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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 The big idea: should animals have the same rights as humans? The Guardian 18 hours ago
2 Did eating meat make us human? New research casts some doubt NBC News 10 hours ago
3 Humans are so social that we try to fit in with robots Popular Science 1 day ago
4 learn tool use from others and may be more similar to humans than first thought, research says Sky News 10 hours ago
5 Here's How Humans Might Beat Other Intelligent Life in a Science Fictional Space Race 16 hours ago
6 Humans may need to have sex like dolphins or stick partners to the wall if they want to romp in space,... The US Sun 10 hours ago
7 Can dogs understand humans? Inside the complex cognition of canines Inverse 19 hours ago
8 Humans do a poor job of calculating risk. That's terrible for the climate crisis CNN 2 days ago
9 Elon Musk's Brain Chip Company Is Preparing to Launch Human Trials IGN 13 hours ago
10 3 reasons why humans are the strongest defense against phishing attacks PropertyCasualty360 1 day ago
11 Animals That Infect Humans Are Scary. It’s Worse When We Infect Them Back. The New York Times 17 hours ago
12 10 fascinating findings about our human ancestors from 2021 21 days ago
13 Word from the Smokies: Living with bears today requires humans to adjust behavior Citizen Times 3 days ago
14 Modern humans lived in eastern Africa 38000 years earlier than thought 11 days ago
15 Emma is Unity's Lifelike 'Virtual Human' Who Can Potentially Mean Big Things For Games IGN 7 hours ago
16 How trucking can combat human trafficking FleetOwner 17 hours ago
17 Pet of the Week: Tiger loves to have fun with humans and other dogs South Bend Tribune 2 days ago
18 Is it ethical to use animals as organ farms for humans? Yahoo News 2 days ago
19 Human trafficking sting nets 10 arrests after 2 days WREG NewsChannel 3 9 hours ago
20 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria kill 1.2 million a year — more than HIV/AIDS : Goats and Soda NPR 4 days ago
21 Florida man charged in Canada-U.S. human-smuggling scheme at Manitoba border to be released from custody 18 hours ago
22 Study finds humans depend on multiple body maps The Siasat Daily 17 hours ago
23 Aviva adds human rights to ethical investment drive Reuters 17 hours ago
24 Humans probably didn’t mean to tame sheep and goats Popular Science 5 days ago
25 Hundreds of boys ‘human shields’ in Islamic State prison breakout The Guardian 8 hours ago
26 Modern humans developed a more effective protection against oxidative stress Science Daily 20 days ago
27 Landing therapeutic genes safely in the human genome Science Daily 6 hours ago
28 In Cho Gi-Seok’s Striking Photographs, Humans and Nature Coexist in Uneasy Ways Artsy 5 days ago
29 DOD Is Making Significant Strides in Countering Human Trafficking, Official Says Department of Defense 9 hours ago
30 Sars-CoV-2 spike protein activates human endogenous retroviruses in blood cells 17 hours ago
31 AI in workplace to assist humans, not replace them, says QF expert Gulf Times 11 hours ago
32 Visualizing Human Evolution with a New Ancient Human Species Visual Capitalist 25 days ago
33 ‘The Book of Dog’: Humans think they’re rescuing dogs, but perhaps it’s dogs who rescue humans 1 day ago
34 Samaritan House to open facility for survivors of human trafficking in Virginia Beach 3 hours ago
35 Survivor shares her own story during Human Trafficking Awareness Month NEWS10 ABC 9 hours ago
36 Female dolphins have a clitoris much like humans’ Science News Magazine 15 days ago
37 How humans could live two years longer: Cut air pollution 29 days ago
38 The Humans Review | Movie Empire 28 days ago
39 Winter Olympics sponsors lie low as US alleges China human rights abuse New York Post 13 hours ago
40 Human trafficking prevention 19 hours ago
41 African Cup of Nations: At least 8 dead in human crush in Cameroon The Jerusalem Post 9 hours ago
42 UN Reviews Venezuela's Poor Human Rights Record Human Rights Watch 1 day ago
43 Amnesty launches game app to make human rights learning accessible Amnesty International 24 hours ago
44 Murphy nominates acting Human Services Commissioner to run N.J.’s most demanding department 13 hours ago
45 A human right to nature: The people suing governments for environmental damage BBC Science Focus Magazine 1 day ago
46 2 Arrested In South San Francisco In Kidnapping, Human Trafficking Case CBS San Francisco 7 hours ago
47 Michigan State Police joins forces to fight human trafficking WWMT-TV 14 hours ago
48 Gov. Edwards to hold news conference on newly created Office of Human Trafficking Prevention WAFB 8 hours ago
49 Aquarium of the Pacific’s Festival of Human Abilities to be in-person again Long Beach Press Telegram 17 hours ago
50 Human rights: EU adopts conclusions on EU priorities in United Nations human rights fora in 2022 EU News 18 hours ago
51 CPI 2021: Corruption, human rights and democracy -… 2 hours ago
52 Patricia Avery, a top human services official in Hennepin County, dies Minneapolis Star Tribune 8 hours ago
53 Syria under fire at UN Human Rights Council over ‘appalling’ record The Times of Israel 10 hours ago
54 Reward offered for human trafficking suspect 14 hours ago
55 Nuclear energy too costly for humans — and the planet Khmer Times 13 hours ago
56 Amy Schumer Talks The Humans in Video Interview IndieWire 26 days ago
57 Utah fire officials grateful for over 900 fewer human-caused wildfires in 2021, crediting ‘Fire Sense’ ABC 4 10 hours ago
58 Detroit: Become Human Should Have Just Been About Connor TheGamer 15 hours ago
59 Scottsdale Police Department working to combat human trafficking in the state 20 hours ago
60 Guidance for Annual Raise Process given to Human Resources UNCSA 12 hours ago
61 Jax deputies investigating after human remains found WMBB 9 hours ago
62 Human rights complaint against Loblaws over masks dismissed | CTV News CTV News Vancouver 14 hours ago
63 Is Dying Light 2 Stay Human crossplay? Upcomer 9 hours ago
64 Humans would probably start eating each other in space 30 days ago
65 Human Season 1 Review: A compelling medical thriller packed with some brilliant performances Times of India 11 days ago
66 Human Chimerism: A Guide to Becoming Two People at Once Interesting Engineering 30 days ago
67 Human case of avian flu detected in UK GOV.UK 19 days ago
68 Most dangerous common houseplants to avoid including peace lily and snake plant 5 days ago
69 Russian court orders closure of country’s oldest human rights group The Guardian 28 days ago
70 Human rights considerations for vaccine passports and certificates Australian Human Rights Commission 1 day ago
71 What if other human species hadn't died out BBC News 4 months ago
72 How would Earth be different if modern humans never existed? 3 months ago
73 Newly named human species may be the direct ancestor of modern humans 3 months ago
74 The Humans movie review & film summary (2021) Roger Ebert 2 months ago
75 Survival of the friendliest? Why Homo sapiens outlived other humans New Scientist 2 months ago
76 Humans Are Doomed to Go Extinct Scientific American 2 months ago
77 The Humans We Haven't Met Yet SAPIENS 2 months ago
78 When humans are gone, what animals might evolve to have our smarts and skills? 1 month ago
79 At least 2 bipedal human species lived nearly 3.7 million years ago NPR 2 months ago
80 Gene Variant May Have Helped Ancient Humans Survive Starvation Scientific American 24 days ago
81 How Humans Survived the Ice Age DISCOVER Magazine 2 months ago
82 Try, try and try again: why did modern humans take so long to settle in Europe? The Guardian 2 months ago
83 Will humans ever be immortal? 4 months ago
84 Why are we the only human species left on the planet? EL PAÍS in English 7 months ago
85 Ancient Footprints Suggest Humans Arrived In Americas During Ice Age The New York Times 4 months ago
86 Scientists Say There May Be "Humans" All Over the Universe Futurism 2 months ago
87 How Humans Lost Their Tails The New York Times 4 months ago
88 Are humans at the top of the food chain? 2 months ago
89 Why We Forgive Humans More Readily Than Machines Scientific American 3 months ago
90 What are Homo sapiens? 8 months ago
91 Comparing neurons across species: Why are humans different? Medical News Today 2 months ago
92 How dogs became humans' best friends: from Neanderthals to now 2 months ago
93 Humans Have a Rival When It Comes to Ecological Mayhem Sierra Magazine 1 month ago
94 A Shifting Climate Gave Humans Many Opportunities to Leave Africa The New York Times 5 months ago
95 Study finds a striking difference between neurons of humans and other mammals MIT News 3 months ago
96 In ‘The Humans,’ Richard Jenkins Unearths a Terrible Secret and Another Career-High Performance IndieWire 2 months ago
97 Beanie Feldstein and Steven Yeun in ‘The Humans’: Film Review | TIFF 2021 Hollywood Reporter 5 months ago
98 Five Human Species You May Not Know About SAPIENS 4 months ago
99 Brains are getting smaller in modern humans PsyPost 2 months ago
100 New type of ancient human discovered in Israel BBC News 7 months ago