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1 health insurance: ​Time to change insurers?
2 What does HIPAA mean for vaccination? Answers to questions
3 HIPAA does not create private right of action
4 HealthPlus, Canadian provider partner on telemedicine, health insurance portability
5 HIPAA Explained: Can a Business or Employer Ask for Proof of Vaccination?
6 Consider porting your health insurance policy in these situations
7 #fyiSI: Is asking for proof of vaccination a HIPAA violation?
8 Are There Privacy Laws that Apply to Your (Small) Business?
9 OCR Settles Nineteenth Investigation in HIPAA Right Of Access Initiative
10 HIPAA Privacy Rule Modification – Removing Barriers and Promoting Coordinated Care at What Cost?
11 Does asking for proof of COVID vaccination violate your medical privacy?
12 Experts say OK to ask for proof of vaccine, if done right
13 HIPAA Does Not Prevent Employers, Businesses From Asking Your Covid-19 Vaccination Status
14 Dr. Dave Hnida: ‘No HIPAA Jail’ For Asking About Vaccination Status
15 Can Businesses Really Ask You to Show Proof of Vaccination?
16 Is it a HIPAA violation if businesses request proof of COVID vaccine? What experts say
17 QSEHRA: The Ultimate Guide for Small-Business Owners
18 Troutman Pepper Weekly Consumer Financial Services COVID-19 Newsletter
19 Protecting Digital Data
20 Researchers flag privacy risks with de-identified health data
21 Ask the Psychiatrist: Tending to Your Mental Health During COVID-19 “One of my favorite books
22 Clinical Lab to Pay $25000 for Alleged Privacy Violations
23 Is it ok to ask? How and when to inquire about someone’s vaccination status.
24 Jefferson County masking mandate expected to end June 30
25 Proposed state-mandated, employee vaccine passports violate people's medical privacy and will probably require businesses to break federal HIPAA law
26 Some Indy businesses say they lost customers due to mask mandate — and some flouted it
27 Can Employers Make Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandatory?
28 Sensyne Health Signs Strategic Research Agreement with the Colorado Center for Personalized Medicine
29 Explaining HIPAA: No, it doesn’t ban questions about your vaccination status
30 Tacoma area patients have right to expect medical providers to be vaccinated
31 Which Medical Files Can Your Employer Get in Litigation?
32 CPRA Update: How to Prepare for Privacy Compliance as an Employer
33 University Of South Carolina Accused Of Violating Students' Medical Privacy
34 Are businesses violating federal law by asking if you’ve gotten a COVID-19 vaccine?
35 Advocating for Yourself in Therapy
36 What's Right for My Workplace? COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements
37 Dan Eaton debunks myths of California's new workplace mask rules
38 Airline offers 1 year of free flights to get people vaccinated
39 Apple wants to own the interface between you and your doctor
40 Governor Parson Signs SB 63: Creating Statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in Missouri | Governor Michael L. Parson
41 Yes, Your Employer Can Require You to Be Vaccinated
42 Can Employers Require COVID Vaccines for Employees?
43 California’s rising tide of COVID vaccination records raise privacy concerns
44 Unhappy with your health insurance policy? Here’s how you can port your cover without losing benefits
45 Health Insurance ‘Portability’
46 HHS proposes changes to HIPAA privacy rule to improve care coordination
47 Vaccine Incentives, Employee Confidentiality, And Latest EEOC Guidance: What Employees Need To Know
48 Porting to new health insurer: When to leave existing insurer, what the move entails, when you can't shift
49 In-Depth: Can businesses ask about your vaccine status? – 10News
50 For dad with new heart, the Father's Day gift is just being here
51 Health insurer pays $6.85M to settle data breach, HIPAA violations
52 Best practices for secure printing
53 HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
54 Colorado Privacy Law Heads to Governor's Desk for Signature
55 Explained: How to port your health insurance policy without losing existing benefits
56 Can Workplaces Legally Require Covid-19 Vaccination?
57 HIPAA Privacy Rule and Security Rule Developments to Note Early in 2021
58 Vaccinations led to the lifting of state COVID-19 restrictions
59 News Releases
60 HIPAA explained: definition, compliance, and violations
61 Airlines' Post-COVID Challenges Mount Amid Travel Surge
62 Mobile health and privacy: cross sectional study
63 Prosecutor responds to 'inappropriate,' 'absurd' requests of Lori Daybell's attorney
64 Naomi Osaka Shines Further Light on Mental Health Issues in the Workplace
65 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Definition
66 Colorado Legislature Passes Comprehensive Privacy Law: Five Things You Should Know About the Colorado Privacy Act
67 Yes, businesses can ask if you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, legal experts say
68 Opinion: How to ensure regulations don't stymie much-needed COVID-19 point-of-care testing
69 All you wanted to know about portability in insurance
70 77% Of Tech Leaders Have Work-Related Stress Because Of Covid-19, New Survey Shows
71 Not happy with your health plan? Port it to new one and carry loyalty benefits
72 Business owners weigh in on workplace mask requirement
73 Gov. Parson signs bill creating statewide prescription drug monitoring program in Missouri
74 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
75 Five Areas Where The Office For Civil Rights Can Improve Its Proposed Changes To HIPAA, And Advance Interoperability
76 Vaccines now required for St. Joe’s Amp, SPAC, Darien Lake concerts: Here’s everything we know (and don’t kno
77 ALFI Installing 10,000 Digital Screens in Ubers and Lyfts Starting in Miami
78 Dear Littler: May We Ask Our Employees About Their COVID-19 Vaccination Status?
79 The No. 1 Reason People Work With Advisers
80 What you need to know about HIPAA, from the law's author
81 Athens City Council amends mask ordinance, no longer requires masks for vaccinated individuals
82 Will vaccine passport enforcement lead to legal challenges?
83 Aetna to pay $1M to OCR to settle 3 2017 HIPAA breaches
84 Local Rotary members celebrate successful vaccination volunteerism
85 Your Queries: Health Insurance- You will get continuity benefits on porting health insurance plan
86 Nevada health system to pay $75,000 to settle potential HIPAA violation
87 HIPPA: Privacy & Security and Potential Rule Changes
88 Consumer data privacy just one signature away from law, but some fear it doesn't go far enough
89 HIPAA and what it means for Trump, his doctor and the American public
90 Renown Health Settles HIPAA Right-of-Access Violation
91 State law adds kink in Pulaski County reopening
92 How to Port Health Insurance Policy Without Losing Benefits
93 The Right Prescription For Health Data Privacy: Reflections On The AMA's New Privacy Principles
94 Policy porting: 90% of customers have a sum insured of less than 5 lakh
95 Q Check: Is a business asking for proof of COVID-19 vaccination a HIPAA violation?
96 Health Insurance: What If You Could Take It With You?
97 AAMC Comments on HHS Proposals to Modify HIPAA Privacy Rule
98 Health insurance premium hiked? Port to a new health insurer
99 Trump Administration Seeks Medical Privacy Changes
100 The Arizona Supreme Court Joins Other States in Ruling that HIPAA Can Be Used to Establish the Standard of Care in a Negligent Disclosure Case