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1 ‘Star Wars’ rumor: Is George Lucas coming back?
2 New Star Wars movie could make George Lucas' weirdest fan theory canon
3 Kevin Feige's 'Star Wars' Film Could Make a George Lucas Fantasy Real
4 George Lucas Rumored To Be Taking Back Creative Control Of Star Wars
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8 George Lucas Funded the Most Iconic Sequel of All Time By Himself
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11 George Lucas Reveals What Characters Like Star Wars' Princess Leia And Raiders Of The Lost Ark's Marion Have In Common
12 The struggle to make Raiders of the Lost Ark: Why every studio rejected George Lucas’ film
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14 Star Wars: George Lucas Involved With New Trilogy (Rumor)
15 The Last Jedi Proves Lucas' Revenge Of The Jedi Ending Would've Worked
16 Every upcoming 'Star Wars' movie and TV series in the works
17 Lucas & Spielberg Created a Dinosaur Universe Long Before 'Jurassic Park'
18 FLASHBACK REVIEW: 'Raiders of the Lost Ark': the best film of summer 1981
19 'Star Wars' Is the Most Tattooed Movie Franchise on Earth
20 ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ Turns 40: Karen Allen Revisits Her Iconic Character With New In-Depth Tales About Making the Classic Adventure Film
21 The Real Reason George Lucas Sold 'Star Wars' To Disney
22 A 'The Last Jedi' Character Is Back In 'Star Wars'
23 Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Fast & Furious Style Star Wars Film
24 5 little-known facts about Natalie Portman in Star Wars
25 Four Secrets About ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’
26 'Star Wars' Just Explained Why Darth Vader Saved Chewbacca in 'The Empire Strikes Back'
27 Can Indiana Jones 5 avoid nuking the fridge all over again?
28 Behind-the-scenes pics from all 9 mainline Star Wars movies
29 Acquisitions round-up: parts of cut up 16th-century panel reunited after Washington, DC's National Gallery of Art buys missing half
30 George Lucas Expected Disney to Give Him ‘a Little Bit More Say’ in ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy
31 The Colescott Chronicles Part I: Breaking free of color blindness and abstract art
32 Here's What 18 Of Your Favorite Celebs Would Be Doing If They Weren’t Famous
33 Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Reveal Harrison Ford Back in Costume
34 Year of St. Joseph celebrated Friday in West Point
35 George Lucas: Critics of ‘Star Wars’ Prequel Dialogue ‘Don’t Understand’ the Franchise
36 Tradition and the Mandalorian Way | Jibran Khan
37 "I Hear You": Filoni Responds to Fans' Call to Save 'Clone Wars'
38 George Lucas Fast Facts
39 Forest Whitaker is reportedly coming back for the Rogue One prequel show
40 This Week's Comics: Space Monsters, Factory Life, and a Teen Beast
41 Pedro Pascal and Ewan McGregor on ‘Star Wars,’ Then and Now
42 Indiana Jones Was Originally Indiana Smith
43 Star Wars: Rare footage of screen tests with the unfinished droids (1976)
44 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' revealed that Indy is a Life Scout
45 Seth Rogen Remains ‘Confounded and Plagued’ by George Lucas’ Belief the World Would End in 2012
46 Francis Ford Coppola Feels Sad ‘Star Wars’ Dominated George Lucas’ Directing Career
47 The Ending Of Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith Explained
48 All Star Wars movies to watch on Disney + – Explica .co
49 5 little-known facts about George Lucas and Star Wars
50 Star Wars: How George Lucas created one of the biggest movie franchises of all time
51 Samuel L. Jackson Shares "Mace Ain't Done", Teases Windu's Return
52 Disney's 'Launchpad': Meet the Next Generation of Disney Storytellers (Exclusive)
53 Confirmed: George Lucas Writing For New 'Star Wars' Series
54 Its Insane Chicago Isnt The Sweet Home Of A Blues Museum
55 10 Ways The First Star Wars Movie (1977) Set A High Bar
56 Is Dave Filoni Bringing Cal Kestis to a 'Star Wars' Series?
57 MacKenzie Scott donates US$2.7bn to charities – NationNews Barbados —
58 COVID Update: Many students will remain on distance learning when MJC reopens in fall
59 See Ewan McGregor In Nearly 100 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Set Photos
60 George Lucas Reportedly Wants More Involvement In Lucasfilm Moving Forward
61 ‘Star Wars’: George Lucas defends ‘Attack of the Clones’ dialogue
62 Samuel L. Jackson names his five favourite Samuel L. Jackson films
63 'The Witcher' Returns in First Season 2 Teaser
64 George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Trilogy Made Leia ‘the Chosen One’ and Darth Maul the Villain
65 Disney+’s The Book of Boba Fett Wraps Production
66 George Lucas sues San Anselmo over property line conflict
67 Why acclaimed 'In the Heights' fell short at the box office
68 'Loki' Hid a Crucial 'Star Wars' Easter Egg
69 Netflix Online Shop to Sell Products Tied to Shows Like 'Lupin'
70 George Lucas Restates That Disney Star Wars is Not HIS Star Wars.
71 The secret weapon of 'Star Wars' was George Lucas's ex-wife Marcia
72 Seth Rogen: George Lucas Was Legitimately Ready For Apocalypse
73 How George Lucas almost ruined the most famous line in Star Wars
74 You need to watch George Lucas’ most underrated sci-fi film on HBO Max ASAP
75 New report suggests George Lucas has made $10 billion from Disney acquisition
76 I Think About George Lucas’s Cameo on The O.C. a Lot
77 Here's Why George Lucas Sold Lucasfilm to Disney – /Film
78 ‘Star Wars’: George Lucas admits prequel trilogy could have been better
79 This horrible 1986 film by George Lucas is why we have Pixar's 'Toy Story'
80 187 Star Wars: Everything We Know About George Lucas' Abandoned Sequel Trilogy
81 George Lucas Originally Wanted A 'Looney Tunes' Short To Run Before 'Star Wars'
82 Is George Lucas Writing For Star Wars Again?
83 George Lucas sues family and town over Marin County property rights
84 Did George Lucas write The Mandalorian?
85 Many happy returns to The Maker: George Lucas is 77 today
86 Why Big Bang Theory Cut Its Best Star Wars Joke: Sheldon In Leia's Bikini
87 How George Lucas's biggest failure saved American sci-fi movies
88 Have You Seen This? Filmmakers capture accidental George Lucas cameo
89 ‘Mandalorian’ Bosses Reveal George Lucas’ Reaction to the Disney+ Series
90 Tom Pollock’s Legacy: Lawyered Hollywood’s Greatest Deal, The One That Gave George Lucas ‘Star Wars’ Sequel Rights
91 Did George Lucas ban glasses in Star Wars?
92 George Lucas Says Fox Warned He’d Destroy ‘Star Wars’ with Young Anakin Prequel
93 George Lucas sues San Anselmo over property dispute
94 George Lucas on the Prequel trilogy: "I want to tell that story"
95 George Lucas Says He Lost Control Of Star Wars
96 When George Lucas refused to save Seth Rogen from an apocalypse
97 George Lucas, Mark Hamill and More Pay Tribute to David Prowse: ‘He Made Vader Leap Off the Page’
98 Older Older post: VIDEO: George Lucas Spotted in Background of Random Documentary
99 George Lucas Reportedly "Heavily Involved" in 'Mandalorian' Season 3
100 Gangs of New York: Scorsese's dark take on Big Apple's bloody birth hits Amazon