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1 Weezer’s Hash Pipe was nearly an Ozzy Osbourne song
2 Mastodon announces first-ever acoustic show – at an aquarium
3 Megadeth's new album will not feature David Ellefson's bass recordings
4 Paul McCartney: “I figured out my own way of doing fingerstyle – that’s really how I learned every instrument I play”
5 Slash's 10 best guitar solos ranked
6 California police recover 9 stolen vintage guitars worth $225,000
7 Tracking down Steve Vai's elusive "Crossroads" Jackson – the most famous guitar that was never heard
8 Fender Master Builders celebrate the Fender Play Foundation with 12 one-of-a-kind ‘Student’ guitars
9 D’Addario co-founder Janet D’Addario dies aged 72
10 The history of Fender tweed amps
11 Godin equips its hybrid Radium model with a sleek new Matte Green finish
12 Ubisoft announces Rocksmith+ subscription-based guitar-learning platform
13 How to use synth pedals on guitar
14 Harley Benton decks out Dullahan headless guitar range with new finishes and tuning hardware, starting at $457
15 Brian May explains why he uses a sixpence as a pick
16 Best blues amps 2021: electric guitar amplification for when the thrill is gone
17 Boss officially launches the HM-2W Heavy Metal Waza Craft pedal
18 Bullet For My Valentine announce self-titled 7th studio album, share brutally heavy debut single, Knives
19 August 2021 Guitar World lesson videos
20 Origin Effects accused of attempting to “strip” Revival Electric of its name
21 Danny Elfman: “I’m not a shredder. My guitar on this album was the feedback and the messiness!”
22 Steve Hackett: "My first professional gig with Genesis was a complete disaster. I forgot every single note I was supposed to play"
23 Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love voted greatest guitar riff of all time
24 Over 6 hours of never-before-seen restored Beatles footage to air on Disney+
25 From radical, guitar-heavy remixes to moving country-blues: here are this week's essential guitar tracks
26 An amazingly well-spec'd $899 Epiphone version of Alex Lifeson's Les Paul Axcess Standard has arrived
27 Dave Grohl says surviving Nirvana members have recorded “really cool” new music
28 Gamechanger Audio launches the Bigsby Pedal
29 Keith Richards: A life in guitars
30 Guitar Tricks review
31 Liz Stringer: “I didn’t have any design for the outcome, which was very different to other records I’ve made”
32 Chris Martin IV steps down as CEO of C.F. Martin & Co Guitars
33 Seymour Duncan’s new Vapor Trail Deluxe teams all-analog delay tone with versatile digital control
34 Melting Fender Stratocaster art piece to appear at Degrees of Separation street art event featuring Dave Navarro and Billy Morrison
35 Jim Ward: “I've always written on an unplugged electric guitar. That's why I play a lot of bombastic stuff with open strings – it fills up the room”
36 Soundgarden reach temporary agreement with Chris Cornell’s estate over social media accounts and website
37 Musician’s Friend is offering an impressive $300 off a Gibson Les Paul right now!
38 Watch Michael Gilbert deliver a hard-thrashing playthrough of Flotsam and Jetsam's Brace For Impact
39 Andrew Watt: “I’m making music with no deadlines – It’s a lot freer. Because of that, cooler choices are being taken”
40 Wolfgang Van Halen: "Dad would rather people not try and sound like him but sound like themselves. I’m being myself – I’m not sitting there doing covers of Panama"
41 Australian Guitar's Fresh Frets: Vol. 8
42 Gus G drops hard-riffing, solo-loaded new single, Fierce
43 Status Quo's Francis Rossi: "I put a Tune-o-Matic bridge on my Tele like the old Gibsons. I think all that stuff, and taking off the lacquer, added to the tone"
44 Julien’s Auctions 'Music Icons' lot, featuring Eddie Van Halen and Prince-played guitars, rakes in nearly $5 million in three days
45 This insane-looking bass guitar is made of 2,000 Lego bricks
46 Marty Friedman: “Much of the Japanese music that is currently very popular has a melodic structure that echoes a lot of '70s Western rock and pop“
47 Tash Sultana: “I always think there is never enough guitar on records. I’m all for the guitar layering and layering and layering...“
48 Wolfgang Van Halen used his father’s original Frankenstein guitar on the upcoming Mammoth WVH album
49 Fender American Acoustasonic Jazzmaster review
50 How omitting the 5th in chords can open doors to a much wider musical vocabulary
51 Warrior Guitars unveils a line of electrics built using hundreds of layers of automobile spray paint
52 Shredding for dollars: how Fiverr is creating a marketplace for guitar playing
53 Best Epiphone Les Pauls 2021: 10 budget-friendly versions of Gibson's iconic single-cut
54 Boss RC-5 Loop Station review
55 Kurt Cobain’s stage-played DOD Grunge pedal sells at auction for $16,000
56 Greta Van Fleet's Jake Kiszka: “I work very hard to articulate chords and notes. All of that sensitivity and technicality gets lost when you have too much overdrive“
57 Learn the secrets of the blues-rock masters in 4 lessons
58 John Mayer embraces the ’80s in a big way on new track Last Train Home
59 Scale the Summit’s Chris Letchford unveils guitar with jaw-dropping programmable LED fingerboard in video for new single Jackhammer Ballet
60 Dino Cazares: “I built up my picking hand speed by hanging weights off my wrist”
61 David Gilmour teases a sonic shift for his next album: "The electric guitar I'm currently playing is not as 'rock god' as one might expect"
62 Boutique Amps Distribution’s LA warehouse hit by fire
63 Marty Friedman was preparing for a Madonna audition when he landed the gig with Megadeth
64 The history of the Fender Telecaster, the world's first mass-produced solidbody electric guitar
65 Suspect208 – the band featuring the sons of Slash and Robert Trujillo – announce breakup
66 How much difference does your guitar string choice make?
67 Slash drooled while recording his Appetite for Destruction guitar solos, apparently
68 Yngwie Malmsteen unleashes Relentless Fury with second Parabellum single
69 Randy Rhoads' stolen guitar and amp have been returned to his family
70 Lily Cornell Silver: "Mental health is such a ubiquitous issue in the music industry"
71 Grez Guitars pays homage to '50s-era electric guitars with the Mendocino Junior, built from 100-year-old redwood
72 Chaos Audio unveils new-and-improved version of its Bluetooth-enabled multi-FX pedal, the Stratus
73 Nita Strauss weighs in on the ‘shred stigma’ debate: "Yngwie Malmsteen’s three notes are no more or less valid than BB King’s"
74 Megadeth officially part ways with David Ellefson
75 Juliana Hatfield: “There’s some biting stuff on this album – the Fender Mini Twin is cute, but it makes really great fuzz sounds”
76 Gary Clark Jr.: “When I got my guitar, school went out the window. I was practicing all day long, all night long”
77 Country guitarist Chris Stapleton joins H.E.R. for a spellbinding performance of Hold On at the CMT Music Awards 2021
78 Guitars signed by Metallica, Mark Tremonti, Joe Satriani and Nili Brosh go up for sale on to raise funds for Jason Becker
79 Gibson unveils freshly finished catalog of electric guitars in all-new Exclusives Collection
80 Best lunchbox amp choices 2021: 8 great portable amps for gigging
81 Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready looks back on 30 years of Ten: “It was the first time I was in a situation where everybody was firing on all cylinders“
82 Eurovision's greatest guitar moments
83 Black Sabbath and Judas Priest donate “money-can't-buy” memorabilia to the largest-ever metal charity prize draw
84 Gojira's Joe Duplantier: "My approach to guitar is very physical… but not sexual!"
85 The 15 best combo amps 2021: Our choice of the best all-in-one combo amps for every budget
86 Manson Guitars teams up with dealers around the world for collaborative 10th Anniversary Edition MA models
87 Code Orange tease collaboration with The Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan
88 From industrial doom to swampy acoustic blues: here are this week's essential guitar tracks
89 Ampeg BA-108 V2 review
90 Listen to Slash's never-before-heard collaboration with Chester Bennington
91 From euphoric post-rock to gritty, overdriven blues: here are this week's essential guitar tracks
92 Taylor GTe Urban Ash review
93 Guitarist covers Sleep while standing on a motorcycle that's balancing on an amp
94 TC Electronic announces Paul Gilbert signature MojoMojo overdrive pedal
95 An interview with Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Kyle McMillin
96 The Smashing Pumpkins to host 30th anniversary Gish livestream event
97 John Mayer teases freshly finished hot pink PRS Silver Sky
98 Voodoo Glow Skulls' Eddie Casillas: “This record is the most ska we've ever been – we've never had clean guitar tones on any of our albums before this”
99 Chelsea Wolfe debuts brooding, Wonder Woman-inspired single, Diana
100 Fender expands its Artist Signature Series with the highly decorated Dhani Harrison Ukulele