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1 Google's Self-Driving Car Gyre
2 This New Installation Pulled 20000 Pounds of Plastic From the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
3 Antiqva share “Anadem Gyre” music video
4 Ocean Cleanup Develops a System For Eliminating Ocean Plastics with Almost 20,000 Pounds of Trash Removed
5 Nearly 20,000 pounds of trash removed from one of the biggest accumulations of ocean plastic in the world
6 How to Turn Off the Tap on Plastic Waste • The Revelator
7 ANTIQVA Featuring LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT And Members Of NE OBLIVISCARIS, KARKAOS And DIRTY GRANNY TALES Release Official Video For New Single "Anadem Gyre"
8 Quad is Turning & Turning in Widening Gyre
9 Extreme Weather Threats to Continue Into Fall
10 Weather complex over 1,000 miles away could spell tropical trouble
11 Scooping Plastic Out of the Ocean Is a Losing Game
12 What is a gyre? It's the weather pattern helping fuel 2020's wild hurricane season
13 Monitoring the Central American Gyre (CAG) for potential tropical development
14 UNM students immerse in Meow Wolf internships
15 Gulf Stream eddies transport iron to North Atlantic subtropical gyre
16 DESIGNART tokyo 2021: all the exhibitions set to enliven the japanese city this fall
17 Record-high Arctic freshwater will flow through Canadian waters, affecting marine environment and Atlantic ocean currents
18 The IXON Gyre Air A Jacket Is Made For Summer
19 New model predicts how plastic travels across ocean garbage patches
20 Bacteria in 100-Million-Year-Old Seafloor Sediment Have Been Resuscitated
21 £2,800 worth of cannabis snared from car as man got off ferry in Orkney
22 How does plastic debris make its way into ocean garbage patches?
23 Record-high Arctic freshwater affecting marine environment and Atlantic Ocean currents
24 In a Spin: New Insights into the Beaufort Gyre
25 Dependable Debian is like a rock in a swirling gyre of 'move fast and break things', and version 11 is no different
26 Modern Health Appoints Former Lyft and Google Executive as Chief Operating Officer
27 Norcross: Watching the waters near Central America
28 The Central American Gyre and tropical formation
29 How phytoplankton survive in ocean gyres with low nutrient supplies
30 Significant variability of structure and predictability of Arctic Ocean surface pathways affects basin-wide connectivity | Communications Earth & Environment
31 Scientists brought to life 100-million-year-old bacteria
32 Arctic Sea Ice May Make a Last Stand in This Remote Region. It May Lose the Battle.
33 Ocean Gyres Moving Towards the Poles
34 Arctic Ice Melt Is Changing Ocean Currents
35 What is your job teaching you today?
36 Turning and turning in the widening gyre
37 How a Wayward Arctic Current Could Cool the Climate in Europe
38 Gyres spin up, currents get muddled
39 Scientists are keeping a close eye on the Beaufort Gyre
40 Things are happening at Meow Wolf Denver, and fans are working to decode the installation's cryptic marketing
41 Tropical Storm Claudette Soaked the Southeast Before Moving Off Mid-Atlantic Coast | The Weather Channel
42 Oregon State researchers search for rare whales | News |
43 Oregon expedition looks for new species of beaked whale
44 Natural cycles in the Gulf of Alaska accentuate ocean acidification
45 New model predicts how plastic from coast gets to middle of ocean
46 kohei nawa presents 'pixcell' sculptures and velvet 'paintings' for oracle at gyre gallery
47 FOX 35 Storm Team: What's brewing, or not brewing, in the Atlantic
48 Arctic Ocean's 'last ice area' may not survive the century
49 How Plastic Debris Makes Its Way Into Ocean Garbage Patches
50 Kevin Smith's Batman Peed Himself in The Widening Gyre | CBR
51 UK's hidden goldmine in the sea to invigorate Brexit Britain's economy and slash emissions
52 The Ocean's Swirling Currents Are Migrating Poleward
53 Freshwater outflow from Beaufort Sea could alter global climate patterns
54 These Microbes May Have Survived 100 Million Years Beneath the Seafloor
55 Arctic’s ‘Last Ice Area’ May Be Less Resistant to Global Warming
56 There's a 'Desert' in The Middle of The Pacific. Here's What Lives There
57 Vacation vicariously with a 'Now & Then' photographic re-creation of a dozen trips
58 Single-Use Plastics Found at the Deepest Points of the Ocean
59 100-million-year-old seafloor sediment bacteria have been resuscitated
60 Why Seaspiracy’s Focus On The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Misleading
61 Tropical system to drench Gulf Coast, while Tropical Storm Bill zips toward Newfoundland
62 Ancient ocean conditions | UDaily
63 Tropical disturbance bears watching as it tracks into Gulf of Mexico
64 The Widening Gyre Of Supercomputing
65 Chasing the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre
66 Plastic to planking: Marine debris recycling is on the move
67 Drones to fly missions in the battle against the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
68 The Case for Ocean Optimism
69 Scientists Use NASA Data to Track Ocean Microplastics From Space
70 'If we're not up there cleaning up this threat, nobody is': Team hauls more than 47 tons of marine debris out of Pacific Ocean
71 Climate Change Is Intensifying Arctic Ocean Currents
72 The ocean is full of tiny plastic particles – we found a way to track them with satellites
73 Climate Change is Pushing Giant Ocean Currents Poleward
74 Western Caribbean could become a hotspot for tropical development into mid-October
75 Dollar Donation Club Partners With Ocean Voyages Institute To Facilitate The Largest Ocean Plastic Cleanup in History
76 Star Trek Online Adds Experimental Starship Class With Widening Gyre Event
77 Dangerous 'Heat Bombs' Have Been Entering The Arctic Ocean, Expedition Reveals
78 Sea ice melt in the Arctic over recent decades is altering ocean currents
79 Daunting Outlook for Year-Round Sea Ice and Its Ecosystems
80 In the Sargasso Sea, life depends on floating sargassum seaweed
81 Ocean Cleanup Struggles to Fulfill Promise to Scoop Up Plastic at Sea
82 Science in a Frozen Ocean
83 2021 A Space Odyssey Monolith | Art in Tokyo
84 Meow Wolf Denver Wants Us To Remember Aug. 3 As Weird Billboards Pop Up
85 NASA Satellite Data used to Track Ocean Microplastics
86 West Side Rag » Ten-Minute Opera Timed to Friday's Sunset Says Farewell to Riverside Park Public Art Exhibit
87 Hurricane Ida turned into a monster thanks to a giant warm patch in the Gulf of Mexico – here's what happened
88 Why is the world's biggest landfill in the Pacific Ocean?
89 Arctic ice sets speed limit for major ocean current
90 Arctic sea ice winter peak in 2021 is joint-seventh lowest on record
91 Arctic ice melt is disrupting key ocean current, may alter climate in Western Europe: Study
92 California Green Group Trying to Make Big Plastic Pay for Scourge of Pollution
93 Warm river water melted Arctic sea ice
94 The Gyre Building in Omotesando, Tokyo, Japan
95 Hurricane forecast: Gamma likely to emerge as October tropical roulette wheel spins | WeatherTiger
96 Fall Fashion Lookbook 2021: Bright Lights, Big City
97 Expedition finds South Pacific plastic patch bigger than India
98 Jack Johnson: The North Atlantic Gyre, Limber Chicken and _All The Light_
99 Then and now: Arctic sea-ice feeling the heat
100 Guest commentary: Where plastic flows into the ocean | Coastal Review