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1 Google Brain Uncovers Representation Structure Differences Between CNNs and Vision Transformers
2 Google, Mayo Clinic build new type of AI algorithm to map interactions between areas of the brain
3 AI Algorithm by Google, Mayo, Can Improve Brain Stimulation Devices
4 Mayo Clinic, Google develop AI algorithm to enhance electrical brain stimulation
5 Ex-Googlers raise $40 million to democratize language AI
6 Did DeepMind just make a big step toward more human-like A.I.?
7 Is the Google Effect Messing With Your Brain?
8 Google's New AI Photo Upscaling Tech is Jaw-Dropping
9 Mayo, Google Research develop new AI algorithm to improve brain stimulation devices to treat disease
10 The 7 Biggest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends In 2022
11 Google switches health gears — Who's leading what now
12 Researchers study recurrent neural network structure in the brain
13 Top 10 AI Thought Leaders and Influencers to Follow in 2021
14 CMU, Google & UC Berkeley Propose Robust Predictable Control Policies for RL Agents
15 Mayo, Google develop algorithm to help treat brain injuries, psychiatric illnesses
16 Google’s AI-based upscaling technology can generate high-resolution images from poor quality images
17 Google and Mayo Clinic Researchers Propose A New AI Algorithm to Improve Brain Stimulation Devices to Treat Disease
18 Big Tech & Their Favourite Deep Learning Techniques
19 Preparing for exascale: Argonne's Aurora supercomputer to drive brain map construction
20 Recurrent Neural Network Explains the Power of the Frontal Cortex
21 Experts Grapple with AI's Environmental Costs
22 Google’s New AI Models Turn Low-Resolution Images into High-Quality Pictures
23 Concur Co-Founder Is Back With Biz Travel Startup Spotnana
24 Google Brain manager quits following internal disputes
25 Are Tech Firms Investing More In Reinforcement Learning Research?
26 Don’t buy the ‘big data’ hype, says cofounder of Google Brain
27 Google Nest Smart Video Doorbell (Battery) Review
28 Gene therapy delivery directly to the brain for AADC deficiency
29 Andrew Ng: Forget about building an AI-first business. Start with a mission.
30 Google has mapped a piece of human brain in the most detail ever
31 Apple hires former Google Brain scientist to lead new AI research unit
32 What Google’s AI-designed chip tells us about the nature of intelligence
33 Google helps map one cubic millimeter of human brain tissue that comes in at 1.4 petabytes
34 Google and Harvard map brain connections in unprecedented detail
35 All About Waymo's AI-Powered Urban Driver
36 The Secret Life Of ex-Google Brain Researcher Navdeep Jaitly
37 Google Open-Sources Trillion-Parameter AI Language Model Switch Transformer
38 Google Trains Two Billion Parameter AI Vision Model
39 A Google Brain scientist turns to AI to make medicine more personal
40 A deep look at a speck of human brain reveals never-before-seen quirks
41 WTF is Science Corp? Neuralink co-founder creates secretive brain-hacking company
42 Google Brain & NYU Guidelines Address 'Broken' NLU Benchmarking
43 Google teams up with Harvard to map small bit of human cortex
44 Google fires second AI ethics researcher following internal investigation
45 What Matters in Adversarial Imitation Learning? Google Brain Study Reveals Valuable Insights
46 Scientists read bird' brain signals to predict what they'll sing next
47 harvard and google create the most detailed map of a piece of human brain
48 Google and Harvard Create the Most Complex 3D Brain Map Yet
49 Google is poisoning its reputation with AI researchers
50 A Google AI Designed a Computer Chip as Well as a Human Engineer—But Much Faster
51 Elon Musk's brain computer start-up raises $205 million from Google Ventures and others
52 DeepMind reportedly lost a yearslong bid to win more independence from Google
53 Now Google is using AI to design chips, far faster than human engineers can do the job
54 Google Brain's Switch Transformer Language Model Packs 1.6-Trillion Parameters
55 Google creates 'most intricate' mapping of the human brain; Here's how it looks
56 Google’s co-lead of Ethical AI team says she was fired for sending an email
57 Google Brain Researchers Introduce New Approach To AutoML
58 Google researchers show artificial intelligence can design microchips better and faster than humans
59 Google Brain Paper Demystifies Learned Optimizers
60 Meet the scientist teaching AI to police human speech
61 Google’s deep learning finds a critical path in AI chips
62 Google AI beats humans at designing computer chips
63 Artificial intelligence researchers rank the top A.I. labs worldwide
64 Ex-Uber AI Chief Scientist Zoubin Ghahramani Joins Google Brain Leadership Team
65 Google says it’s committed to ethical AI research. Its ethical AI team isn’t so sure.
66 Meet Altos Labs, Silicon Valley’s latest wild bet on living forever
67 How Across America, Schools Cram for Their Covid-19 Tests
68 Google AI scientist Bengio resigns after company fires colleagues
69 Google's new trillion-parameter AI language model is almost 6 times bigger than GPT-3
70 AI brain drain to Google and pals threatens public sector's ability to moderate machine-learning bias
71 Researchers From Google Brain Introduces Symbolic Programming And A Python Library Called PyGlove For Automated machine learning
72 Google Brain chief: Deep learning takes at least 100,000 examples
73 Can A.I. beat human engineers at designing microchips? Google thinks so
74 Researchers are starting to refuse to review Google AI papers
75 35 Innovators Under 35: Anna Goldie
76 What Really Happened When Google Ousted Timnit Gebru
77 What happens when Google fires its ethics expert?
78 Google faces brain drain as 36 VPs quit in a year but employee numbers swell
79 Google Trains An AI Vision Model With Two Billion Parameter
80 Inside the Artificial Brain That's Remaking the Google Empire
81 Google Brain and DeepMind researchers attack reinforcement learning efficiency
82 Apple’s and Google’s New AI Wizardry Promises Privacy—at a Cost
83 A typical day for researchers on Google’s Brain Team
84 The Man Behind the Google Brain: Andrew Ng and the Quest for the New AI
85 Google publishes largest ever high-resolution map of brain connectivity
86 Google has a new responsible AI lead
87 Google Assistant is getting a killer upgrade that gives you a second brain
88 Google Shuts Down Health Division After VP Joins Cerner
89 Israel-led team creates a 'Google Map' of brain RNA; may help Alzheimer's fight
90 A simple model of the brain provides new directions for AI research
91 Artificial intelligence may not upend radiology until 2030s, noted Google AI expert predicts
92 Google trained a trillion-parameter AI language model
93 DeepMind AGI paper adds urgency to ethical AI
94 Google Brain, Microsoft plumb the mysteries of networks with AI
95 Google Waives $1.5B in DeepMind Startup Debt
96 Google CEO says company will review events leading up to Dr. Timnit Gebru’s departure
97 Google Brain team prepares for machine-learning-driven future
98 Google and Harvard Map a Tiny Bit of Our Ridiculously Complex Brain Connections in Unprecedented Detail
99 DeepMind is building a team of A.I. researchers in New York
100 Google Brain Has Expanded To Amsterdam