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1 Elephant Island: An Oasis for Fin Whales in an Icy Sea
2 A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will launch NASA's Europa Clipper mission to icy Jupiter moon
3 Scotland's icy summer turns pals into cannibals | Scotland
4 Cruise ships could sail now-icy Arctic seas by century's end
5 Icy weather good for some SA crops
6 A lander on Jupiter's icy moon Europa may have to dig at least 1 foot down to find signs of life
7 20 Teen Angst Anthems to Melt Your Icy, Black Heart
8 Hubble Finds First Evidence of Water Vapor at Jupiter's Moon Ganymede
9 Jahnvi Kapoor or Sara Ali Khan? Who wore the icy blue Cinderella dress better
10 Cute Tassie Devil Does the 'Snow Shake' on Icy Cradle Mountain
11 Twenty One Pilots Showcase Stunning Style with 'Scaled and Icy'
12 Gwen Stefani Spotted With Ex-Husband Gavin Rossdale For Icy Reunion Weeks After Pop Star Gets Hitched To Blake Shelton
13 Island County pays another $9 million for crash at icy curve
14 Widow files lawsuit over husband’s death in icy I-35 Fort Worth pileup
15 Icequakes likely rumble along geyser-spitting fractures in Saturn's icy moon Enceladus
16 The secret to the formation of brinicles – icy fingers of death
17 Fire crews to the rescue as snow and ice hit Tasmanian roads
18 "My ego got in my way"
19 Israel's icy reception for Ben and Jerry's – Middle East Monitor
20 Ben Affleck Is Unrecognizable with Icy Blond Hairstyle & Matching Goatee in ‘The Last Duel’ Directed by Ridley Scott
21 Jersey Skies: Discovery of a mega comet
22 Here Are the Mainstream Cruise Ships Set to Sail in Alaska
23 Roush Review: A Harrowing Journey Into the Icy 'North Water'
24 An Icy Twist for a Sizzling Summer
25 PICS | Icy weather makes landfall in Western Cape
26 Three icy cocktails to keep you cool during the heatwave
27 They're back: Large cruise ships return to Southeast Alaska
28 Twenty One Pilots On 'Scaled And Icy' & Livestream Show
29 Rare Icy Pillar Of Death Forms Under Antarctic Waters, Trapping Sea Creatures Fatally
30 Gordon Ramsay’s harrowing near-death experience after plunging off cliff into icy water
31 Many IMA 1999 batch cadets were eager to join action in Kargil War: Ex-army officer
32 Mystery viruses found in ancient China glacier may help hunt for signs of life on Mars
33 Spice Reveals Icy Cover Art For “10” Album, Pre-Order It Now
34 Mysteries of the Oort Cloud at the Edge of Our Solar System
35 Icy roads disrupt traffic in Joburg
36 Emergency services encourages safety during icy temperatures
37 Truck crash closes Masterton-Castlepoint Rd, Wairarapa; police urge care on icy roads
38 As it happened: Antarctic blast sets in, snowfall, icy temperatures to hit the North Island
39 Impacts Churn the Surface of Europa
40 “You can only fake that so much” – Chelsea Green suggests that WWE Tough Enough may have been fixed
41 England's win over Germany helps thaw icy relations between William and Harry
42 Calvin Johnson Shares Candid Opinion of Rod Wood
43 Icy Conditions On South Island Highways – 10 Am Update Tuesday
44 Matt Richards is the teenage swimmer who trained in a paddling pool!
45 Highway closed after snowy blast hits West Coast and Cradle Mountain
46 Alarming rise in suicide cases linked to economic crisis, but Modi govt seems oblivious to it all
47 The mysteries of the icy cloud around our Solar System
48 Mountain Men Season 10 Episode 9 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online
49 Explaining the icy mystery of the Dyatlov Pass deaths
50 Gucci Mane Welcomes New 1017 Signee Hotboy Wes With Icy Chain
51 Power outages linger for millions as another icy storm looms
52 News . News . Probing for Life in the Icy Crusts of Ocean Worlds A technique for scanning
53 Icy clouds could have kept early Mars warm enough for rivers and lakes, study finds
54 Widespread power outages, icy conditions hobble food supply
55 Sweden Shows Texas How to Keep Turbines Going in Icy Weather
56 A forgotten Cold War experiment has revealed its icy secret. It’s bad news for the planet.
57 From Cornell to NASA to an icy moon of Jupiter | Cornell Chronicle
58 At least six dead, dozens injured in 130-car pileup on icy Texas interstate
59 Montgomery County Icy Roads case nets more convictions
60 Icy Conditions Caused Loons To Fall From Sky. After Being Rehabbed, They're Back In The Wild.
61 Exclusive Excerpt: An Icy Death at the Bottom of the World
62 Montgomery County Icy Roads case: woman to deliver baby and return to custody
63 Pegasus snooping: West Bengal govt forms inquiry panel to look into the row
64 'Oumuamua May Be an Icy Fragment of a Pluto-Like Exoplanet
65 Winter Storm Brings Icy Temperatures and Cuts Power Across U.S.
66 Formation of chiral CO polyhedral crystals on icy interstellar grains
67 Icy Conditions Expected Across Central N.C. on Thursday
68 Icy microneedles deliver cells across skin
69 Charges dropped in Icy Roads meth case after officer talks to suspect -- without attorney
70 Driving safely in bad weather: Should you be using your headlights in the rain? Absolutely
71 Warm Hearts at an Icy Elopement
72 Texas’ Icy Disaster Makes the Case for Uniting the US Grid
73 In an icy driveway, these neighbors find warmth and comfort as a merciless pandemic rages around them
74 Icy Road Conditions Expected Saturday Night
75 Two giant icy balls in space could change our understanding of stars
76 ‘Oumuamua may be a chip knocked off an icy, Pluto-like exoplanet
77 Icy Roads drug case: Woman accused of running 'trap house' gets five years
78 Icy conditions cause numerous wrecks across Middle Tennessee
79 'It was insane': Icy roads caused 21-vehicle wreck on I-24 in Nashville
80 Stereotypes have fueled a tourism boom in Europe’s icy North. Can things change?
81 Icy Storm Barrels Across Central U.S., Leaving Millions Without Power
82 Icy weather chills Texas wind energy as deep freeze grips much of U.S.
83 Photos: Tulsa and surrounding communities get hit by icy weather
84 Researchers Use Sound to Determine How Many Krill Live Beneath the Icy Surface of the Southern Ocean
85 DOTD: Drivers should avoid elevated roads, bridges due to icy conditions
86 Europa’s icy shell may have pockets of water that could support life
87 D.C.-area forecast: Icy roads and sidewalks this morning, thawing out this afternoon; another active week ahead
88 Messy Winter Weather This Week, Including Icy Mix Tonight
89 'Icy Hot' Pain Patch Marketing Is Deceptive, Rival Claims
90 Pluto's atmosphere gets its blue haze from icy organic compounds, study suggests
91 Snow Flurries, Icy Conditions Continue Tuesday in DC Area
92 Twenty One Pilots talks to YP about their new album, ‘Scaled and Icy’
93 Image . An Icy Scarp in the Southern Mid-latitudes
94 Bodycam video captures dog rescued from icy lake by Manteno police officers, Good Samaritans
95 Fossils in a Forgotten Ice Core Rewrite Greenland’s Icy Past
96 Icy ocean worlds seismometer passes further testing in Greenland
97 Scientists' drill accidentally unleashes a flood of icy water — and data
98 Exoplanets And Icy Moons Among Major Themes Of European Space
99 Tennessee woman jumps into icy swimming pool to rescue dog
100 Charge dropped against Black man walking on icy Texas street