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1 Suicides linked to HMRC cash demands in ‘loan charge’ tax bills
2 HMRC to relocate to Newcastle office owned by Tory donors via tax haven
3 HMRC expects to recover less than half £5.8bn lost in Covid fraud and errors
4 HMRC boosts efforts to recoup £1bn in suspect Covid payouts
5 Customs charges warning for Lanarkshire online shoppers from HMRC
6 SIA and HMRC operation to check on illegal working practices in the security industry
7 HMRC warns customers about Self Assessment tricksters
8 HMRC: Bitcoin Exchanges Under Digital Tax Attack in the UK By CoinQuora
9 HMRC issues COVID-19 guidance summary for the internationally mobile
10 HMRC annual report and accounts: 2020 to 2021
11 HMRC performance update: supporting customers in a changing economy
12 Specific HMRC form for
13 HMRC issues Christmas pay warning to 24,000 Child Benefit and Tax Credit claimants
14 David Knight: Make tax returns less confusing so more of us do them right
15 UK justice minister invested in tax scheme contested by HMRC
16 Will HMRC challenge me over my domicile status?
17 HMRC IT transformation plans under strain, says NAO report
18 CA23126
19 Accounting Officer Assessment Summary: HMRC CHIEF Transition Programme
20 Co Armagh brothers sentenced for £290k tax fraud following HMRC investigation
21 Home sales decline sharply, HMRC report says | Business
22 BEN WILKINSON: Why is calling HMRC so taxing?
23 Illegal cigarettes and tobacco seized in Ipswich HMRC raids
24 HMRC keen to ensure teens in Armagh and beyond don't 'miss out' on Child Trust Fund savings
25 HMRC to clear SA registration backlog
26 'The taxman may be rubbing his hands in glee'
27 ForrestBrown leads “landmark” R&D tribunal victory against HMRC
28 Rank to get tax rebate of over £80m from HMRC
29 HMRC warns payments for 24,000 Tax Credits and Child Benefit claimants could stop next month
30 CA23161
31 Treasury minister Lucy Frazer accused of conflict of interest over husband’s firm
32 'Tax avoidance
33 CA23163
34 Administrators address HMRC fears as alarming figures expose scale of Derby County debt
35 'I'm being hounded for £11500 over a tax rebate I never had'
36 Inheritance Tax: Two thirds of parents plan to share inheritance equally between children
37 'Tax avoidance
38 Gang used network of couriers to try and sell £1.5m of counterfeit cigarettes
39 Check if an email you've received from HMRC is genuine
40 HMRC digs deep into your data
41 Check if a letter you've received from HMRC is genuine
42 MPs accuse HMRC of ‘sweetheart’ tax settlement with GE
43 WARNING: taking 25% pension tax-free cash could cost you EIGHT means-tested benefits
44 HMRC's performance during a unique year
45 HMRC builds war chest in battle against tax avoidance
46 HMRC performance update: April to June 2021
47 Non-doms targeted by HMRC for suspected unpaid tax
48 UK plans to force tech companies to report sellers’ income to HMRC
49 Supplementary update on how HMRC has used the findings from the research
50 HMRC warns students of scams
51 Check if a phone call you've received from HMRC is genuine
52 Check genuine HMRC contact that uses more than one communication method
53 HM Revenue and Customs Outcome Delivery Plan: 2021 to 2022
54 HMRC settlement opportunity for Eclipse Film Partnership members
55 HMRC Trusts and Estates Newsletter: September 2021
56 HMRC and VOA: workforce management information, July 2021
57 Accounting Officer Assessment Summary: HMRC Protect Connect Programme
58 Change of address for service of legal proceedings on HMRC
59 Modern slavery statement
60 How to give staff access to your HMRC online tax agent accounts
61 End of an era as stamp presses decommissioned by HMRC
62 HMRC downplays significance of CEO email ‘questioning’ legal basis of loan charge policy
63 CH160600
64 HMRC tax receipts and National Insurance contributions for the UK (Monthly Bulletin)
65 Terms and conditions in HMRC
66 HMRC reveals absurd excuses for not paying National Minimum Wage
67 What will happen if you do not pay your tax bill
68 Home HMRC issue briefing: hidden economy conditionality
69 HMRC seeks to support taxpayers with overseas assets
70 Customs Declaration Service to become UK's single customs platform
71 Speech to HMRC virtual stakeholder conference
72 Valuing an estate for Inheritance Tax and reporting its value to HMRC
73 HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) Definition
74 CRYPTO20250
75 IEIM140300
76 HMRC issue briefing: collecting tax debts as we emerge from coronavirus (COVID-19)
77 HMRC must "rebuild the trust" of taxpayers after Loan Charge failings
78 HMRC advises businesses importing goods from Europe
79 HMRC provides tax and customs support to businesses that trade with Europe
80 Comparison of ONS and HMRC furloughed employee statistics, UK: March 2020 to June 2021
81 HMRC needs more resource to rebuild the UK's tax system
82 Revenue and Customs Brief 12 (2021): VAT treatment of gaming machines from 6 December 2005 to 31 January 2013
83 CRYPTO24000
84 Get confirmation from HMRC that you are trading in the UK
85 Charting HMRC's progress this financial year
86 UK Budget 2021: £100m investment in HMRC to tackle Covid-19 fraud
87 Tell HMRC you're registered for the VAT IOSS in the EU
88 HMRC Trusts and Estates Newsletter: May 2021
89 HMRC urges millions of people to claim free £500 as they are missing out
90 HMRC, Companies House and collaboration across government
91 Official statistics overview: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme statistics: 29 July 2021
92 CRYPTO40150
93 Home Tax compliance of HMRC suppliers
94 Scams warning for tax credits customers
95 UK taxman seizes £26.5m furlough funds from ‘entrepreneur’
96 Tax gap remains low at 5.3%
97 Home Agent Update: issue 87
98 HMRC extends tax self-assessment deadline by a month to 28 February
99 HMRC monthly performance update: January 2021
100 The HMRC Charter