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1 Labour MP Rosie Duffield condemned for 'harmful falsehoods' about trans kids
2 Newspaper did not breach rules by saying Graham Linehan is 'known for anti-trans rhetoric'
3 Inside Substack, where authors are suddenly making serious money in the newsletter game—but it’s publish or perish
4 Graham Linehan, creator of 'The IT Crowd' and 'Father Ted,' has been removed from Twitter
5 Graham Linehan joins queer women's dating app Her in stunt
6 Father Ted creator Graham Linehan slams decision to add 'racism warnings' to several episodes
7 Graham Linehan, booted from Twitter for hateful conduct, returns with fake 'trans guy' account
8 Graham Linehan says he won’t work with Channel 4 again unless transphobic IT Crowd episode is reinstated
9 Graham Linehan interview: 'Gender row is an onslaught on rights, returning women to pre-suffragette era'
10 Graham Linehan joined a queer women's dating app to share trans people's profiles. It backfired, badly
11 Father Ted claims Graham Linehan reveals financial woes due to trans stance caused marriage to breakdown...
12 Graham Linehan Twitter account suspended as he pretends to be trans
13 Graham Linehan: how my transgender views cost me my marriage
14 Channel 4 Father Ted racism warnings 'disappointing,' says creator Graham Linehan
15 Graham Linehan accused of using House of Lords as ‘court of appeal’ to overturn his Twitter ban
16 Graham Linehan boasts he's back on Twitter with a 'new sim card' after being kicked off for a second time
17 Transphobia Is the Latest Front in the Blairites' War Against the Left
18 Graham Linehan claims Oxford Union appearance to debate cancel culture was ‘cancelled’
19 Dating app issues statement after Graham Linehan allegedly set up fake profile to harass trans women
20 Why Twitter Banished Graham Linehan
21 Graham Linehan disappointed by warnings on Father Ted
22 TV writer Graham Linehan: How my transgender views cost me my marriage
23 Oxford SU LGBTQ Campaign responds to Graham Linehan's Union invitation and cancellation
24 Twitter account of "Father Ted" creator permanently suspended after anti-trans tweets
25 Graham Linehan given police warning after complaint by transgender activist
26 Graham Linehan joins 'Women Won't Wheesht' protesters in Glasgow Green
27 Graham Linehan slams Channel 4 for removing transphobic IT Crowd episode
28 The IT Crowd: The Controversial Episode That Killed The Hit Comedy Series
29 Graham Linehan: Trans activists 'don't realise the damage' they do
30 How I became the most hated man on the internet, writes Graham Linehan
31 Inside Out Youth Services condemns Jill Gaebler for transphobic social media posts
32 Why The IT Crowd Season 5 Only Has 1 Episode | Screen Rant
33 BBC pelted with complaints after Graham Linehan compared doctors treating trans kids to Nazi experiments
34 The hypocrisy of Graham Linehan
35 Jonathan Ross accused of transphobia after publicly supporting controversial comedian Graham Linehan
36 Father Ted creator hits out at Channel 4's decision to add racism warnings before some episodes
37 Comedian slams NHS for 'peddling trans ideology'
38 Graham Linehan compares doctors treating trans kids to Nazi experiments
39 The UK's Holocaust memorial boss condemns Graham Linehan for comparing Nazi experiments to trans healthcare
40 Graham Linehan calls pansexuality 'b*****ks' as he shifts from gender identity to launch fresh attack on sexuality
41 Anti-trans Graham Linehan is mad that trans ally Ruth Hunt is joining the House of Lords
42 How Substack Soap Operas Change the Media Business
43 ‘IT Crowd’ creator says women can’t ‘nut,’ and women beg to differ
44 Graham Linehan To Adapt ‘The IT Crowd’ For NBC
45 Jonathan Ross backtracks on Graham Linehan endorsement
46 IT Crowd episode pulled after transphobia complaints
47 Owen Jones, Shon Faye and Freddy McConnell dissect British transphobia
48 Colorado Springs City Council Member under fire for ‘transphobic’ tweet
49 Father Ted writer Graham Linehan compares the trans movement to Nazism
50 Graham Linehan says he is now cancer-free one day after revealing diagnosis
51 Graham Linehan compares trans activists to Nazis in interview
52 TERF meaning: what is the origin of the term and is it offensive?
53 Substack Is Letting Anti-Trans Rhetoric Thrive in the Name of Neutrality | GEN
54 Harassers Use Substack Sign-Ups to Spam Trans People and Allies
55 Graham Linehan given harassment warning after 'transphobia' report
56 Bill Bailey hints at Black Books reunion
57 Graham Linehan: 'I was happier before I was cancelled, but I'll be proven right'
58 The Transgender Issue knocks right-wing professor Jordan Peterson off top book spot
59 Graham Linehan: 'We couldn't make Father Ted in the same way today'
60 'Father Ted' poked fun at Catholic Ireland, but only an audience steeped in faith would appreciate it
61 Father Ted creator Linehan creates own social network to defy Twitter after transgender row
62 Why Substack writers are mad about money Substack is paying out
63 'I'm not transphobic and I never have been,' says Father Ted's Graham Linehan
64 'People say it must be hard to parody Cummings and Gove. And I say yes'
65 Graham Linehan ready to teach tricks of the sitcom trade
66 Substack: how the game-changer turned poacher
67 Colorado Springs City Council Member under fire for “transphobic” tweet
68 Graham Linehan: Father Ted creator is given cancer all-clear
69 How heartbreak led Helen and Graham Linehan to campaign for abortion in Ireland
70 Father Ted writer makes complaint about Scots Nazi dog creator's 'monetising of Gas The Jews phrase'
71 The Den of Geek interview: Graham Linehan
72 Jonathan Ross accused of transphobia after supporting Graham Linehan
73 Major Reddit communities go dark to protest alleged hiring of controversial UK politician
74 Chinese Father Ted actor Ozzie Yue says hit 1998 episode he starred in is 'a classic' and not racist
75 Graham Linehan Q&A: “Writing Father Ted was like being hooked up to a drip full of endorphins“
76 Hozier and Father Ted creator Graham Linehan join Twitter row over JK Rowling comments
77 Sharon Horgan's Motherland returning for Christmas special
78 Are social workers allowed to support women’s rights?
79 Father Ted writer Graham Linehan says the trans activist Stephanie Hayden is dangerous troll
80 Opposition to Father Ted creator Graham Linehan being on TV transgender debate
81 Motherland mums 'hate hanging out with kids and avoided scenes with them'
82 'I can speak freely and use swear words as I see fit'
83 Substack's comic book problems are just getting started, artists tell Inverse
84 Writers Turned to Substack for Newsletters. Why Are They Fleeing for Ghost?
85 Graham Linehan: 'I've come to hate the church'
86 Graham and Helen Linehan: ‘It’s a story we shouldn’t have to tell’
87 Sturgeon booed by Holyrood demo for 'ignoring women's rights'
88 Graham Linehan explains his decision to quit Twitter with a fiery statement
89 Graham Linehan: "I think Father Ted changed Irish society"
91 I'm no slummy mummy, says Motherland star Anna Maxwell Martin
92 Mara Wilson star of 'Matilda' hits out at Graham Linehan trans tweets
93 Motherland Season 4 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?
94 Father Ted writer Graham Linehan warned by police after 'trolling' transgender activist
95 'I lost my candidacy because I'm trans': English Green Party member Kathryn Bristow
96 Channel 4's bizarre IT Crowd ban
97 Graham Linehan calls for list of Irish 'gender critical' therapists for trans children
98 JK Rowling: Public figures 'stand in solidarity' amid bitter transphobia row
99 Graham Linehan on a possible musical revival for Father Ted
100 Graham Linehan: Men must play their part in repealing the Eighth