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1 Fact check: Altered image shows a flooded car with an anti-Greta Thunberg bumper sticker
2 Greta Thunberg: Who is the climate campaigner and what are her aims?
3 Fact check: Flood image of BMW with anti-Greta Thunberg sticker is a fake
4 Greta Thunberg: 'Nature and Physics Are Not Entertained nor Distracted by Your Theater'
5 Truth Behind Viral Pic Of Flooded BMW With Anti-Greta Thunberg Sticker
6 Greta Thunberg: leaders using climate crisis as ‘business opportunity’
7 Greta Thunberg Warns 'Heat Wave Is Just Getting Started' Amid Record Temperatures
8 World leaders are role playing instead of acting against climate change: Greta Thunberg at climate summit
9 FAKE ALERT: Doctored video viral to claim Greta Thunberg denies climate change
10 Viral Photo of 'F**k You Greta Thunberg' Sticker on Drowned BMW is Not Real
11 Greta Thunberg is 'wonderful, exceptional, rare', Laetitia Casta tells FRANCE 24 in Cannes
12 Greta Thunberg slams leaders for climate crisis 'role-playing'
13 NOT REAL NEWS: False stories from this week about NRA, Greta Thunberg, more
14 Image of flooded car altered to include sticker critical of climate activist Greta Thunberg
15 Greta Thunberg praised for yet another speech to world leaders about taking action on climate change
16 Greta Thunberg warns heatwave ‘is just getting started’ amid record temperatures in North America
17 Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World: More science, less Swedish teen
18 SC judge Chandrachud hails Greta Thunberg, says nobody is too young to bring big change
19 Fox News welcomes back guest it vowed to ban over nasty attack on Greta Thunberg
20 Fox News Welcomes Back Guest It Banned for Calling Greta Thunberg 'Mentally Ill'
21 'This is the world they are leaving for us!'
22 Photo Of Submerged Car With Anti-Greta Thunberg Message Is Doctored
23 NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn’t happen this week
24 Greta Thunberg on Kiwi climate activists, lockdown and Donald Trump
25 How did Greta Thunberg cameo in Loki? Environmental activist is now canon in the MCU!
26 Loki fans stunned as Greta Thunberg makes cameo in Disney+ finale that NOBODY saw coming...
27 British schoolgirl billed by mother as the 'next Greta Thunberg' becomes youngest-ever TED talker
28 Nobody Is Too Young To Make Big Change: Justice Chandrachud Cites Greta Thunberg Example
29 How 4 Teen Activists Balance Social Justice With Self-Care : Goats and Soda
30 Upfest: Greek goddess replaces Greta in street art project
31 Why Qld schoolgirl is Australia’s answer to Greta Thunberg
32 Climate crisis: Save the Children supports climate activists with workshop at One Young World Summit
33 The Climate-Change Agenda Goes Out With a Bang
34 Greta Thunberg docuseries amplifies her climate change fight
35 Greta Thunberg’s Happy Crusade
36 Greta Thunberg: 'It just spiralled out of control' | Free to read
37 Fact check: Viral video doctored to change Greta Thunberg's remarks on climate crisis
38 'Insane' mural replaces Greta Thunberg on Bristol's biggest street art wall
39 Opinion | Apocalypse Right Now
40 Greta Thunberg aims to change how food is produced
41 Greta Thunberg at 18: 'I'm not telling anyone what to do'
42 Why Tree Planting Is so Important in the Fight Against Climate Change The world's forests store
43 TED talks: Childhood campaigner Molly Wright becomes one of youngest ever speakers
44 Greta Thunberg's message to world leaders at #DavosAgenda
45 Greta Thunberg effect: people familiar with young climate activist may be more likely to act
46 Greta Thunberg Says She’ll Skip U.N. Climate Summit in Glasgow
47 Greta Thunberg to testify in Congress on Earth Day
48 Greta Thunberg says science is "not the thing that's holding us back" from meaningful climate change action
49 Activist Thunberg says global leaders still in denial over climate
50 Tracking Greta Thunberg's Rise From Climate Activist to COVID-19 Campaigner
51 Greta Thunberg: What she did during her year-long school break
52 A statue of climate activist Greta Thunberg provokes anger in the UK
53 Greta Thunberg reflects on living through multiple crises in a 'post-truth society'
54 Disha Ravi: The jailed Indian activist linked to Greta Thunberg
55 “Australia's Greta Thunberg” steps up climate change activism
56 Greta Thunberg: 'We are speeding in the wrong direction' on climate crisis
57 Greta Thunberg and Fridays For Future, from global myth to local mobilization
58 Greta Thunberg on her gap year climate change tour, Joe Biden, and turning 18
59 Is climate change to blame for Germany's flooding?
60 Greta Thunberg at #DavosAgenda: Here's how climate experts responded to her speech
61 Greta Thunberg Hears Your Excuses. She Is Not Impressed.
62 ‘Hypocrites and greenwash’: Greta Thunberg blasts leaders over climate crisis
63 'We cannot make it without science': Greta Thunberg says climate experts are being ignored
64 Greta Thunberg effigies burned in Delhi after tweets on farmers' protests
65 Greta Thunberg Talks Science, Self-Care, and What's Next for Her
66 A New Zealand chapter of Greta Thunberg-linked climate movement disbands itself for being ‘racist’
67 Thunberg mocked as 'double-standard environmentalist,' 'puppet of Western politicians' for targeting China on annual emissions
68 Greta Thunberg: ‘Only people like me dare ask tough questions on climate’
69 Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World traces a young activist’s journey
70 Greta Thunberg ends Twitter feud with 'very happy old man' Donald Trump as he leaves White House: 'So nice to see!'
71 Climate activist Greta Thunberg to feature on Swedish stamps
72 Italian cartoonist Gio is the big winner at the World Press Cartoon 2021
73 Greta Thunberg joke-tweets that worry over smaller penises will finally get more people to join climate movement
74 Greta Thunberg tells US to 'use your common sense' on climate crisis – video
75 Hillary Clinton, Greta Thunberg on Women's Leadership, a Times Event
76 Marcus Rashford is ‘playing politics’? That’s great – he’s better at it than politicians
77 Greta Thunberg Rips Politicians Who Only Say 'Listen to the Science'
78 ‘If we don’t change we’re f*cked’: Greta Thunberg warns humanity in new video
79 Greta Thunberg blasts John Kerry over global warming statement | TheHill
80 Manipulated video distorts Greta Thunberg's comments on climate change
81 Greta Thunberg’s amazing year meeting the world’s climate scientists
82 Greta Thunberg, Annie Lennox & More Join Call Urging UK to Step Up Climate and Poverty Action
83 Commentary: Homage to Greta Thunberg, the young Swedish activist
84 What’s on TV This Week: The Oscars and a Greta Thunberg Documentary
85 Greta Thunberg joins Asian charge against Vietnam coal plant
86 'I Am Greta' chronicles the birth of Greta Thunberg's climate crusade
87 Environmental activist Greta Thunberg turns 18 | DW News
88 Top five habits of eco-friendly people
89 Standard Chartered Targeted By Greta Thunberg’s Fridays For Future Activists
90 After Rihanna, climate activist Greta Thunberg extends support to farmers' protest
91 Must We Pin Climate Activism on Greta Thunberg and the Youth?
92 China Briefing, 13 May 2021: Greta Thunberg criticised; Former energy official arrested; EV boom makes 'richest man'
93 Who's right about climate change? Greta Thunberg or Bill Gates?
94 Did Greta Thunberg Drop Out Of School? How She's Pursued Eco-Activism
95 Thunberg to Congress on climate change: 'You still have time to do the right thing'
96 Is Greta Thunberg Going to College?
97 Q&A: Hannah Alper on 'weirdest' graduation, summer cleanups and future expectations
98 Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Arrives In New York After Sailing The Atlantic
99 Greta Thunberg or Bill Gates? by Adair Turner
100 Greta Thunberg's Evolution: From Solo Striker to Worldwide Sensation