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1 Capuchin Poor Clare Nuns celebrate beatification of their foundress
2 COVID Can't Take September Away
3 Column: What October brings
4 Misnamed October was when time as we know it began
5 World News Day passed us, but let’s keep its theme alive
6 Main Line Banter: Hallowe’en gets earlier every year
7 THE ROONEY BIN: Dates can get a little fuzzy on pandemic time
9 Can the U.S. bishops be saved from partisan politics?
10 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone : NTT DATA to Digitize Gregorian Tower in 3D, a 16th-century observatory in Vatican City~ to be unveiled at Expo 2020 Dubai ~
11 The BroadsheetDAILY ~ 10/4/21 ~ Lower Manhattan's Local Newspaper ~ What Did Giuliani Know and When Did He Know It?
12 On New Year’s, our calendar’s crazy history, and the switch that changed Washington’s birthday
13 A date with destiny depends on your calendar
14 Why Is January 1 the Beginning of a New Year?
15 Ever wondered why the calendar is so weird?
16 April Fools’ Day 2021: History, significance and why it is celebrated
17 Today in History, February 24, 1582: Pope Gregory XIII outlined Gregorian calendar
18 Today (January 7) is Christmas Day for some Orthodox Christians
19 The Vatican's Space Observatory Wants To See Stars And Faith Align
20 Don't be afraid it's Friday the 13th!
21 In calendar history, the US took a while to catch up to Pope Gregory XIII
22 Answer Man: How do they determine the date for Easter?
23 Catholics and Orthodox Are Closer Than Ever to a Common Date for Easter
24 The 'Historians' That Believe We're Currently Living In The Year 1724
25 Please explain: Why do we have leap years?
26 One faith, two calendars: Date of Easter still on ecumenical agenda
27 The Curious Case of John XXIII
28 6 Things You May Not Know About the Gregorian Calendar
29 The Paschal full moon of 2021 rises tonight to make way for Easter
30 When The Pope Made 10 Days Disappear
31 Move end of tax year to March 31, says Government adviser
32 German Historian Claims The Year Is Actually 1724, Completely Changing What We Know About History
33 Ancient calendar’s New Year’s Day lets us have a fresh start today | Commentary
34 Exiting the bias, chaos and darkness of the 'Trumporian calendar' | TheHill
35 What is the Common Era? | Human World
36 Astronomical Truth: Science Offers Common Easter Date for East and West
37 God wants us to be stargazers, pope’s astronomer tells LMU crowd
38 On this day in 1582: Pope Gregory XIII announces the new Gregorian calendar
39 What to Know About the Difference Between Easter and Orthodox Easter
40 Orthodox Christians, including Coptic and Greek churches, to celebrate Easter on Sunday
41 A common date for Easter – a tantilisingly close prospect
42 From Manila’s first bishop Salazar to new Archbishop Advincula
43 The Quirinal
44 WSU experts explain the origins of the Leap Year – WSU Insider
45 Why do we even have a leap year? (Get ready to do some math)
46 Keep the Faith: 'Christ is Risen!' — Orthodox Christian world celebrates Easter
47 Gardening: Natural weather predictions before meteorology | Columnists |
48 A Brief History of Keeping Time
49 Why do we celebrate New Year on January 1?
50 Is 'birthday-phobia' a real condition?
51 Wishing our Eastern brethren a happy Easter
52 The Tangled History of Leap Years
53 The English Calendar Riots of 1752: Why our calendars skip 11 days in September 1752?
54 Why some people celebrate Christmas in January
55 Who moves Easter? Blame the moon, the early church and Pope Gregory XIII
56 The astronomical difference a Leap Day makes: We’ll have the earliest spring since 1896
57 Your story: Why did 11 days disappear in 1752?
58 Corona calendar: As a side-effect of the pandemic, the world might get yet another way of marking years
59 We've been using the Gregorian calendar for 434 years. It’s still bizarre.
60 Easter's date: One faith, two calendars
61 September 14 — promulgation of the Gregorian calendar
62 What did the Romans do for a calendar before Julius Caesar?
63 Introducing the potential Bottom 10 Hawk Bowl, the state of Michigan and more
64 What Is The Gregorian Calendar?
65 Leap year 2020: What is a leap year, how did it start, why Feb. 29?
66 Leap year's extra day has a Catholic origin
67 An extra day in February
68 Why do we need Fool’s Day in the Calendar
69 May the truth about tithing set us free in the end
70 Use of both Hijri and Gregorian calendars a must soon in Bangsamoro region
71 The Vatican’s Gallery of Maps Comes Back to Life
72 Time for a Change | Science
73 Everything You Need to Know about Calendar Watches
74 THE STROLLER: Try these on for good luck in 2021
75 Why does February, usually, have 28 days?
76 A single-issue religion?
77 It happened today
78 Origin and significance of the months in Italian
79 Pope appoints civil rights advocate as first Black American cardinal
80 Out of this world: Vatican's care for creation includes final frontier
81 Sir Isaac Newton: The scientist born on Christmas day (or was he?)
82 Why is Orthodox Easter on a different day?
83 Oct. 8, 1582: Nothing Happens ... in Catholic Lands
84 Christmas on the Julian Calendar
85 Mardi Gras Facts — New Orleans Mardi Gras Facts, Fat Tuesday, Fat Tuesday Facts
86 The Origins of July 4th and Every Other Federal Holiday
87 End of the world: Mayan doomsday resurgence after 'we are technically in 2012' claim
88 Q&A with Fr John Flader: Philip and the Oratorians
89 PH flock starts marking five centuries of the faith
90 Curious Disappearance of Mayoral Candidate's Fashion Brand, LVL XIII
91 BOB COX: October: a month for Mary and the rosary
92 This Day in History
93 Georgia grand jury indicts former prosecutor for mishandling Ahmaud Arbery investigation
94 What's the purpose behind a leap year?
95 Explainer: where do the names of our months come from?
96 The biggest royal palaces, ranked
97 Why isn’t Easter celebrated on the same date every year?
98 When is Christmas in Israel?
99 Happy New Year 2021: Gregorian calendar history & New Year's Days in other calendars
100 Former Kanakuk counselor Peter Newman named in new sex-abuse lawsuit