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1 Glyphosate approval: stakeholders squabble over who has the science right EURACTIV 16 hours ago
2 EPA Says Glyphosate, Atrazine Likely to Adversely Affect Endangered Species DTN The Progressive Farmer 24 days ago
3 CA Supreme Court Upholds $87M Award in Glyphosate Damage Lawsuit, Bayer/Monsanto Challenge Fails Beyond Pesticides 9 days ago
4 Guest columnist Dr. Stephen C. Frantz: Glyphosate impact study questioned GazetteNET 28 days ago
5 Can it be done? Farming without glyphosate Future Farming 27 days ago
6 Glyphosate in Short Supply, Prices Increase Dramatically Hoosier Ag Today 16 days ago
7 Glyphosate herbicide does not cause mortality in bumble bees 22 days ago
8 Weed Control In A New World Order Agweb Powered by Farm Journal 3 hours ago
9 Dr Jacqueline Rowarth: In defence of glyphosate New Zealand Herald 2 days ago
10 Pulse School: Herbicide layering in lentils RealAgriculture 7 hours ago
11 Glyphosate does not kill bumble bees and is unlikely to cause health problems, latest comprehensive study finds Genetic Literacy Project 9 days ago
12 Gazette issued banning import of Glyphosate Colombo Gazette 2 days ago
13 Spotted: Waterhemp population resistant to dicamba Farm Progress 2 days ago
14 Michael Dourson: Roundup are we safe from its exposure? 3 days ago
15 While debate rages over glyphosate-based herbicides, farmers are spraying them all over the world The Conversation US 5 months ago
16 Weed killer: Glyphosate and cancer risk Medical News Today 3 months ago
17 Sri Lanka puts glyphosate back on banned list | EconomyNext EconomyNext 8 days ago
18 Nutrition Mission: Glyphosate in our food and how to avoid it Idaho Mountain Express and Guide 2 months ago
19 Bayer to end glyphosate sales to US consumers Chemical & Engineering News 4 months ago
20 Life in a time of glyphosate scarcity – Ohio Ag Net Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net 3 months ago
21 Glyphosate Prices Soar As Much As 300%, And That's If You Can Even Get It Agweb Powered by Farm Journal 1 month ago
22 Bayer's Glyphosate Plant Back Online After Idled by Ida for Weeks, Widespread Glyphosate and Glufosinate Shortages Persist Agweb Powered by Farm Journal 2 months ago
23 EPA Approved Glyphosate Despite Some Officials' Concerns About Cancer Link DTN The Progressive Farmer 3 months ago
24 How to tackle cover crops with less chemistry FG Insight 4 days ago
25 What to Know About Glyphosate and Cancer Risk Verywell Health 8 months ago
26 Glyphosate, Dicamba, Chlorpyrifos and More: Plenty of Targets to Choose From for Crop Protection Industry Opponents CropLife 2 months ago
27 Glyphosate Kills Microorganisms Beneficial to Plants, Animals, and Humans Beyond Pesticides 1 month ago
28 “These chemicals can be a danger to our environment and our health” Derry Now 2 days ago
29 Debate rages about glyphosate-based herbicides, but farmers around the world use them Columbia Missourian 5 months ago
30 Glyphosate: EU regulators begin review of renewal assessments EFSA news 6 months ago
31 Glyphosate, Some Other Crop Protection Products In Tight Supply Agweb Powered by Farm Journal 8 months ago
32 'War on glyphosate' and the unintended negative environmental consequences of the demonization of a safe and effective herbicide and its removal from the garden market Genetic Literacy Project 4 months ago
33 Proposed Regulations on Safe Harbor Warning Language for Glyphosate under California's Proposition 65 Gibson Dunn 4 months ago
34 Is Glyphosate Safe for Humans? Here's What You Should Know Green Matters 9 months ago
35 Herbicide used in FL as a cure-all is more like a kill-all Florida Phoenix 8 months ago
36 Hurricane Ida Idles Largest Glyphosate Production Plant in the U.S. Agweb Powered by Farm Journal 3 months ago
37 Bayer loses third appeals case over glyphosate weedkiller Reuters 4 months ago
38 The Glyphosate Settlement Objection: Trying to Keep a Cash Cow Flowing CropLife 9 months ago
39 Bayer Considers Ending Some U.S. Glyphosate Sales as Environmentalists Urge EPA to Enact Full Ban EcoWatch 6 months ago
40 Glyphosate debate deepens as new analysis concludes herbicide 'is not carcinogenic' 4 months ago
41 Biden EPA Asks Court for a Chance to Reconsider Glyphosate Registration Decision DTN The Progressive Farmer 7 months ago
42 No to the re-approval of glyphosate – Large aerial dispersal confirmed 2 months ago
43 Study Finds Glyphosate in More Than Half of All Sampled Florida Manatees Center for Biological Diversity 9 months ago
44 Glyphosate and paraquat ban would cost farmers 'hundreds of thousands in profit', UWA research finds ABC News 5 months ago
45 Mexican judge gives temporary win to Bayer over glyphosate ban Reuters 8 months ago
46 Glyphosate: EFSA and ECHA launch consultations | EFSA EFSA news 3 months ago
47 Bayer Crop Science Business up 26 Percent AgWired 30 days ago
48 Freshwater ecosystems at risk due to glyphosate use McGill Newsroom 3 months ago
49 Infographic: Does glyphosate (aka RoundUp) cause cancer? 18 of 19 global regulatory and chemical oversight agencies say 'no' while one presents equivocal data Genetic Literacy Project 3 months ago
50 Mexican court strikes down Bayer's legal challenge over glyphosate ban Reuters 7 months ago
51 Pesticides 'cost double the amount they yield', study finds EUobserver 9 days ago
52 What is glyphosate? 1 year ago
53 Glyphosate court battles continue – Ohio Ag Net Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net 6 months ago
54 Burndown Options for No-Till Wheat in the Face of Glyphosate Scarcity No-Till Farmer 3 months ago
55 New German Government: The coalition agreement has a clear message: We need Europe and Europe needs us, says Henrike Hahn The Parliament Magazine 2 days ago
56 Research Shows Adverse Impacts of Glyphosate on the Human Gut Microbiome Beyond Pesticides 7 months ago
57 Global Glyphosate Market to Reach $8.9 Billion by 2026 GlobeNewswire 2 months ago
58 New Study: Undisclosed Inert Ingredients in Some Popular Roundup Products Found to Be Highly Toxic to Bumblebees Center for Biological Diversity 8 months ago
59 When will glyphosate prices fall? Western Producer 4 months ago
60 Study finds link between glyphosate exposure and pregnancy length Environmental Health News 4 months ago
61 Chart Detail 4 months ago
62 Glyphosate weed killer releases a banned pesticide into islands' waters through soil erosion Chemical & Engineering News 10 months ago
63 German cabinet approves legislation to ban glyphosate from 2024 Reuters 10 months ago
64 Monsanto — Er, Bayer — Will End Consumer Glyphosate Sales. It's Not Enough. Food and Water Watch 3 months ago
65 Southern California’s first remote jury trial wrapping up in San Bernardino County San Bernardino County Sun 2 days ago
66 New study finds glyphosate-related alterations in gut microbiome US Right to Know 11 months ago
67 Glyphosate is not carcinogenic, EU report confirms Chemical & Engineering News 6 months ago
68 New 3D-printed sensor can detect glyphosate in beverages Science Daily 3 months ago
69 Glyphosate Controversy Continues as New Report Concludes Herbicide Is Not Carcinogenic Olive Oil Times 4 months ago
70 It could soon be harder to find produce untouched by chemicals The Washington Post 6 months ago
71 Higher concentrations of controversial herbicide glyphosate may soon be on your plate: here's why CTV News Montreal 5 months ago
72 Glyphosate pesticides persist for years in wild plants and cause flower infertility EurekAlert 6 months ago
73 No quick end seen to soaring glyphosate prices Western Producer 2 months ago
74 Glyphosate plant running again 1 month ago
75 Harvest in the heartland better than expected | News | River Falls Journal 1 day ago
76 Deadly Glyphosate In Your Food? There's No Reason To Panic, New Review Shows American Council on Science and Health 4 months ago
77 5 reasons Home Depot and Lowe's must weed out toxic weed killers | Greenbiz GreenBiz 6 months ago
78 Exposure to Common Herbicide Glyphosate Increases Spontaneous Preterm Birth Incidents Beyond Pesticides 3 months ago
79 China Price Index: Is Glyphosate Market at a Tipping Point with Continued High Pricing Levels? Agribusiness Global 7 months ago
80 The main ingredient in RoundUp doesn't just kill plants. It harms beetles, too. Popular Science 7 months ago
81 Newly-Released Internal EPA Report Links Glyphosate to Cancer MedTruth 3 months ago
82 Glyphosate: What's in your water? – The Daily Evergreen The Daily Evergreen 2 months ago
83 Breakfast and Roundup – What’s the Connection? Buffalo Rising 4 months ago
84 Glyphosate Fact Sheet: Cancer and Other Health Concerns US Right to Know 2 months ago
85 Safe Or Scary? The Shifting Reputation Of Glyphosate, AKA Roundup NPR 3 years ago
86 New research shows glyphosate could be harmful to freshwater ecosystems 3 months ago
87 Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban The Guardian 10 months ago
88 Farmers warned to expect glyphosate price hike Western Producer 7 months ago
89 Nothing will stop ban on use of glyphosate, insists Greenpeace Mexico News Daily 2 months ago
90 The glyphosate debacle: How a misleading study about the alleged risks of the weedkiller Roundup and gullible reporters helped fuel a cancer scare Genetic Literacy Project 10 months ago
91 Global Glyphosate Market Report 2021: The Perennial Need for Weed Control in Crop Cultivation Cornerstone for Present & Future Growth of Glyphosate Market 3 months ago
92 Civil Society is Eyeing the EU on Glyphosate Slow Food Europe 2 months ago
93 Mexico is phasing out imports of glyphosate and GMO corn. Supporters say that could reverse years of damage from U.S. trade policy. The Counter 5 months ago
94 Does Roundup Cause Cancer? Verywell Health 9 months ago
95 Mexican judge rejects industry bid to halt GMO corn, glyphosate ban Reuters 7 months ago
96 Roundup and glyphosate given tick of approval for use in World Heritage area ABC News 5 months ago
97 Stemming the tide of invasive weeds with herbicide capsules Science Daily 6 days ago
98 Monsanto’s Big Lie About Roundup and the System That Enabled It Sierra Magazine 9 months ago
99 The End of Another Odd Year in Agriculture CropLife 2 days ago
100 Food For Thought with Kat | Organic omissions? | Entertainment | Bennington Banner 1 day ago