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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Tesla AI to Disrupt Yet Another Industry Torque News 8 days ago
2 Tesla aims to recycle batteries at all its Gigafactory locations Teslarati 6 days ago
3 Tesla Giga Texas continues deliberate Model Y ramp, hints at upcoming delivery volumes Teslarati 19 days ago
4 Tesla expands Gigafactory Nevada solar array toward goal to become world’s biggest 4 months ago
5 Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: April 2022 InsideEVs 24 days ago
6 BYD Is Closer to 1 TWh Than Tesla: Capacity Already Surpassed 500 GWh autoevolution 16 days ago
7 Panasonic: Tesla Asked Us To Speed Up Development Of 4680-Type Batteries InsideEVs 3 days ago
8 Tesla Semi Megachargers Fully Installed At Giga Nevada CleanTechnica 4 months ago
9 Tesla produces 1 millionth battery pack at Gigafactory Nevada 8 months ago
10 Tesla Gigafactory Nevada’s solar panel installation is expanding further Teslarati 9 months ago
11 Tesla Gigafactory In Nevada Celebrates One Million Battery Packs InsideEVs 8 months ago
12 Tesla Giga Nevada to start using Redwood’s recycled battery components Teslarati 4 months ago
13 Tesla battery partner Panasonic’s new Giga Nevada line to start operations in August Teslarati 10 months ago
14 Tesla supplier Panasonic announces new training, R&D campus near Gigafactory Nevada Teslarati 5 months ago
15 Tesla Giga Nevada images hint at potential mobile “Megacharger” solution Teslarati 4 months ago
16 Report: Tesla Semi Entered Limited Production In Nevada InsideEVs 5 months ago
17 List of Elon Musk's companies and what they all do Business Insider 6 days ago
18 Here’s what Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is supposed to look like Electrek 2 years ago
19 13 battery gigafactories coming to the US by 2025 – ushering new era of US battery production 5 months ago
20 Tesla Semi spotted charging at newly installed Giga Nevada Megacharger Teslarati 6 months ago
21 Two Tesla Semi Megachargers are now live at Giga Nevada: report Teslarati 5 months ago
22 Tesla slashes size of Gigafactory solar array but says it will still grow to be largest in the world 9 months ago
23 Tesla Semi Megacharger Site Reportedly Under Construction at Giga Nevada Autobody News 7 months ago
24 Tesla Gigafactory Nevada gets another batch of rooftop solar panels Teslarati 1 year ago
25 Tesla Giga Texas Making Good Progress: Latest News Torque News 6 months ago
26 Tesla officially opens Texas Gigafactory The Verge 1 month ago
27 A look inside Tesla Gigafactory Nevada [Updated] Electrek 2 years ago
28 Tesla Semi pair spotted near Giga Nevada, and one is showing off its frunk Teslarati 4 months ago
29 Panasonic is planning a large battery cell factory in the US to supply Tesla’s demand, report says 2 months ago
30 Redwood Materials opens up new facility just miles from Tesla Giga Nevada Teslarati 11 months ago
31 Inside the Tesla Gigafactory 1 in Nevada (video) 2 years ago
32 Drive-By Videos Show How Giga Tesla's Texas Plant Really Is InsideEVs 7 months ago
33 Tesla to slow down production at Shanghai plant due to supply issues Interesting Engineering 6 days ago
34 Tesla rolls out update mask mandate for Gigafactory Nevada workers: report Teslarati 9 months ago
35 Tesla’s 6 Factories Are A New Phase Of Its Future CleanTechnica 1 month ago
36 Tesla officially opens Berlin Gigafactory The Verge 2 months ago
37 Tesla (TSLA) is reportedly receiving competing bids for second Gigafactory in China Electrek 3 months ago
38 Tesla Gigafactory Nevada operations exec heads to Plug Power Teslarati 9 months ago
39 How Ford's new battery plants in Tennessee and Kentucky will compare with Tesla's Gigafactory in Nevada. Memphis Business Journal 5 months ago
40 Tesla Starts Building Its Second Gigafactory in Shanghai, To Double China Capacity autoevolution 3 months ago
41 Volvo and Northvolt poach Tesla’s head of Gigafactory Berlin to lead new 50 GWh battery factory in Sweden 3 months ago
42 Tesla doesn’t expect constraints in 4680 battery cell supply this year, current production capacity unknown 4 months ago
43 Is Tesla Giga Shanghai Approaching 1 Million/Year Production Rate? InsideEVs 4 months ago
44 Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory To Be $10 Billion Investment, Says Musk CleanTechnica 5 months ago
45 Battery production at Gigafactory 1 turns first profits 1 year ago
46 Tesla seemingly slips, briefly reiterates that Model 3 will be built in Giga Texas Teslarati 7 months ago
47 Tesla will live and die by the Gigafactory The Verge 3 years ago
48 Tesla has submitted final documents for Gigafactory Berlin production approval 5 months ago
49 Tesla Giga Austin & Giga Berlin Start Production In Q4, Start Deliveries In Q1 CleanTechnica 6 months ago
50 Tesla Gigafactory Texas attracts suppliers as production nears Electrek 8 months ago
51 Everything you need to know about Gigafactories Moneycontrol 10 months ago
52 Will Tesla build a Gigafactory in Australia? Cannon-Brookes has suggested it to Musk The Driven 6 months ago
53 Tesla hacker to be deported after pleading guilty to ransomware plot against Giga Nevada Teslarati 12 months ago
54 Tesla factory locations: Where they are and could soon be Electrek 10 months ago
55 We went inside Tesla's Gigafactory. Here's what it looked like CNBC 3 years ago
56 Tesla Gigafactory Texas is taking shape in new drone flyover video 10 months ago
57 How Tesla's first Gigafactory is changing Reno, Nevada The Verge 3 years ago
58 Tesla Growth In The Next Two Years (2022–2023) CleanTechnica 6 months ago
59 Tesla reopens Nevada Gigafactory after bringing California car plant back online The Verge 2 years ago
60 Panasonic exec confirms Tesla Gigafactory 1 expansion and timeline Reno Gazette Journal 2 years ago
61 Tesla to move headquarters to Texas from Silicon Valley Nikkei Asia 7 months ago
62 Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: January 2022 InsideEVs 4 months ago
63 Tesla to reduce on-site staff at Nevada gigafactory by 75% TechCrunch 2 years ago
64 How To Identify A Tesla's Origin: Check Out The 2022 Model Year VIN Decoder InsideEVs 4 months ago
65 Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is getting another battery production line, Panasonic invests extra $100 million Electrek 2 years ago
66 Tesla Gigafactory Nevada ramps installation of new rooftop solar panels Teslarati 2 years ago
67 Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: October 2021 InsideEVs 7 months ago
68 Tesla to open new battery manufacturing equipment factory in Canada Electrek 6 months ago
69 Tesla officially applies to build battery cells at Gigafactory Berlin 12 months ago
70 Tesla Working To Keep Production Rolling in Shanghai Plant After Notice To Halt Services autoevolution 2 months ago
71 Tesla Gigafactory: FACTS Business Insider 6 years ago
72 Elon Musk laughed at the idea that Tesla’s German Gigafactory would use too much water. Now it’s a main reason why the plant isn’t open Fortune 3 months ago
73 Tesla promised jobs, but they came with a housing crisis, injuries USA TODAY 3 years ago
74 What Is A Gigafactory? InsideEVs 1 year ago
75 New details revealed for Tesla's Austin Gigafactory grand-opening party 3 months ago
76 Tesla Gigafactory Nevada’s exterior is showing signs of extensive construction Teslarati 2 years ago
77 Elon Musk Reiterates Tesla Could Be Bigger Than Apple As Q3 Comes To A Close Torque News 8 months ago
78 Ford announces giant new electric pickup truck factory plus three new battery gigafactories Electrek 8 months ago
79 Tesla battery supplier Panasonic sold its entire TSLA stake for an insane profit Electrek 11 months ago
80 Tesla Gigafactory Coming to Russia? Elon Musk Reveals True Plans for Next Location iTech Post 8 months ago
81 Gigafactory in Nevada is critical to Tesla’s future MarketWatch 3 years ago
82 Tesla Production Sites By Model Assignment, Capacity: July 2021 InsideEVs 10 months ago
83 Local workforce leader shares insight on needs of Austin Tesla Gigafactory 10 months ago
84 Tesla prepares to use its new electric semi-trucks between Fremont and Giga Nevada 1 year ago
85 Tesla partner Panasonic shares details of Gigafactory Nevada’s major expansion Teslarati 2 years ago
86 Giga Austin Is Massive: See How It Compares To Other Tesla Factories InsideEVs 2 years ago
87 Tesla sued by ex-employee after worker says he was fired for reporting race and safety issues Teslarati 3 months ago
88 Tesla partner Panasonic is shutting down its operations at Nevada gigafactory TechCrunch 2 years ago
89 It's big, loud and secretive: We got a tour of Tesla's Gigafactory and here's how it works Reno Gazette Journal 3 years ago
90 Tesla Owner Gets a Text That His Vehicle Range Has Increased Torque News 4 months ago
91 Tesla aims to start Model Y production at Gigafactory Berlin in October, pending govt approval Electrek 9 months ago
92 Tesla is working with Panasonic to build new 4680 battery cell pilot production line at Giga Nevada Electrek 2 years ago
93 Designing Tesla Gigafactory 1: Ryan Melsert Shares His Experience (Video) CleanTechnica 1 year ago
94 Tesla May Build Batteries Without Cobalt at Giga Berlin Torque News 11 months ago
95 Tesla makes good on its promise to install Solar Panels at Fremont Factory Teslarati 7 months ago
96 Model Y From Texas And Germany Initially To Come With 2170 Cells? InsideEVs 9 months ago
97 What Is a Gigafactory? Elon Musk's Made-Up Word for a Factory Comes to Life Inverse 3 years ago
98 Tesla Giga Shanghai is barreling towards an output of over 1M vehicles per year Teslarati 6 months ago
99 Tesla debuts new Model Y Standard Range with 4680 structural battery Teslarati 1 month ago
100 Automakers Forced Into a Corner as Shanghai's Lockdown Restrictions Bite autoevolution 2 months ago