacy news
51 It's time for people to take control of their own health data, says Tento Applied Sciences
52 Backbench Tory campaigner promises judicial review of data grab of English GP patients unless UK government changes tack
53 UK trade department courted US firm Palantir over ‘untapped’ NHS data potential
54 Rewired 2021: NHS analytics director explains 'pivotal data role'
55 NHS Digital gives patients easier access to who uses their data
56 Honeymoons and wake-up calls
57 Matt Hancock at CogX: ‘Huge opportunities’ ahead to exploit health data
58 Manx patients' information will not be harvested says health minister |
59 'Give patients data choice'
60 UK NHSX new data strategy for a post-pandemic world: "transforming how data is used and shared in health and social care: Data Saves Lives"
61 Sajid Javid faces 'huge task' on digital and data in NHS
62 Data Strategy: Patients to get easier access to data through NHS App
63 No sharing of Isle of Man patient data says Government
64 Patients trust NHS with their data but still wary about use, survey suggests
65 NHS contact-tracing app 'falls short of data protection law'
66 Data strategy for health and care to be published this week
67 Data Breach at University of Kentucky
68 500000 Shropshire patients need to make decision over new GP data-sharing plan
69 NHS App reaches six million users, thanks to Covid vaccine feature
70 Making the UK a science superpower – will policy moves pay off for health?
71 Breaking: Google Health shutting down, most employees scattered to other divisions (updated) | Telehealth and Telecare Aware
72 NHS data-sharing plan to affect 800000+ Bracknell hospital patients
73 NHS study probes whether algorithms can detect Covid from cough recordings
74 Norway forced to backtrack on mass surveillance track and trace app
75 Data shows sharp drop in NHS Covid app contact alerts and venue check-ins
76 System C sites submitting data to Emergency Care Data Set (ECDS)
77 Secure Access Management: Modernize your IT Infrastructure by Maximising Productivity and Minimizing Friction
78 Patients to add 'sleep and exercise data' to GP record, Government plans
79 Controversial NHS data-sharing plan affects more than one million patients in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
80 RCGP chair says GPs are not 'technophobic dinosaurs'
81 Creation of NHS data hubs raises the cyber security stakes
82 Patient survey reveals preference for digital communications
83 BCS: more diverse workforce key to UK AI ethics global leadership
84 Voting opens for Digital Health Network Advisory Panel elections
85 Contact-tracing app could be made less sensitive – reports
86 Government opens non-digital routes for home Covid tests
87 NHS Covid app: from 16 August exposure alerts will ask users if they have been fully vaccinated
88 Firms offered option of digital NHS Covid Pass – but vaccine certificates will not be mandated
89 Arguments for and against privatising the NHS
90 Contact-tracing apps could 'catastrophically' hamper trust, academics warn
91 Covid app updated to reduce isolation alerts
92 UKCloud Health announces commitment to deliver the NHS Data Saves Lives vision
93 'At least as important as profit and loss' – how the ONS is assigning value to the environment
94 UK remains Europe's most attractive destination for financial services investment
95 Scottish statistics body ordered to publish coronavirus care home death data
96 National data opt-out programme comes into force
97 Top Tools For Identifying Wi-Fi Woes | by PC Pro | Jul, 2021 | Medium
98 NHSX working on coronavirus contact tracking app
99 Capita admits further administrative errors in cervical screening programme
100 Scots offered downloadable vaccine status