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1 Gasdermin D pore structure reveals preferential release of mature interleukin-1
2 Succination inactivates gasdermin D and blocks pyroptosis
3 Coral gasdermin triggers pyroptosis
4 Caspase-8–dependent gasdermin D cleavage promotes antimicrobial defense but confers susceptibility to TNF-induced lethality
5 Mycobacterial EST12 activates a RACK1–NLRP3–gasdermin D pyroptosis–IL-1β immune pathway
6 How human cells and pathogenic shigella engage
7 Samantha Truex's Quench Bio calls it quits after failing to solve the Gasdermin D inflammation puzzle
8 How human cells and pathogenic shigella engage in battle
9 Chemical disruption of the pyroptotic pore-forming protein gasdermin D inhibits inflammatory cell death and sepsis
10 Gasdermin D plays a vital role in the generation of neutrophil extracellular traps
11 Gasdermin D in macrophages restrains colitis by controlling cGAS-mediated inflammation
12 Gasdermin E–mediated target cell pyroptosis by CAR T cells triggers cytokine release syndrome
13 Preventing pores and inflammation
14 Pathogen blockade of TAK1 triggers caspase-8–dependent cleavage of gasdermin D and cell death
15 Gasdermin D Hypermethylation Inhibits Pyroptosis And LPS-Induced IL-1b | ITT
16 NLRP3 inflammasome in rheumatoid arthritis pathophysiology | ITT
17 Cancer Cells Go Down in Flames When Spark Returns to Gasdermin E
18 Quench Bio Winds Down Operations Following 'Successful Failure'
19 Calcitriol Alleviates Hyperosmotic Stress in iHCECs | JIR
20 Quench Bio hit by 'successful failure,' winds down ops in Twitter thread as tech sold off at auction
21 Developing Detection Tools for Gasdermin E
22 Quench Bio emerges with $50M to treat severe inflammatory diseases
23 Science Immunology
24 Destroying tumors with pyroptosis
25 Shiga toxin suppresses noncanonical inflammasome responses to cytosolic LPS
26 A checkpoint for pyroptosis
27 Ventus Therapeutics launches to drug inflammasomes, cGAS, and more
28 Smothering the Fire | Harvard Medical School
29 Hole-forming protein may suppress tumor growth: Gasdermin E could be a useful target for improving cancer therapy
30 The lysosomal Rag-Ragulator complex licenses RIPK1– and caspase-8–mediated pyroptosis by Yersinia
31 Caspase-3 Promotes Diabetic Kidney Disease Through Gasdermin E-Mediate | DMSO
32 Pyroptosis-related indicators as potential biomarkers | JIR
33 Emodin alleviates myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury by inhibiting | DDDT
34 After winding down Quench Bio with a bold dose of honesty, Sam Truex finds 'perfect fit' at Atlas Venture
35 Role of Pyroptosis in Diabetes and Its Therapeutic Implications | JIR
36 Guardians of the Ring | Harvard Medical School
37 Granzyme A from cytotoxic lymphocytes cleaves GSDMB to trigger pyroptosis in target cells
38 Pyroptotic cell death: Controlled self-destruct that causes inflammation and disease
39 Sepsis Biomarker Prospect Found in Sugar-Binding Protein
40 Gasdermin E: A new approach to cancer immunotherapy that could have broad reach
41 Potential breakthrough in cancer immunotherapy with gasdermin E
42 Disulfiram inhibits inflammatory gatekeeper protein—could it be helpful in COVID-19?
43 Severe acute pancreatitis-associated cardiac injury
44 New target identified for ZIKV-induced microcephaly
45 Pyroptosis in cardiovascular disease | JIR
46 Programmed cell death: The roles of caspase-1 and gasdermin D in apoptosis and pyroptosis
47 ESCRT-dependent membrane repair negatively regulates pyroptosis downstream of GSDMD activation
48 Science News Releases
49 Quench targets lupus and rare diseases with R&D into new drug class
50 Response to pegylated interferon in a COVID‐19 positive male with metastatic jejunal neuroendocrine tumor treated with everolimus
51 cFLIPL protects macrophages from LPS-induced pyroptosis via inhibition of complex II formation
52 New approach to severe bacterial infections and sepsis
53 Bacterial detection by NAIP/NLRC4 elicits prompt contractions of intestinal epithelial cell layers
54 Quench Bio Springs From Atlas With $50M for a New Take on Inflammation
55 Killer cells add fire to fuel immunotherapy
56 Deep-sea microbes as tools to refine the rules of innate immune pattern recognition
57 Gene linked with lower asthma risk identified | News | Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health
58 Dual therapeutic targeting of intra-articular inflammation and intracellular bacteria enhances chondroprotection in septic arthritis
59 Quench Bio is named one of Fierce Biotech's "Fierce 15" Biotech Companies of 2020
60 IRF2 transcriptionally induces GSDMD expression for pyroptosis
61 C&EN's 2020 10 Start-Ups to Watch
62 Novartis acquires inflammasome blocker company IFM Tre
63 How do cells release IL-1? After 3 decades, now we know: Surprising answer could help scientists build better vaccines, treat inflammation
64 CAR-T Therapy: Syndrome Released by Cytokine
65 Genetic Data Enhances Understanding of Asthma Development
66 Neural progenitor cell pyroptosis contributes to Zika virus-induced brain atrophy and represents a therapeutic target
67 Inhibition of the NLRP3 inflammasome prevents ovarian aging
68 New mechanism underlying pyroptosis induced by Yersinia infection
69 Cell Death Protein also Damps Inflammation
70 Pharmacological targeting of NLRP3 deubiquitination for treatment of NLRP3-associated inflammatory diseases
71 cAMP metabolism controls caspase-11 inflammasome activation and pyroptosis in sepsis
72 Oligodendroglial glycolytic stress triggers inflammasome activation and neuropathology in Alzheimer's disease
73 PAF and the inflammasome
74 Cytokine Storm
75 New pathway in body's immune response uncovered
76 A cross-talk between CAR T cell subsets and the tumor microenvironment is essential for sustained cytotoxic activity
77 The intestinal parasite Cryptosporidium is controlled by an enterocyte intrinsic inflammasome that depends on NLRP6
78 Drugs targeting neutrophils could reduce ARDS in severe COVID-19
79 CAR-T Therapy: Combating Cytokine Release Syndrome
80 This Week in Science
81 How do cells release IL-1? After three decades, now we know
82 Two Billion People Have a Brain Parasite – Here's Why Many Haven't Noticed
83 Study reveals details of immune defense guidance system: Results could lead to better drugs used to fight inflammation
84 MS: New findings may 'prevent future loss of brain cells'
85 Punicalin ameliorates cell pyroptosis induced by LPS/ATP thr | JIR
86 Structure of the mycobacterial ESX-5 type VII secretion system pore complex
87 Clockophagy is a novel selective autophagy process favoring ferroptosis
88 Caspase-11 and caspase-1 differentially modulate actin polymerization via RhoA and Slingshot proteins to promote bacterial clearance | Scientific Reports
89 Immunoediting role for major vault protein in apoptotic signaling induced by bacterial N-acyl homoserine lactones
90 Isolating the biochemical steps that culminate in pyroptosis during CAR-T treatment
91 Persistent STAT5 activation reprograms the epigenetic landscape in CD4+ T cells to drive polyfunctionality and antitumor immunity
92 Casting NETs in SARS: Overactive Neutrophils in COVID-19
93 Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate 3-kinase B promotes Ca2+ mobilization and the inflammatory activity of dendritic cells
94 Control of intestinal inflammation by glycosylation-dependent lectin-driven immunoregulatory circuits
95 Schisandrin Inhibits NLRP1 Inflammasome-Mediated Neuronal Pyroptosis i | NDT
96 Structure and mechanism of bactericidal mammalian perforin-2, an ancient agent of innate immunity
97 The inner membrane protein YhdP modulates the rate of anterograde phospholipid flow in Escherichia coli
98 Inflammasome as an effective platform for fibrosis therapy | JIR
99 GDC-0326 enhances the cytotoxicity of 5-Fu | OTT
100 Could downregulating the Drp1 protein prevent Alzheimer's progression?