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1 Alinea Group Has Pulled Out of an Upcoming $1 Billion Development Robb Report 4 days ago
2 Meati, a Boulder plant-based protein startup, hires ex-General Mills exec to help lead growth Denver Business Journal 3 days ago
3 I ate a bucket list dinner at Grant Achatz's Alinea restaurant in Chicago. So, how was it? Courier Journal 5 months ago
4 Chef-Provocateur Alex Stupak Expands His NYC Empire With a New Empellón Taqueria Robb Report 2 days ago
5 Why Mentorship in Restaurants Matters | Food & Wine Food & Wine 2 months ago
6 Who Is Grant Achatz, the American Chef on Netflix’s ‘The Final Table’? Eater 3 years ago
7 World-renowned chef, cancer survivor encourages dermatologists to push the envelope Healio 2 years ago
8 Ali Wong Admits Alinea Inspired the Restaurant Scene in ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Eater Chicago 5 months ago
9 ‘I want to deeply thank all of my readers’: Teen chef says farewell before moving on | Cooking with Sadie The Seattle Times 5 months ago
10 Spoon and Stable draws on culinary star power for its Synergy Series Minneapolis Star Tribune 4 months ago
11 Big restaurant industry names invest in plant-based producer Meati Restaurant Business Online 5 months ago
12 Alinea to Reopen Dining Room for the First Time Since March 2020 Eater Chicago 9 months ago
13 Grant Achatz, Head Chef At Alinea, Battles Tongue Cancer NPR 11 years ago
14 Charlie Trotter documentary blends the sweet and salty Axios 2 months ago
15 Chef’s Table, Season 2 Episode 1: ‘Grant Achatz’ Recap Eater 3 years ago
16 Review: Chicago's Esmé opens with $200 tasting menu Chicago Tribune 2 months ago
17 Alinea Group Alum to Take Over Warehouse Kitchen With Modernist Cuisine Eater Charleston 2 months ago
18 Alinea to Reopen Dining Room to Guests Next Week NBC Chicago 9 months ago
19 Where Alinea Chef Grant Achatz Ate in LA the Last Two Weeks Eater LA 4 years ago
20 Ferran Adrià on his 35-volume culinary encyclopaedia that might change the food world forever British GQ 9 months ago
21 Alinea chef Grant Achatz sells Bucktown home for $1.3 million Chicago Tribune 3 years ago
22 Gordon Ramsey Burger to arrive in Chicago Eater Chicago 6 months ago
23 Try these 3 summer recipes for the perfect fresh fruit dessert Courier Journal 4 months ago
24 Coronavirus-inspired dish at Alinea draws backlash. Chef Grant Achatz explains his intent. Chicago Tribune 1 year ago
25 Chef Grant Achatz’s Battle with Cancer of the Tongue New Yorker 14 years ago
26 Grant Achatz, Science-Minded Chef, Turns to Cloning New York Times 4 years ago
27 How reservation startup Tock saved the restaurant industry in the nick of time Fast Company 9 months ago
28 Why America’s King of Modernist Cooking Has Opened an Old School Supper Club Robb Report 2 years ago
29 Grant Achatz Is Jealous of Boston Eater National 8 years ago
30 Grant Achatz guest judges ‘MasterChef,’ and the challenge winner is a surprise pick Chicago Tribune 2 years ago
31 Grant Achatz Wants to Open a Music Venue Where He Can Also Serve Alinea-Style Food Robb Report 4 years ago
32 Could this cookware help you channel your inner Grant Achatz? FoodSided 3 years ago
33 The Office Is a Curious, But Pleasant, New York Debut for Grant Achatz Grub Street 4 years ago
34 Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas Are Opening Another Restaurant Grub Street 6 years ago
35 Chicago-based restaurant booking startup Tock acquired by Squarespace MarketWatch 8 months ago
36 Radical Chef Achatz Moves Chicago's Alinea Restaurant to Madrid Bloomberg 6 years ago
37 Q&A with Hotel Indy's Executive Chef Patrick Russ Indianapolis Monthly 1 month ago
38 The guy who gave us Grant Achatz Chicago Reader 7 years ago
39 A Spanish Food Adventure with Chef Grant Achatz Bloomberg 6 years ago
40 Alinea chef Grant Achatz featured in University of Chicago Medicine ad Chicago Tribune 6 years ago
41 Alinea Group to Open Two Restaurants Inside a $1 Billion Chicago Skyscraper Eater Chicago 1 year ago
42 Grant Achatz's Christmas in the Kitchen | Food & Wine Food & Wine 5 years ago
43 Grant Achatz’s Next Unveils Its 2018 Themes with a Slight Twist Robb Report 4 years ago
44 Grant Achatz on Alinea and how he comes up with the menu Business Insider 4 years ago
45 Alinea at 10: An interview with Grant Achatz & Nick Kokonas Chicago Tribune 7 years ago
46 Grant Achatz: The Chef Who Lost His Sense Of Taste WBUR 11 years ago
47 Take a Behind The Scenes Look at Grant Achatz and Gavin Kaysen’s Synergy Dinner Eater Minneapolis 5 years ago
48 Chef Grant Achatz starts Twitter debate: Should babies be banned from high-end restaurants? 8 years ago
49 At Chicago’s Esmé, a Focus on Art and Community Is Helping to Redefine the Tasting Menu Robb Report 4 months ago
50 Grant Achatz to Open The Aviary in New York Food & Wine 5 years ago
51 What to Watch Wednesday: New ‘MasterChef’ season has legendary guest judges Raleigh News & Observer 6 months ago
52 Grant Achatz on Progressive Cuisine, Chef Rivalries, and Sustainable Cooking The Ringer 4 years ago
53 3-Michelin-star Alinea and sister restaurants will bring takeout to the Milwaukee area Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1 year ago
54 Grant Achatz Takes You on a Once-in-a-Lifetime Hot Dog Tour of Chicago [Video] Robb Report 4 years ago
55 Alinea chef Grant Achatz revisits Trio at Next Chicago Tribune 7 years ago
56 Chicago’s Michelin-starred Alinea under fire for COVID-19-themed dish Eater Chicago 1 year ago
57 Chicago’s Michelin-Starred Giant Alinea Has Found a Temporary New Home for the Winter Robb Report 1 year ago
58 In My Kitchen: Grant Achatz WSJ 10 years ago
59 Watch Grant Achatz In An Exclusive 'Chef's Table' Clip From Netflix Eater Chicago 6 years ago
60 Glamour Shots: Food scientist Grant Achatz gets a close-up Newcity Resto 15 years ago
61 Starting Line raises $30M second fund to back more breakout consumer startups Chicago Business Journal 8 months ago
62 Grant Achatz Says He Will Not Ban Babies From Alinea Eater National 8 years ago
63 Alinea Chefs Grant Achatz and Mike Bagale on Creativity and Collaboration Eater National 8 years ago
64 Alinea chef Grant Achatz makes the cover of Wine Spectator magazine Chicago Tribune 6 years ago
65 Nick Kokonas Fires Back After John Mariani Once Again Insults Grant Achatz Eater Chicago 6 years ago
66 Parents Bring Crying Baby to Alinea and Grant Achatz Considers Banning Kids Eater National 8 years ago
67 Grant Achatz Is Finally Opening in New York City Eater 5 years ago
68 Alinea chef Grant Achatz is advertising for new cookware company. Crain's Chicago Business 2 years ago
69 One of the world's top chefs coming to Seattle to cook for two nights Seattle Times 4 years ago
70 In Chicago, the Chef Grant Achatz Is Selling Tickets to His New Restaurant (Published 2010) New York Times 12 years ago
71 Hogsalt, Alinea, Gibsons Among Restaurants Receiving PPP of More Than $1 Million Eater Chicago 1 year ago
72 Will Val Kilmer Ever Get His Voice Back? Distractify 4 months ago
73 A Look at Grant Achatz's Biography Life, On The Line: Cars, Keller, and Cancer 11 years ago
74 Alinea Chef Grant Achatz Picks Best Burgers, Sushi, Pizza in Chicago Bloomberg 6 years ago
75 Grant Achatz's Alinea Will Pop-Up in Miami and Madrid Eater 7 years ago
76 Watch Grant Achatz Turn the Clock Back to Trio, 2001 Eater National 7 years ago
77 What It Really Costs to Eat at the World's 50 Best Restaurants — Eat This Not That Eat This, Not That 2 months ago
78 What Does Grant Achatz Eat After Cooking His First Dinner in Minneapolis? Eater Twin Cities 5 years ago
79 John Mariani Grant Achatz Mariani on Modernist Cuisine and Achatz Memoir 11 years ago
80 All Marta Needs to Impress Grant Achatz is Salt, Pepper, and a Monster Grill Eater NY 7 years ago
81 Inside Chicago Chef Danny Grant’s Burgeoning Empire of Blockbuster Restaurants Robb Report 2 months ago
82 Grant Achatz on Ingredients, Emotions, and His Memoir Eater National 11 years ago
83 A New Alinea Plans to Serve Emotions as Well as Entrees New York Times 6 years ago
84 Alinea Restaurant in Chicago Now Offers Thanksgiving Takeout Packages Eater Chicago 1 year ago
85 Alinea-To-Go Thanksgiving Feast: Perfectly Pedestrian Newcity Resto 1 year ago
86 Making Chicago's top chef Chicago Tribune 11 years ago
87 Behind the Business of Grant Achatz's Next Restaurant 8 months ago
88 Our guide to Chicago International Film Fest: The 5 movies and events not to miss so far Yahoo News 2 months ago
89 Nick Kokonas and Grant Achatz Want to Take the Aviary Global Eater 4 years ago
90 A Twist On Take-Out: Grant Achatz's Rice-Crust Pizza 12 months ago
91 Grant Achatz to Open Roister 'Probably in Late Summer' Eater 7 years ago
92 Grant Achatz Is Bringing the Aviary to New York Grub Street 5 years ago
93 John Mariani, Feeling Slighted, Attacks Grant Achatz Eater National 11 years ago
94 Can mushrooms taste like real meat? One startup says it’s possible Fortune 4 months ago
95 Grant Achatz Discusses His Top Chef Stint Gothamist 13 years ago
96 My Dinner Party with Grant – Chicago Magazine 4 years ago
97 Watch Grant Achatz and Thomas Keller on Charlie Rose Eater National 8 years ago
98 A Proposed West Loop Metra Station Could Bring More Hungry Workers to the Area Eater Chicago 2 months ago
99 Alinea Madrid: Grant Achatz and Team Take Up Residence in Spain Eater 6 years ago
100 Diego Fernandez has been appointed Executive Chef at Noelle Nashville Hospitality Net 2 months ago