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1 Nutrition Mission: Glyphosate in our food and how to avoid it
2 Life in a time of glyphosate scarcity – Ohio Ag Net
3 Bayer's Glyphosate Plant Back Online After Idled by Ida for Weeks, Widespread Glyphosate and Glufosinate Shortages Persist
4 Monsanto scientist tells jurors company's side of Roundup cancer controversy
5 Global Glyphosate Market to Reach $8.9 Billion by 2026
6 Glyphosate: What's in your water? – The Daily Evergreen
7 No to the re-approval of glyphosate – Large aerial dispersal confirmed
8 Civil Society is Eyeing the EU on Glyphosate
9 Glyphosate: EFSA and ECHA launch consultations | EFSA
10 Bayer Says LA Glyphosate Plant Back in Production
11 Glyphosate Market Size, Growth 2028 | Key Companies – United Phosphorus Limited (UPL), Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co. Ltd, Nufarm Limited, EI Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Syngenta AG, Monsanto Company – Puck77
12 Nothing will stop ban on use of glyphosate, insists Greenpeace
13 GLP Podcast: Smoking prevents COVID? CRISPR and nuclear weapons; Bayer wins first glyphosate case
14 Glyphosate & Industrial Agriculture Must Go
15 No quick end seen to soaring glyphosate prices
16 Plan Now for Herbicide Shortages in 2022
17 Study: Levels of glyphosate represent low health risk to breastfeeding mothers in Spain
18 Monsanto scientist defends Roundup safety in California trial
19 3D Printed Sensor Detects Glyphosate
20 Farm profits threatened by volatile fertilizer, pesticide costs
21 Hard times for herbicides
22 Church of Scientology key driver of glyphosate class action suits
23 Roundup owner Bayer wins US court case as Australian farmers say they'll stick with APVMA advice
24 Bayer claims first victory in glyphosate litigation, as jury rejects claim weedkiller caused a child's non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
25 2,4-D: Concerns about Cancer and Other Serious Illnesses
26 New research shows glyphosate could be harmful to freshwater ecosystems
27 US glyphosate supply to Brazil remains disrupted by Hurricane Ida
28 New analysis of glyphosate industry studies finds them outdated, flawed
29 Bayer Must Face Some Investor Allegations on Roundup Deal Risks
30 Glyphosate Market Impact and Opportunities During Coronavirus Lockdown and Forecast Assessment 2021-2027 | Nuf
31 Glyphosate Market to Reflect Tremendous Growth Potential and Trends by 2027 | Monsanto, Nantong Jiangshan, Hubei Sanonda – IMIESA
32 While debate rages over glyphosate-based herbicides, farmers are spraying them all over the world
33 Glyphosate Toxicity Market Analysis and Forecast to 2027 Based on Latest Trends, Manufacturing Technology Developments and Regional Growth Overview – EcoChunk
34 Controversial weed killer's use cut back in Christchurch
35 Policy Dialogue: Can Glyphosate play a role in achieving greater biodiversity?
36 Herbicide Shortage – How To Plan Termination Of Multispecies Cover Crop Mixtures For The 2022 Growing Season
37 Bayer Tells Investors It Sees No Financial Hit from Hurricane or Dicamba
38 Violation Sheds Light On Flawed EPA Process
39 Mexico bans GMO corn imports | Crops |
40 Essex-wide coalition launch campaign to end use of toxic chemical ‘glyphosate’ across county
41 Judge advances Bayer shareholder class action over Monsanto merger
42 Weed killer: Glyphosate and cancer risk
43 As masses of plaintiffs pursue Roundup cancer compensation, migrant farmworkers are left out
44 Tight agriculture chemical supply, high prices could impact 2022 growing season
45 Bayer Will Have To Face Investor Suit Over Roundup Litigation
46 Higher estimated pesticide exposures linked to ALS risk
47 Dudley Council to look at ditching controversial glyphosate weed killer
48 Bayer will replace glyphosate in some Roundup products
49 Bayer to end glyphosate sales to US consumers
50 Bayer to pull Glyphosate from U.S. Lawn and Garden Markets
51 The Final Verdict on the Best Breakfast Oatmeal — Eat This Not That
52 Urea price hits 13-year high, China 'bans' phosphate exports, glyphosate prices surge
53 Glyphosate: What It Is, How It Works, Risks, and Legality
54 New research adds evidence that weed killer glyphosate disrupts hormones
55 Glyphosate Market Size, Outlook and Key Companies – United Phosphorus Limited (UPL), Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co. Ltd, Nufarm Limited, E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Syngenta AG, Monsanto Company
56 Claims weeds are putting people off walking in Brighton
57 Glyphosate court battles continue – Ohio Ag Net
58 Opinion: Scholars Weigh in on Glyphosate | Gardening |
59 Holding beds, cold-season weed control, and rotting plants: This Weekend in the Garden
60 Bayer Considers Ending Some U.S. Glyphosate Sales as Environmentalists Urge EPA to Enact Full Ban
61 Debate rages about glyphosate-based herbicides, but farmers around the world use them
62 Glyphosate Fact Sheet: Cancer and Other Health Concerns
63 Greenpeace asks Profepa to investigate alleged illegal planting of transgenic soybeans and corn in Campeche
64 Cost saving strategies for sorghum | Crops |
65 Bayer loses third appeals case over glyphosate weedkiller
66 Organic industry opposes new Canadian glyphosate proposal
67 Potential 2022 Supply Chain Issues for Herbicides
68 Corporate studies asserting herbicide safety show many flaws, new analysis finds
69 Bayer: farmers pre-buying crop inputs as supply-chain snarls continue
70 Mexico to continue imports of GMO corn from US
71 New Study: Undisclosed Inert Ingredients in Some Popular Roundup Products Found to Be Highly Toxic to Bumblebees
72 Bayer to rethink Roundup in U.S. residential market after judge nixes $2 bln settlement
73 Marestail hard to control in some cropping systems
74 Is Glyphosate Safe for Humans? Here's What You Should Know
75 Lawsuits May Complicate the Future of Glyphosate
76 Glyphosate Doesn't Cause Cancer: New EU Report Confirms What We Already Knew
77 Glyphosate, Some Other Crop Protection Products In Tight Supply
78 Proposed Regulations on Safe Harbor Warning Language for Glyphosate under California's Proposition 65
79 Herbicide used in FL as a cure-all is more like a kill-all
80 Mexico's Highest Court Rejects Appeal of GM Corn Ban – Food Tank
81 Study finds link between glyphosate exposure and pregnancy length
82 Letter to Secretary Blinken on Human Rights in Colombia
83 Aggressive weed finds its way to Prairies
84 Here's how geraniums can look after proper wintering
85 EPA Approved Glyphosate Despite Some Officials' Concerns About Cancer Link
86 Glyphosate-Based Herbicides and Sustainable Agriculture Do Not Mix!
87 Research Shows Adverse Impacts of Glyphosate on the Human Gut Microbiome
88 Glyphosate and paraquat ban would cost farmers 'hundreds of thousands in profit', UWA research finds
89 Mexican judge gives temporary win to Bayer over glyphosate ban
90 German cabinet approves legislation to ban glyphosate from 2024
91 Glyphosate debate deepens as new analysis concludes herbicide 'is not carcinogenic'
92 Freshwater ecosystems at risk due to glyphosate use
93 Infographic: Does glyphosate (aka RoundUp) cause cancer? 18 of 19 global regulatory and chemical oversight agencies say 'no' while one presents equivocal data
94 Glyphosate, Glufosinate Shortage Today; Are Fungicides and Insecticides Next?
95 Glyphosate clears hurdle in EU registration process
96 Deadly Glyphosate In Your Food? There's No Reason To Panic, New Review Shows
97 Roundup is changing its ingredients, here are some other weed-killer options | George Weigel
98 Glyphosate is not carcinogenic, EU report confirms
99 Burndown Options for No-Till Wheat in the Face of Glyphosate Scarcity
100 Maine governor accused of being 'too close' to industry after vetoing bill to ban glyphosate spraying