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1 Notes of Last Man To Walk the Moon Are Up for Auction
2 Media Invited to Naming of Ellington Field Hangar after Astronaut John Young
3 Ginnie Graham: What age do you think you'll peak?
4 Almost Blind and Completely Exhausted: Gene Cernan's Disastrous Gemini Spacewalk
5 Apollo 17 moon rock that vanished from Louisiana is returned by man who found it at a yard sale
6 This Week in Space: October 4th 2021
7 Late Great Engineers: Gene Cernan – the last man on the Moon
8 'Your World' on debt ceiling battle
9 Gene Cernan Was The Last Man On The Moon. The Cuff Checklist He Used To Make Off-The-Cuff Remarks There Is Up For Auction.
10 Gene Cernan, Last Man To Walk On The Moon, Dies At 82
11 The Last Man to Walk on the Moon: The Story of Eugene Cernan
12 Apollo 17 Mystery Solved After 49 Years As Moon Rock Reveals A New Age For The ‘Sea Of Serenity’
13 Astronaut Gene Cernan Didn't Just Go to the Moon, He Took Us All With Him
14 Gene Cernan obituary
15 ‘We shall return’: Eugene Cernan was the last man to walk on the moon. There was no return.
16 The Off-Roading Astronauts of Apollo | Outside Online
17 Trump wants to return to the moon. A Purdue alumnus was there last
18 Eugene Cernan Remembered: Photos of the Last Man on the Moon
19 Last man on the moon: Gene Cernan set records for lunar exploration
20 First SLS could be named after Eugene Cernan
21 Gene Cernan, Last Man on the Moon, Honored at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
22 Still taking giant leaps from lunar small steps: Purdue scientists analyze moon dust collected by Apollo 17 astronauts
23 Astronaut Cernan mourned as 'extraordinary individual'
24 Purdue's 'Cradle of Astronauts': the 25 Boilermakers who have traveled into space
25 Armstrong, Aldrin were first of 12 men to walk on the moon
26 Farewell Gene Cernan, the Last Man on the Moon
27 55 Years Ago: Gemini IX and the Angry Alligator
28 Review: The Impact of Lunar Dust on Human Exploration
29 5 Surprising Things We Learned from 'The Last Man on the Moon'
30 What the Astronauts Saw as They Orbited the Moon During Apollo 17
31 Apollo Astronaut Gene Cernan's Piney Point home hits the market
32 NASA Is Sending Realistic Dummies on a Trip Around the Moon
33 Iowan among 18 NASA astronauts chosen to train for next moon landing
34 The last man to walk on the Moon
35 Gene Cernan, the Last Man to Leave Footprints on the Moon, Is Dead at 82
36 Remembering Eugene Cernan, the last man to leave his footprints on the moon
37 The Enduring Importance of the Last Man on the Moon
38 Generation Apollo, Part 2: Men on the moon, their children back on Earth
39 Gate Maker: Alumnus plays critical role in NASA's effort to return to the Moon
40 Funeral services held for Gene Cernan, last man to walk on the moon
41 Gene Cernan after moonwalk
42 How many astronauts have gone to the moon?
43 Remembering Eugene Cernan
44 In conversation with Gene Cernan, Captain of Apollo XVII
45 Lockheed Martin and GM are working on an electric Moon buggy
46 Chasing Gene Cernan’s Childhood — and Apollo Years
47 'A Salute to Gene Cernan' headed to Triton's space center
48 Naples film festival documentary follows the amazing life of astronaut Gene Cernan
49 The Last Man on the Moon: Eugene Cernan gives a compelling account
50 The last man on the moon on crash-landings, losing his wife and watching an 'Earth-rise'
51 Unsung Heroes of Apollo-Era Moon Missions: the GM-Designed Lunar Rovers
52 Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan Urge U.S. To Bring Back Shuttles
53 What Were the Last Words Spoken on the Moon?
54 Astronaut families: Wives, children of Apollo astronauts look back on 'amazing' time
55 Gala to feature naval aviator and astronaut Gene Cernan
56 Gene Cernan, the last person to walk on the moon, dies aged 82, Nasa announces
57 Home Owned by the Last Man on the Moon Lands on Market in Houston
58 S.S Gene Cernan Honoring Last Moonwalker Arrives at International Space Station Carrying Tons of Research G...
59 When Apollo 10 Nearly Crashed Into the Moon
61 Backlash over Bezos spaceflight sparks debate about equity in the cosmos
62 NASA announces astronauts prepping for first moon landing since 1972
63 Gene Cernan, last man to walk the moon, dies
64 Foul-mouthed Apollo astronauts got space program in trouble 50 years ago
65 NASA Just Invented a Paint That Blocks Moon Dust From Sticking to Everything
66 Moondust Could Cloud Our Lunar Ambitions
67 'The Last Man on the Moon': a movie about astronaut Eugene Cernan
68 Snoopy and NASA Space Exhibit at Elmhurst Museum
69 Daughter's name on the Moon
70 Last Moonwalker Calls Space Station, Compares Cosmic Elbow Room
71 Interview: Netflix developing film about local astronaut
72 The “other” Apollo missions: Despite cutbacks at NASA, final six Apollo missions leave legacy after Apollo 11
73 What it's like to be the wife or child of an astronaut
74 Why Hasn't NASA Sent Anyone to Mars?
75 Artemis program aims for the moon by 2024. Let's look at our moon-mission history
76 Last man on the moon Gene Cernan dies at 82
77 For All Mankind: Alternate Timeline Compared To Real Space History
78 Watch the Trailer for “The Last Man on the Moon”
79 Astronaut Eugene Cernan’s regrets after being the last man to walk on the Moon
80 Lunar sample tells ancient story through international collaborative effort
81 Eugene Cernan, last man on the moon, dies
82 Children of Apollo astronauts hope for return to the Moon
83 Apollo's final warm-up act showed lunar mission could be done
84 The last man on the moon: US astronaut remembers the joy of space exploration
85 Apollo 10 launched 50 years ago today, came oh-so-close to landing on the moon
86 A history of the character watch
87 With NASA chief in place, Trump's legacy can be a return to the moon
88 Opinion: The future of spaceflight is female
89 The S.S. Gene Cernan OA-8 Cygnus arrives at ISS
90 Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan: SpaceX Destroying America from Within
91 Three Boilermakers named Astronaut Scholars
92 When will people go back to the Moon?
93 No, the Apollo 10 Astronauts Didn't Hear 'Alien Music' Behind the Moon
94 Why Apollo 10 Stopped Just 47,000 Feet From the Moon
95 Apollo moon rocks may unlock more secrets about our solar system
96 Cost of 2024 Moon Landing Is Still a Mystery
97 Astronaut Eugene Cernan stars in documentary The Last Man on the Moon – video trailer
98 'Countdown' Podcast Episode 5: A Spacewalk From Hell
99 NASA's latest bid to return to the moon by 2024 may be a bit unrealistic, experts say
100 Astronaut Fred Gregory and Tracy Cernan Woolie to present Astronaut Scholarship