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1 Impala beats all odds, escapes wild dogs, crocodiles and hippos
2 First photos of Colorado's new baby hippo are here
3 ABQ BioPark Zoo welcomes baby hippo, cares for mom
4 Albuquerque zoo prepares to welcome baby hippo
5 Oh, baby! Hippo calf born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom bonding with mom
6 Colorado Zoo Welcomes First Baby Hippo in 32 Years
7 Whoa baby! Cheyenne Mountain Zoo gives update on baby hippo
8 Home Startup Hippo to Sell Policies for Businesses, Groups
9 Hip, hippo, hooray!: 50-pound surprise arrives at ABQ BioPark Zoo
10 Fact Check-Hippo is not on the loose after park fence torn down in Zuma protest
11 ABQ BioPark Welcomes New Baby Hippo | New Mexico News | US News
12 BioPark’s Karen the Hippo gives birth
13 Hippos, walruses and narwhals could get protection under expanded ivory ban
14 Kenya: Uproar As 10 Hippos Killed in One Week
15 S3 Ep43: Apple 0-day, pygmy hippos, hive nightmares and Twitter hacker bust [Podcast]
16 Do Hippos Count as Dragons: An Examination of Identity and Taxonomy
17 Hippo Gives Homebuyers Peace of Mind With Inspection Protection, a First-of-its-kind Protection Plan for New Homeowners
18 Former drug lord Pablo Escobar's cocaine hippos' rapid breeding destroying ecosystem
19 Government seeks views on extending world-leading ivory ban to protect hippos, walruses and narwhals
20 BioPark hippo pregnant
21 See the new baby hippo at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
22 Hippo debuts inspection insurance to cover homes’ structural issues
23 Baby hippo born at Disney's Animal Kingdom []
24 The making of The African Queen: cannibals, killer hippos and Katharine Hepburn’s floating loo
25 Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrates birth of hippo calf
26 Disney World: Baby gorilla, hippo arrived at Animal Kingdom this week
27 Hippo unveils homeowners association product
28 25-year-old researcher killed by hippo in Lake Victoria
29 So cute! Baby hippo, gorilla born at Florida Disney
30 The baby hippo is one week old and even more adorable
31 WATCH | One impala outsmarts 16 wild dogs, hippos and crocodiles
32 Hippo expands into commercial insurance | Insurance Business
33 Baby hippo becomes main attraction at Mexico zoo
34 SIGN: Ban Ivory Sales From Poached Hippos, Walruses and Whales
35 Pablo Escobar: Why scientists want to kill Colombia's hippos
36 Invasion of the hippos: Colombia is running out of time to tackle Pablo Escobar’s wildest legacy
37 Fat Hippo burger joint to open in Edinburgh's St James Quarter with quirky flavours and vegan options
38 Pablo Escobar's hippos have invaded Colombia's waterways and need to be culled, study says
39 Video: Hot hippo takes a dip to cool off
40 11 Hefty Facts About Hippos
41 Impala shakes off SIXTEEN hungry wild dogs by diving into a crocodile-infested dam
42 Strike a pose: Walter is top dog in an annual contest benefitting shelter pets
43 Colombia Has A Hippo Problem, Thanks To Pablo Escobar
44 Mexico zoo welcomes baby hippo
45 Colombia's 'cocaine hippos' must be culled, scientists say -- but not everyone agrees
46 Secret Base Reviews: Hippos
47 Hippos and anthrax: Studying hippo movement provides insights into anthrax outbreaks in Tanzania
48 Should we be worried about insurtech valuations?
49 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: We're In Love! Get To Know CMZoo's Brand-New Baby Hippo
50 PADI6 in hydatidiform moles | JIR
51 Jungle Cruise: Movie Character Comparisons To The Ride
52 Watch An Impala Take On 16 Wild Dogs And A Pod Of Angry Hippos In Croc-Infested Waters Yet Somehow Live To Tell The Story
53 Tapping into the forces behind Colombia's hippo crisis
54 Explained: Why scientists want Pablo Escobar’s hippos in Colombia culled
55 Watch: Fourways hippo FINALLY recaptured – at luxury living complex!
56 Human-hippo conflicts are exploding in a pristine patch of Kenya
57 Antiques Road Trip expert outraged over co-star’s ‘hippo’ insult ‘How dare you!’
58 Dan's Daily: Eichel Agents Shred Sabres, Penguins Offseason Analysis
59 How Colombia Can Get Rid of Pablo Escobar's Hippos
60 The Cheyenne Mountain Announces the Birth of Nile Hippopotamus
61 Hippos and Anthrax | The UCSB Current
62 ECOVIEWS: Where do hippopotamuses live?
63 Terrifying video captures crazed hippo chasing tourists on speedboat
64 12 Fun Hippo Facts
65 Colombia in conundrum over Pablo Escobar's hippos
66 ‘Hippos swim butterfly stroke?’: Video of the furious animal chasing tourists’ speedboat goes viral
67 Eat Them or Extradite Them
68 Skin deep: Aquatic skin adaptations of whales and hippos evolved independently: Hippos and cetaceans are close relatives, but their shared
69 Pablo Escobar's 'cocaine hippos' raise ecological dilemma
70 Pablo Escobar's hippos might be filling an ancient ecological niche
71 Baby Hippopotamus Born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs – CBS Sacramento
72 Hippo, possibly Hartbeespoort Dam's Harpo, dies during relocation
73 Thousands of miles from their home, Pablo Escobar's hippos are wreaking havoc | TheHill
74 No, hippos are not the deadliest animal in the world
75 How did hippo, whale and dolphin skin adapt to live in water? UCI study reveals evolutionary clues
76 You can soon see pygmy hippos at this popular NC science center. Take a look
77 An ancient hippo-sized reptile may have been surprisingly agile
78 Looking for a getaway? Visit one of these 12 arboretums or botanical gardens this summer
79 Pablo Escobar's Hippos Have Created an Ecological Crisis in Colombia
80 Tracks show ancient hippos wandered beaches, yes beaches, of Wyoming
81 Hippo Powerfully Smashes Watermelon in Single Bite in Incredible Viral Video
82 Excavating Hippos and the last Roman theater in the world
83 Colombia might have had enough of Pablo Escobar’s ‘Cocaine Hippos’
84 Scientists Want Pablo Escobar's Cocaine Hippos Dead
85 Insurance Startup Hippo to Go Public in $5 Billion SPAC Merger
86 Could Pablo Escobar's escaped hippos help the environment?
87 Wildebeest migration: The river crossing that dwarfs the rest
88 Hungry hungry hippo: San Antonio Zoo residents get watermelon treats
89 Raging elephant causes chaos at watering hole; baby hippo fights back
90 Ancient hippo-size reptile was a quick and ferocious killing machine
91 Hippo crushes watermelon with just a bite, shares it with friend. Watch
92 Breakthrough research examines the effects introduced animals had on Madagascar's extinct megafauna: Analysis reveals that extinct megafauna and domestic animals overlapped on Madagascar
93 Adelle The Pygmy Hippo Dies At Brookfield Zoo
94 Cocaine Hippos and Mafia Parrots: How Drug Lords Saved the Planet
95 Fiona the hippo plays around with mommy, netizens think it’s aww-dorable
96 What Do You Get When You Cross Hippos on Jet Skis With a Customer-Centric Approach?
97 Charlotte Latvala: Day trip turns into adventure post-COVID
98 Lu The Homosassa Hippo Is Getting Older, But He Still Draws A Crowd
99 Why San Francisco can't forget Hippo Burger, the wacky restaurant that closed in 1987
100 Okapi from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, 2 pygmy hippos join Greensboro Science Center family