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1 Revising China's History, to Glorify Xi Jinping The New York Times 16 days ago
2 West portrays a negative image that reflects its wishful thinking in face of China's rise: Martin Jacques Global Times 17 days ago
3 Xi plays up roles for private sector in China-Africa trade and finance South China Morning Post 2 days ago
4 India’s Modi Reminds Us Why Economics Just Isn’t His Thing Forbes 2 days ago
5 India and the US can roll back an aggressive PLA The Sunday Guardian Live 26 days ago
6 China's Tennis Mess Is an Unforced Soft Power Error Bloomberg 10 days ago
7 Amid signs of Cold War 2.0, China ups ante to be recognised as worlds pre-eminent power Firstpost 23 hours ago
8 ‘Xi tightened control over the PLA’ The Hindu 15 days ago
9 China Enters Era of Cultural Resolution International Policy Digest 13 days ago
10 What a US diplomatic boycott of the Olympics would mean CNN 15 days ago
11 Why is Taiwan crucial for the two superpowers? Deccan Herald 9 days ago
12 A Power Struggle Over Cobalt Rattles the Clean Energy Revolution The New York Times 12 days ago
13 The world is going authoritarian The Express Tribune 3 days ago
14 David Shambaugh on China's Political Personalities, From Mao to Xi The Diplomat 3 months ago
15 Analysis: China regulatory storm tests nerves, limits of top-down policy Reuters 4 months ago
16 Rosneft Oil : «Rosneft, USPTU and Tsinghua University agree on cooperation in education 3 days ago
17 China’s Communist Party Celebrates Centennial Voice of America 5 months ago
18 Was China's Hu Jintao softer and more balanced than Xi Jinping? You decide who's your Frankenstein Times Now 1 year ago
19 From Mao to Xi: how Communist Party leaders have shaped its ideology South China Morning Post 5 months ago
20 China's Growth Model Is in Crisis Jacobin magazine 10 days ago
21 After Xi: Future Scenarios for Leadership Succession in Post-Xi Jinping Era The Interpreter 7 months ago
22 Succeeding Xi Jinping War on the Rocks 2 months ago
23 China’s Communist Party goes back to the future in centenary curtain-raiser South China Morning Post 5 months ago
24 Jiang Zemin and the PRC’s first orderly transfer of power SupChina 2 months ago
25 Our five top financial markets risks for 2022 The Armchair Trader 2 days ago
26 Chinese press conferences of past 2 decades show a paradigm shift in Beijing`s diplomatic narratives Zee News 2 months ago
27 Australia caught in an election trap as Washington and Beijing do business The Sydney Morning Herald 1 day ago
28 Early Warning Brief: Xi Jinping Issues Tough Warnings to Enemies Within the Party Jamestown 4 months ago
29 Hu Jintao Fast Facts CNN 9 years ago
30 China’s Leader Attacks His Greatest Threat The Atlantic 10 months ago
31 Hu Jintao South China Morning Post 4 years ago
32 How the U.S. Misread China’s Xi: Hoping for a Globalist, It Got an Autocrat The Wall Street Journal 11 months ago
33 Research centres promoting Xi Jinping's ideas are proliferating The Economist 3 months ago
34 Opinion | Omicron Shows Corporate Media Critics of China's Zero-Covid Strategy Are Way Off the Mark Common Dreams 3 days ago
35 Was Hu Jintao a Failure? The Atlantic 9 years ago
36 China's Hu Jintao warns party of enemy within CNN 9 years ago
37 Reading the Xi leaves: what's next for the Chinese President The Interpreter 7 months ago
38 Internal rifts: Trying to heal the party's wounds The Economist 5 months ago
39 China's Hu seeks to exert influence long after he leaves power Washington Post 9 years ago
40 China's Hu Jintao urges party control, curb on corruption USA TODAY 9 years ago
41 Hu Jintao: the mysterious man behind China's 'harmonious society' Christian Science Monitor 12 years ago
42 Hu Jintao Tries to Cement Legacy Opposing Change New York Times 9 years ago
43 What Did Obama Say After the Bow to Chinese President Hu Jintao…? Spend Matters 11 years ago
44 5 Years Ago, China's Xi Jinping Was Largely Unknown. Now He's Poised To Reshape China NPR 4 years ago
45 Wang Huning: the man behind Xi Jinping 4 months ago
46 The Rise of the Xi Gang: Factional politics in the Chinese Communist Party Observer Research Foundation 10 months ago
47 Portrait of Hu Jintao appears in National Day mass pageantry_70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China Xinhua 2 years ago
48 Ex-president Hu Jintao’s son elected mayor of city in China South China Morning Post 5 years ago
49 Hu Jintao To Fully Retire [Report] Business Insider 9 years ago
50 Outlook India Photo Gallery Hu Jintao 5 years ago
51 Hu Jintao Takes US a Message of Harmony New York Times 11 years ago
52 Can Hu retain clout after handover? CNN 9 years ago
53 Hu Jintao's Legacy – Foreign Policy Foreign Policy 9 years ago
54 Son of former China boss Hu Jintao gets major promotion Taiwan News 3 years ago
55 Another Hu Jintao Ally Investigated for Graft the Diplomat 7 years ago
56 China's Hu Jintao steps down to clear the way for Xi Jinping Fox News 9 years ago
57 It's Official: The Man Who Ruled China Has All But Vanished Foreign Policy 7 years ago
58 Joe Biden Meets With The Man Who Is The Next Hu Jintao Business Insider 10 years ago
59 When China's Hu Jintao speaks on human rights, check his definition of the term Christian Science Monitor 11 years ago
60 Aide To Former Chinese President Hu Jintao Jailed For Life: Report NDTV 5 years ago
61 Key quotes from Hu Jintao's report to CPC congress 9 years ago
62 Chinese President Hu Jintao: A parting shot from the world’s most powerful man The Independent 9 years ago
63 Loaded Leisure: The Politics of Hu Jintao's Trip to Hunan Wall Street Journal 8 years ago
64 Hu Jintao makes surprise visit to his hometown of Taizhou South China Morning Post 9 years ago
65 Fomer Hu Jintao Aide Falls to President Xi's Anti-Corruption Drive The Diplomat 7 years ago
66 Former aide to ex-Chinese president Hu Jintao promoted to ministerial post South China Morning Post 7 years ago
67 In China, Former Presidential Aide Gets Life In Prison Over Bribes And Corruption NPR 5 years ago
68 Spain Has Indicted Hu Jintao Over Tibet the Diplomat 8 years ago
69 China Grooms Hu Jintao's Successor, Xi Jinping New York Times 11 years ago
70 Hu Jintao's Military Role in China Uncertain as Congress Winds Down New York Times 9 years ago
71 Hu Jintao Praises 'One Country, Two Systems' at Hong Kong Airport Wall Street Journal 9 years ago
72 President Hu Jintao's legacy seen as one of stability but stagnation South China Morning Post 9 years ago
73 China's President Hu Jintao goes to Washington Christian Science Monitor 11 years ago
74 Hu Jintao bristles: Back off on Tibet and Taiwan Christian Science Monitor 11 years ago
75 China's leader Hu Jintao retires after a decade stint in power Economic Times 9 years ago
76 Hong Kong Mood Is Dour as President Hu Jintao Returns New York Times 9 years ago
77 Retired president Hu Jintao makes rare public appearance in Hunan South China Morning Post 8 years ago
78 Former Chinese president Hu Jintao's aide arrested on corruption charges The Guardian 6 years ago
79 Charting China's Economy: A Decade Under Hu Jintao WSJ 9 years ago
80 "I saw a completely different China. Yan'an was the shape of things to come in China." — Israel Epstein, the Man Who Helped Xinhua News Agency Send Its First English Dispatch Global Times 7 months ago
81 Why Tibet, the `western treasure house` is important to China WION 1 year ago
82 US-China relations warm as Obama and Hu Jintao meet Christian Science Monitor 12 years ago
83 State Dinner for Hu Jintao of China a Danger Zone for Obama New York Times 11 years ago
84 Hu Jintao's Limits Come Into Focus as China Rises New York Times 11 years ago
85 Hu Jintao clears way for Xi Jinping at pivotal congress FRANCE 24 9 years ago
86 Why the world needs boring but effective leaders like Hu Jintao, rather than trumpeting swans and… South China Morning Post 5 years ago
87 North Korea Last Hosted a Chinese President in 2005. Here’s How It Went. The New York Times 2 years ago
88 Hu Jintao warns graft threatens existence of party and nation South China Morning Post 9 years ago
89 China's Leader Pushes Back at Lady Gaga and Western Culture New York Times 10 years ago
90 Chinas future in reforms, not Maoism: Hu Jintao Firstpost 9 years ago
91 Hu Jintao leaves China richer, more powerful, more unequal CTV News 9 years ago
92 Chinese strategy is clear: The world has much to think about Observer Research Foundation 10 months ago
93 Party Opens an Inquiry Into a Onetime Aide to China’s Ex-Leader New York Times 7 years ago
94 China's president Hu Jintao steps down after ten years in power to make way for his successor, Xi Jinping Daily Mail 9 years ago
95 Reading Hu Jintao's mind – Foreign Policy Foreign Policy 12 years ago
96 Former Chinese presidential aide sentenced to life in prison CNN 5 years ago
97 Ling Jihua: China jails top Hu Jintao aide for corruption BBC News 5 years ago
98 Spanish court indicts former Chinese President Hu Jintao over Tibet abuse The Independent 8 years ago
99 Hu Jintao Personally Intervened To Uncover The Alleged US Spy Business Insider 9 years ago
100 Jiang Zemin's allies set to eclipse Hu Jintao's on new Standing Committee South China Morning Post 9 years ago