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Result Content Outlet Published Research
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17 50 Gen Z Slang Words, Lingo, Phrases and What They Mean Parade Magazine 22 days ago
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19 Are Gen Z more pragmatic about love and sex? BBC News 20 days ago
20 Orange M&M is now a Gen Z icon because of its extreme anxiety Mashable 4 days ago
21 The Kids Are Alright: 82% of Gen Z Thinks NFTs Are a Scam PCMag 3 days ago
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24 'Euphoria' Isn't About Gen Z. It's a Fantasy Revision of High School for Millennials 4 days ago
25 Gen Z and millennial conservatives seek to recruit and mentor young, diverse candidates CNN 28 days ago
26 Gen Z and Millennials Favor National and Online Banks, Survey Shows -- What Does That Mean for the Future of Credit Unions? GOBankingRates 22 hours ago
27 How Young People Are Making Period Products More Sustainable The New York Times 4 days ago
28 Gen Z investors shift focus from 'meme-stocks' to the 'metaverse,' report shows Reuters 10 days ago
29 Gen Z and millennials pay three times as much in banking fees than older generations CNBC 20 days ago
30 75% Of Gen Z Americans Are Stressed Out About Finances, TIAA Finds Insurance News Net 3 days ago
31 Has gen Z really killed off dieting – or has it just changed its name? The Guardian 11 days ago
32 How Big Sports Leagues Are Trying to Woo the Gamer Generation The New York Times 11 days ago
33 11 Most Coveted Luxury Fashion Brands for Gen Z to Resale and Shop Vintage Teen Vogue 7 days ago
34 Snack Gen Z dating app punishes users for ghosting too much Fast Company 5 days ago
35 Pinterest Explains Why Gen Z Loves Trying New Products We are Social Media 5 days ago
36 How lenders are using TikTok to reach Gen Z mortgage borrowers National Mortgage News 4 days ago
37 'Live, laugh, love': The most crushing Gen Z insult, explained Yahoo Life 5 days ago
38 Top Gen Z Trends Impacting Banking In The Year Ahead The Financial Brand 21 days ago
39 Logitech Launches New POP Keyboards And Mice Designed To Appeal To Gen Z Forbes 3 days ago
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41 Boomers Are Sharing Things That Gen Z'ers And Millennials Will Never Understand And It's Mostly True, TBH BuzzFeed 9 days ago
42 Top Chefs Want to Be Gen Z's Next Vegan Influencers LIVEKINDLY 3 days ago
43 Mum blasted for calling her Gen Z daughter 'selfish' for not having children indy100 3 hours ago
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47 How religious are Gen Z Mormons in the US? The results are mixed. Religion News Service 28 days ago
48 'Refusal to engage': Gen Z sees gap in support of LGBTQ+ rights among faith groups Religion News Service 21 days ago
49 Woke politics hijack my Gen Z classmates' hero's path Fox News 23 days ago
50 Still using gifs? How passé, say Gen Z The Times 5 days ago
51 China’s Gen Z overconfident and thinks West is ‘evil’, top academic says South China Morning Post 10 days ago
52 Scammers Targeting Gen Z and Millennials Become More Social Media Savvy The Wall Street Journal 8 days ago
53 HBO Max's new Gen Z movie The Fallout might be the career boost Maddie Ziegler needs LaineyGossip 4 days ago
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56 4 Lessons Gen Z & Millennials Can Learn From Betty White About Longevity, Work & Retirement Forbes 23 days ago
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58 How Gen-Z could save the Left (with thanks to Bernie and Trump) Yahoo News 4 days ago
59 The Anti-War Movement Could Be Reignited By Gen Z Teen Vogue 18 days ago
60 China’s young women say they don’t need kids to win at life, defying Beijing South China Morning Post 18 days ago
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62 Meet Jake Wesley Rogers, the Rising Glam Pop Star With a Transcendent Approach to Beauty Vogue 6 days ago
63 TikTok is helping Gen Z with mental health. What it can and can't do Los Angeles Times 19 days ago
64 Early Addition: Gen Z, Desperate To Not Become Their Parents, Are Going To Therapy In Record Numbers Gothamist 17 days ago
65 A Starter Kit for Getting Into Hyperpop, the Wild Gen Z Genre of Electronic Music Thrillist 3 days ago
66 Turkish baby boomers catch up to Gen Z in internet usage Hurriyet Daily News 22 days ago
67 Meet the 23-year-old Hongkonger trying to merge NFTs and physical fashion South China Morning Post 2 days ago
68 Popular Gen Z Channel Brat TV Launches on Roku and Fire TV Cord Cutters News 3 days ago
69 How Gen Z Are Really Spending Their Side Hustle Money Refinery29 22 days ago
70 Capturing Gen Z's values is key for Canada's Top Employers for Young People 2022 by Mediacorp The Globe and Mail 6 days ago
71 COLUMN: Gig workers, Millennials, Gen Z – it is a GEMZ world out there CNBCTV18 28 days ago
72 Jack Harlow, Gen Z’s breakout white rapper, explained 19 days ago
73 Tom Pidcock leads Ineos Grenadiers' Generation Z talent pool 4 days ago
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75 Joshua Citarella, the internet theorist tracing the radicalisation of Gen Z Dazed 7 days ago
76 First 'truly disappointing season': Millennial and Gen Z Patriots fans get rare taste of old-time misery: Buckley The Athletic 6 days ago
77 No Network Required: Handshake Raises $200M to Help Gen Z Launch Careers PRNewswire 5 days ago
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82 Wynwood's Pop Up Grocer is a curated, design-forward grocery store Time Out 4 days ago
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92 Gen Z most stressed by coronavirus, citing pandemic toll on careers, education and relationships, poll says The Washington Post 2 months ago
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94 Could Gen Z Free the World From Email? The New York Times 7 months ago
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96 Gen Z Characteristics on Money: Thrifty Consumers Despite Having $360 Billion Bloomberg 2 months ago
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98 Millennials Are Calling Out "Toxic" Gen Z Trends, And My Jaw Has Officially Hit The Floor BuzzFeed 2 months ago
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