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1 EPA opens review of chemical recycling rules
2 Novel chemical entities: Are we sleepwalking through a planetary boundary?
3 IPEN, SAICM Report on Chemicals' Disproportionate Impacts on Women | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
4 Rosatom to supply Brazil with key medical isotopes
5 Mining exposes Indigenous women in Latin America to high mercury levels
6 DocuSign : A Guide to Remote Online Notarization
7 'Significant toxic hazards': Report highlights growing risks from plastics recycling
8 COLUMN: Holistic options can help with childhood asthma
9 Our Plastic Is Poisoning Eggs Eaten by the World's Poor, Study Finds – Mother Jones
10 Plastics and toxic chemicals are killing fish — and poisoning us
11 Playground Equipment Contains Dangerous Levels of Lead: IPEN Studies | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
12 IPEN Studies Evaluate SDG Links with Pesticide Trends in Eastern Europe | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
13 Apple's iPen could be far more awesome than we thought
14 World's biggest chemicals problems 'have not changed' in five years, Ipen says
15 Household Plastic Products Disrupt Endocrine System, Threaten Human Health | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
16 Why must Bolivia's Ese ejja communities stop eating fish?
17 The recycling myth: A plastic waste solution littered with failure
18 Ipen criticises Japan and Australia over POPs assessments
19 Health threat of plastics outlined in authoritative report
20 Chemicals in plastic wastes contaminate food chain – study
21 The oil and chemical industry is lobbying against landmark global regulation of microplastic chemicals
22 Plastics pose threat to human health, report shows
23 Cregle's iPen is not the first digitizer pen for your iPad, despite claims on Kickstarter (updated)
24 Plastic recycling could be more dangerous than you think
25 Tax chemicals industry to help curb pollution internationally, experts propose
26 ipen: Apple may release stylus phone
27 Apple Sheds More Light on their iPen & Graphics Program
28 Plastic waste linked to egg contamination
29 iPen 3D Printing Pen Designed For Children From $49
30 Toxins in plastic blamed for health, environment hazards
31 Groups propose 0.5% global fee on basic chemicals
32 This is how handwriting with the iPen will work on the iPad Pro
33 PH policy banning lead paints recognized globally
34 Is Apple working on an iPEN? Patent reveals plans for a spy-like smart stylus complete with laser pointer and
35 Plastics Industry a Casualty of 'Scientific Illiteracy'
36 Apple iPad 4 will sport iPen stylus, reports claim
37 China seeks loophole as U.N. nears pact banning toxic chemical: activists
38 Philippines recognized for banning lead in paints
39 VA Updates Lender Guidance for Borrowers Affected by COVID-19
40 Nnamdi Kanu not Igbo, family roots traced to Cameroon
41 iPen Portable Lightning Connected External Storage (video)
42 iPen 2 Aims To Let You Write Directly On Your iMac Or iPad Screen
43 How e-closings expedite the mortgage process
44 Researchers develop new composite membrane for direct ethanol fuel cells
45 Environmental groups propose tax on basic chemical manufacturing
46 The best stylus for iPad: we review the hits and misses
47 IPEN's Larissa Obediente wins Miss Queen of the Continents Pageant
48 Plastic waste from Western countries is polluting Indonesia
49 Western plastics 'poisoning Indonesian food chain'
50 Africa: Chemical Industry Targets Kenya for Dumping Plastic, Chemical Waste
51 Remote Online Notarization – The New Norm? | Whitman Legal Solutions, LLC
52 Is Apple’s next product the stylus Steve Jobs said nobody wanted?
53 Mercury Poisoning Is Becoming a Global Public-Health Crisis
54 Mortgage E-Closing: What Home Buyers Need to Know
55 Rocket Mortgage Is The First Mortgage Lender Able To Perform eClosings In All 50 States
56 Alliance Calls for Declaration on Strengthening SAICM Beyond 2020 | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
57 SAICM/GEF Project Aims to Help Indonesia Develop National Standard to Regulate Lead Paint | News | SDG Knowledge Hub | IISD
58 Quicken Loans can now do electronic mortgage closings in all 50 states
59 Was Your Smartphone Built in a Sweatshop?
60 Laser machining services for industry and R&D for medical and dental sector
61 Toxic pollutants from burnt plastic taint eggs in Kenya and Tanzania
62 Quicken Loans announces ability to perform eClosings in all 50 states
63 What Apple's Vibrating Pen Tells Us About the Future of Everything
64 High Levels of Toxic PFAS Chemicals Pollute Breast Milk Around the World
65 Opinion: Defusing the toxic timebomb of invisible ocean pollutants
66 Study finds Penang playgrounds contain dangerous levels of lead
67 Women of childbearing age around world suffering toxic levels of mercury
68 180 nations agree on a new UN accord to curb export of plastic waste
69 Rotten eggs: e-waste from Europe poisons Ghana's food chain
70 Brazil Is Creating Massive PFOS Contamination
71 Apple Stylus for iPad Pro set to launch, analyst claims
72 Culture Meets Nuclear Science in Brazil | IAEA
73 Brazil's Nuclear Posture Under Bolsonaro
74 U.S. Open 2017: The seven best qualifying stories entering Erin Hills
75 Mercury poisoning widespread as even UN delegates test positive
76 Indonesia Lets Plastic Burning Continue Despite Warning on Toxins
77 Brazil to export enriched uranium
78 The menace of lead poisoning
79 Nuclear Law Course Held in Lima, Peru, 12 to 15 June 2017
80 Is the burst of the AFFF bubble a precursor to long term environmental liabilities?
81 Quicken Loans closes mortgage refi with a remote online notary
82 Training the Trainers: Developing a Capacity Building Programme to Ensure the Sustainable Operation of Nuclear Research Reactors in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region
83 Why do people eat placentas?
84 Smoothie court case leaves nasty taste in the mouth for placenta fans
85 Placenta smoothies firm in Hertfordshire shut down over 'health risk'
86 Explosion at China Chemical Plant Kills 64; Employees Detained
87 Paints with dangerous lead levels widely sold in Nigeria
88 India is discarding needles but reusing syringes – and this is spreading disease
89 With zero stop medicine production in Brazil, cancer patients may have impaired treatment – Bolivar Commercial
90 Bolsonaro sanctions law that withdraws more than R$600 million in funds for science and research | Policy