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1 3rd generation chaebol Hwang Hana sentenced to 2 years in prison for second illegal drug use offense
2 Hwang Ha Na says she truly "misses her husband" as she prepares to be sentenced to prison
3 Newly revealed voice recording of Hwang Ha Na and her deceased boyfriend Mr. Oh raises questions about his death
4 [TW] Yoochun's ex-girlfriend hospitalized after a suicide attempt
5 Hwang Ha Na, the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy Product's founder, arrested and indicted on charges of drug administration and theft
6 [TW] Yoochun's ex-girlfriend posts an image of self-harm on her social media
7 Investigations reveal that Hwang Ha Na's acquaintance, Mr. Nam, is actually a member of a large drug cartel in Korea
8 The woman who reported Hwang Ha Na's theft caught with drugs at a motel
9 Hwang Ha Na Reveals She Used Illegal Drugs At Celebrity Friend's Suggestion
10 Jungkook: BTS member romantically linked to Park Yoochun's ex-fiancé Hwang Hana and here's why
11 Update: Hwang Ha Na Receives Suspended Sentence For Illegal Drug Use Case + Released From Detention Center
12 Park Yoochun Denies Allegations Of Coercing Hwang Ha Na Into Using Illegal Drugs
13 Hwang Ha Na Arrested For Charges Of Drug Usage + New Reports Accuse Her Of Sharing Hidden Camera Footage
14 Yoochun's ex fiancé Hwang Hana urges fans not to spread malicious rumours about her and BTS singer Jungkook
15 Yoochun's ex-fiancé Hwang Hana asks netizens to stop spreading false rumors about her and BTS's Jungkook
16 Hwang Ha-na transferred to prosecution for alleged drug use
17 JYJ singer Park Yoochun says he did not supply former fiancee with drugs
18 Park Yoochun Continues To Deny Allegations + Hwang Ha Na May Be Called In For Joint Questioning
19 “Unanswered Questions” Investigates Connection Between Hwang Ha Na And Burning Sun
20 Hwang Ha Na Suspected Of Drug Usage And Distribution + Suspicions Raised Over Chaebol Ties
21 SBS 'The Its Know' reveals link between Burning Sun, Hwang Hana, Lin Samo, celebrities & more
22 Police Announce Hwang Ha Na's Case Will Be Forwarded To Prosecutors + Investigating Park Yoochun At His Own Request
23 MBC Reports On Hwang Ha Na's Alleged Drug Use, Frequenting Burning Sun, And Favorable Treatment During Investigation
24 Namyang Dairy Products Releases Another Statement Denying Connection To Hwang Ha Na's Personal Affairs
25 Watch: Jo Yeo Jeong's New Drama “High Class” Holds Script Reading And Unveils First Teaser Posters
26 K-Dramas are good for life lessons too
27 Hyun Bin: Having the time of his life
28 [*UPDATE*] Hwang Hana Is Active On Her Personal SNS Although She Was "Arrested"
29 Headlines note Hwang Hana's return to social media shortly after Yoochun's fan website opening
30 Park Yoochun And Former Fiancée Hwang Ha Na Confirmed To Have Broken Up
31 Hwang Hana allegedly bribed a friend to take the blame in the illegal drug case
32 [Top Bankers] Woori Bank seeks out-of-box business strategies for digital innovation
33 Netizens React: Hwang Hana Sentenced to Probation
34 Fans notice Yoochun removed tattoo of ex-fiancee in first Instagram post in over a year
35 An insider reveals that Hwang Hana frequently met with Seungri and CEO Lee Munho at Burning Sun
36 Court approves arrest of Namyang scion on drug charges
37 JYJ Member Yoochun And Hwang Ha Na Called Off Engagement; Korean Socialite Refuses To Reveal Reason Of Breakup
38 Park Yoochun Reported To Have Used Drugs Since Summer Of 2018
39 Yoochun's ex-fiancee Hwang Hana faces 2 years in prison for illegal drug case
40 Police Reportedly Collect Evidence Of Park Yoochun's Alleged Drug Use + Ban Him From Leaving The Country
41 Did singer Park Yoochun send money to dealer before picking up drug package?
42 Namyang Dairy Products Chairman Releases Official Apology Regarding Hwang Ha Na's Controversies
43 No wedding bells for JYJ's Park Yoo Chun
44 EX-JYJ's Park Yoochun Admits Using Drugs When He Reunited With Former Girlfriend Hwang Hana; Idol's
45 Reporter reveals why Yoochun and Hwang Hana broke up
46 Namyang chief resigns over false yogurt claim, vows not to hand down management
47 Yoochun, Hwang Hana Split 2018: JYJ Star Ends Engagement With Ex Fiancee Because She’s Too Popular?
48 JYJ’s Park Yoochun Spotted with Fiancée, Dispatch Shared Photos, Hwang Hana Denied Relationship and Marriag
49 Korean actor Park Yoo-chun apologetic after being sentenced to 2-year probation and fine
50 JYJ’s Yoochun & Hwang Hana Wedding: Marriage Date Confirmed!
51 Hwang Hana And Park Yoo Chun Caught Dating In Seoul
52 "All malicious comments and replies will be blocked”: JYJ Yoochun’s Hwang Hana Instagram Return
53 K-pop star Park Yoo-chun confesses to taking drugs, loses legal representative
54 Park Yoochun Reportedly Gets Tattoo Of Fiancée's Face
55 Namyang Dairy chairman resigns after yogurt COVID-19 prevention claims
56 South Korean actor Park Yoo-chun arrested after testing positive for drug use and 'concerns of destroying evid
57 Hwang Hana's SNS activity vowing to never marry creates buzz online in light of Yoochun's upcoming comeback fan meeting
58 Chaebol scions get access to drug overseas
59 Prosecution Requests Prison Sentence And Fine For Park Yoochun
60 The Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra Will Perform GEUMAK This Summer
61 Hwang Hana shows off her fancy Valentine's Day gift from JYJ's Yoochun
62 [ANALYSIS] With Lee's release from prison, Samsung shares set to rise
63 Ko Jin-young, Jang Ha-na take joint lead at Hana Championship
64 Dear Oppa: A Filipino fan details how Yoo Yeon Seok's Dr. Romantic became her 'all time favourite K drama'
65 What Connor Chapman will bring to FC Seoul
66 Guest Column: Opportunities for Daejeon Hana Citizen
67 Park Yoochun Receives Probation Sentence For Purchasing And Using Drugs + Apologizes To Fans
68 The 15 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of 2021
69 Netizenbuzz: Hwang Hana reported to have been one of the women on the night of Yang Hyun Suk's scandal
70 Park Yoo-chun appears in court for illegal drug use trial, actor breaks down into tears during apology
71 (LEAD) Police raid home of singer-actor Park Yoo-chun in drug probe
72 'Heart Signal 3' male cast member under fire for alleged connection to Seungri's 'Burning Sun' club director & Yoochun's ex-fiancee Hwang Hana
73 Park Yoochun Reportedly Tests Positive For Drugs
74 Police hit for poor probe into drug allegation of Namyang Dairy founder's granddaughter
75 Park Yoochun Forwarded To Prosecution For Violating The Narcotics Control Act
76 He Built a $10 Billion Investment Firm. It Fell Apart in Days.
77 Media Reports Suggest Park Yoochun Purchased Drugs
78 K-pop and drama star Park Yoochun arrested for buying illegal drugs
79 Park Yu-chun apologizes on air for lying about drug use last year
80 JYJ's Park Yoochun Reportedly Detained After Testing Positive For Drugs
81 Singer Park Yoo-chun has used drugs since last summer: police
82 Season Review: Daejeon Hana Citizen
83 8 Actors & Actresses Who Played High School Students In Their 30s
84 Hana Financial to end financing of coal power plants Hana Financial Group announced plans to achieve
85 2021 Season Preview: Daejeon Hana Citizen
86 Hwang In Yeop Is Cold And Unyielding As He Confronts Park Yoo Na In “True Beauty”
87 Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop, And Choi Sung Eun Confirmed For New Drama About Magic
88 Park Yoo Chun ordered to pay woman in sex assault case
89 Best Korean Dramas on Netflix Right Now
90 Park Yoochun's Management Announces His Marriage In June But Fiance Claims Its All A Lie
91 Yoochun's fiancee returns to social media | allkpop
92 Let's assure my culture's contributions are part of U.S. history
93 South Korea shaken by rising drug use, celebrity scandals
94 Hana Financial Group establishes foundation to help the young
95 'Gone too soon': Tributes pour in for late World Cup hero Yoo Sang-chul
96 Hwang Jung Min, Girls' Generation's YoonA, And More Gather For 1st Script Reading Of Upcoming JTBC Office Drama
97 Prosecutors indict singer Park Yoo-chun on drug use charges
98 Hwang Shin Hye Makes A Shocking Announcement In “Homemade Love Story”
99 JYJ's Park Yoochun Writes First Personal Message To Fans After Controversy
100 Park Yu-chun defies drug-use probation to hold fan meeting