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1 Me And My Car: BMW owner names ride after late German politician Helmut Kohl
2 A giant departs The mess Merkel leaves behind
3 Irish Examiner view: Merkel's legacy one of co-operation and consensus
4 “Europe in only strong as it is united”, Merkel reminds EU leaders of the significance of compromise
5 There's a Merkel-Sized Hole in European Conservatism
6 The muted magic of ‘Mutti’ Merkel’s chancellorship
7 How a left-leaning Germany will affect larger European politics
8 German parliament approves plan to set up Helmut Kohl foundation
9 Austria’s Kurz joins list of EU leaders tainted by corruption claims
10 What the German election taught America about democracy
11 Pillars of German Community Honored for Decades of Business, Cultural Service
12 Air India: On a wing and a prayer as it prepares for a Tata take-off
13 Optimal Blood Pressure Slows Brain Ageing, New Study Finds
14 This Day in History — October 12
15 Steven Van Zandt on South African activism: 'We did light that spark'
16 Helmut Kohl, Architect Of Germany's Reunification, Dies At 87
17 Angela Merkel's era is ending in Germany after 16 years. Here is how her legacy was built.
18 Helmut Kohl lies in superstate
19 Dresden, 1989: The Helmut Kohl speech showing German reunification was the way
20 Helmut Kohl: A great and flawed statesman
21 Being a Woman in German Politics Still Isn’t Easy. Annalena Baerbock’s Rise and Fall Shows Why.
22 Helmut Kohl, chancellor who reunited Germany, dies at 87
23 Helmut Kohl Fast Facts
24 What Kind of Effort Did Chancellor Helmut Kohl Put Into Reuniting Germany?
25 “None of the above?”: Germany’s eminently resistible chancellor candidates have escaped the hardships of previous leaders
26 Germans Reflect On Legacy Of Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl
27 Toxic family feud as Germany mourns unifier Kohl
28 Ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl's widow breaks silence on family feud
29 Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl awarded €1m damages over biography
30 Helmut Kohl Was Right
31 'Architect of German unity': world leaders pay tribute to Helmut Kohl
32 Helmut Kohl's son gives Merkel partial blame for mother's suicide
33 Helmut Kohl: An underestimated political figure | Daily Sabah
34 How Helmut Kohl seized the mantle of God by working toward a unified Europe
35 Helmut Kohl, former German chancellor, in 'critical condition'
36 Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl aims to meet Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
37 Germany’s Kohl rips his successors over euro, Russia
38 World leaders pay tribute to German unifier Helmut Kohl
39 Appetite (and iron-clad stomach) for success
40 New Evidence from the Clinton Presidential Library on Bill Clinton and Helmut Kohl's Diplomatic Relationship
41 Helmut Kohl widow denied inheritance of posthumous compensation
42 Angela Merkel Savaged by Helmut Kohl, the Architect of United Germany
43 Talking Europe
44 From Helmut Kohl's 'little girl' to the most powerful woman in the world
45 Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl has died at age 87.
46 Photos: 'Sausage Summit' with Bill Clinton, Helmut Kohl in Milwaukee
47 In Pictures: Germany's Helmut Kohl and Russia
48 Helmut Kohl calls on EU leaders to take 'one step back' after Brexit vote
49 Helmut Kohl to sue former ghostwriter over unauthorised biography
50 Helmut Kohl Remains Role Model for Christian Democrats, says PMO Head Gulyás
51 Helmut Kohl snubs one-time protégée Angela Merkel
52 Helmut Kohl biography shows candid side of German leader
53 Margaret Thatcher's dislike of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl embarrassed diplomats
54 How Angela Merkel Went From Ignored to Person of the Year
55 Germany: Angela Merkel becomes second-longest-serving chancellor
56 Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl gets married
57 The tragedy of Helmut Kohl and his 'Lady Macbeth'
58 Germany's Kohl sought to repatriate Turks 30 years ago: report
59 The tortured life of Mrs Helmut Kohl
60 Death of Helmut Kohl: What Kohl Taught Me about the Germans
61 Helmut Kohl backs Orban's line on migration
62 The Kohl Protocols: A new book reveals how the former German Chancellor sees his fellow politicians
63 Germany's ex-Labor Minister Norbert Blüm dies
64 Kohl’s widow wanted Orbán, not Merkel to speak at memorial service
65 A conversation with Helmut Kohl
66 World leaders find way around Helmut Kohl's request for no state funeral
67 Kohl offered Thatcher secret access to reunification plans
68 Merkel Enlists Kohl as an Unlikely Ally
69 Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl To Receive PM Orbán At Private Residence
70 Opinion: Merkel and the CDU
71 Final Chapters: John G. Avildsen, Helmut Kohl, Bill Dana, Stephen Furst
72 Theresa May and Angela Merkel lead tributes to former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl
73 Germany's not-so-great reunifier
74 How George H.W. Bush made modern Europe
75 What German reunification can teach Kosovo
76 Germany's top court rules memoir recordings belong to Kohl
77 Walter Kohl takes personal and political aim at Merkel
78 Angela Merkel’s journey from ‘Mädchen’ to ‘Mutti’
79 'I acted like a dictator to bring in the euro': Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl admits power-trip forced
80 Helmut Kohl attack adds to pressure on Angela Merkel
81 Former German chancellor Helmut Kohl to remarry
82 Britain's Prince Philip makes final solo public appearance
83 Bush, Gorbachev, Kohl mark Berlin Wall's fall
84 Former Chancellor of Germany Retains Wit and Smoking Habit at 95
85 Warning to Merkel: Former leader says Germany 'can't become new home for migrants'
86 Helmut Schmidt obituary
87 Europe's odd couple
88 BBC NEWS | Europe | Kohl lambasts 'ice-cold' Thatcher
89 The Astonishing Rise of Angela Merkel
90 Germany gives credit, grants to finish Sri Lanka's Helmut Kohl hospital | EconomyNext
91 Europe: An uneven entente
92 Angela Merkel gets biggest victory since Helmut Kohl’s reunification vote
93 Helmut Kohl claims Thatcher's legacy was a lasting hostility to Europe
94 France and Germany to take front stage at 'historic times'
95 Professional Politeness: You Can Say You to Me
96 LankaWeb – Helmut Kohl's Unfulfilled Dream
97 Helmut Kohl's wife accused of hijacking husband's political legacy amid memoirs row
98 The day I met Helmut Schmidt, my chain-smoking father figure
99 Helmut Schmidt and Denis Healey, twin titans of another age
100 Book Review | '1989: The Struggle to Create Post-Cold War Europe,' by Mary Elise Sarotte