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1 IRGC Navy Commander Underlines Maintaining Highest Level of Preparedness
2 IRGC Navy ready to firmly defend ideals of Islamic Revolution
3 US Navy Says It Is Assisting A Tanker Attacked In The Arabian Sea
4 IRGC ground force armed with missiles and other new arms
5 Another IRGC General Demands Parliament Pass Internet Censorship Bill
6 Lawmakers Survey: 94% of Sailors Say 'Damaging Operational Failures' Related to Navy Culture, Leadership Problems
7 US, UK and Bahrain to conclude trilateral Persian Gulf naval drills
8 Has Iran launched a new stealth missile boat?
9 IRGC official urged Iraq militias to continue hitting US, report
10 Iran's New Missile Corvette Could Reshape IRGC Naval Doctrine
11 Iran's Navy Chief Says Vessels In The Atlantic Are A Message To the US
12 Iranian attack boats harassed US warships in Persian Gulf again on Monday, Navy says
13 Iranian Navy fleet shows off power in Saint Petersburg
14 33 years after getting demolished by the US, Iran's navy is flexing its new muscles
15 State Department Reportedly Looking Into Allegation Qatar Funded IRGC
16 Mysterious Ship In Iranian Shipyard Is Likely IRGC's New Flagship
17 Israel and Iran Are Tanking Their Own Security
18 Does Iran think Israel is vulnerable at sea?
19 Protesting Mothers Of Those Killed During Iran Protests Arrested In Tehran
20 Iranian IRGC Navy says it monitors US signals in Gulf
21 Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Note No. 1: IRGC-Navy Unveils Naval Carrier, Shahid Roudaki and New Drones, Helicopters, and Speed Boats
22 Iran rejects Pentagon's claim, denounces U.S. 'unprofessional' behavior in Hormuz
23 IRGC Navy unveils new base ship
24 IRGC Navy chief: Any invasion against Iran will face harsh response
25 May 10, 2021 US ship fires warning shots in encounter with Iranian boats
26 Iran’s naval drill marks humiliation anniversary in message to US admin
27 IRGC Navy Gets Hundreds of New Speedboats
28 Enemies can do nothing: IRGC navy commander
29 Iran's Revolutionary Guards tout new missile base in support of navy
30 IRGC navy warns US navy over creating instability in PG
31 IRGC harasses US warships again
32 Iran’s IRGC receives 340 new boats, some with drones
33 Iran unveils IRGC Navy 'missile city' arsenal
34 ‘Environmental pollution’: Iran seizes South Korea flagged ship
35 IRGC Navy equipped with 340 new speedboats
36 US Navy accuses Iranian vessels of harassing warships in Gulf
37 Iran just lost one of its largest ships. It's a major embarrassment.
38 IRGC to operate 'semi-heavy' submarines
39 Iran's IRGC navy receives 188 drones, helicopters
40 Iranian Spy Ship Commands Strategic Position on Vital Oil Route
41 Iran Navy Unveils New Base of Ballistic Missiles
42 Iran navy Atlantic dash, possibly for Venezuela
43 US Navy Not Changing Rules of Engagement with Iran's IRGC Navy
44 Iran Is Building Missile-Slinging Catamarans | Soleimani Warships
45 Iran reveals underground 'missile city' as regional tensions rise
46 Briefing on Iran’s daily developments
47 Iran ready to thwart enemies' threats, IRGC commander says
48 Iran, Russia Start Naval Drill In Indian Ocean
49 Why has China's Foreign Minister spent three days in Damascus? Probably not having trade discussions.
50 Iran's IRGC to receive semi-heavy indigenous submarines
51 Iran Prepared To Deter And Defend Against A Military Strike While Increasing Leverage For Talks With The Biden Administration
52 Iran Holds Ballistic-Missile Drills Amid Heightened Tensions With U.S.
53 Iran says it made five major military improvements last year
54 Iran releases seized South Korean tanker
55 Iran Plans Submarine Expansion in Persian Gulf, Raising Risk of U.S. Clash
56 Iran Holds Anti-Warship Missile Drill Amid Tensions With U.S.
57 UPDATED: Iranian Warship Thought to be Headed to Venezuela Left Port with 7 High-Speed Missile Boats Aboard
58 Iran: IRGC Navy Takes Delivery Of Over 300 Speedboats To Patrol South
59 Iran's Revolutionary Guard Opens New Base on Hormuz Strait
60 The 100,000 Ton US Navy Ship That Iran Is Copying
61 Iran's IRGC Navy receives 340 combat speedboats on Islamic Revolution anniversary
62 In focus — the IRGC(N) and its strategic effect
63 Commander: IRGC navy to continue increasing power
64 Iran Aims for Naval Presence Beyond Persian Gulf With New Ship
65 IRGC to Deploy Naval Flotilla to Indian Ocean
66 Satellite Image Shows 100 New Naval Vessels In Iran
67 Iran has a new warship packed with drones and missiles
68 Iran: IRGC Chief Vows Response To 'any Action' From 'enemy'
69 IRGC Closely Confronting US Forces at Sea, Commander Says
70 Iranian commander threatens to 'destroy' US ships
71 US files complaint to forfeit Iranian missiles and sells previously transferred Iranian petroleum
72 Iran reportedly used drone to take close-up images of US aircraft carrier in Persian Gulf
73 Iranian attacks are down, but not over, CENTCOM commander says
74 IRGC unveils new warship
75 Top 10 ways Iran has claimed attack on Israel, MidEast region
76 Mystery Warship Seen In Iran May Be A Completely New Type
77 America Must Deter Iranian Maritime Aggression in the Persian Gulf
78 IRGC unveils short-range SAM
79 The Growing Iranian Threat Around The Strait Of Hormuz
80 Iranian Navy Vessels Enter Atlantic Ocean
81 Iranian Navy Commissions A New Minesweeper And A Light Frigate
82 US-Iran war of words raises fresh fears of Gulf clash
83 IRGC officer killed by Kurdish fighters in skirmish
84 Iranian naval chief lays out warning to 'destabilizing forces'
85 Iran's History of Naval Provocations (April 22)
86 Iran flexes military muscles amid high tensions with US
87 Iran Wants an Aircraft Carrier. Can They Really Make it Happen?
88 Israel-Iran Sea Skirmishes Escalate as Mine Damages Iranian Military Ship
89 Iran seizes South Korean-flagged oil tanker headed for the UAE
90 Update On Iranian Navy Surface-Effect Ship (SES)
91 A Look Back And Ahead
92 IRGC Unveils ‘Gaza’ Wide-Body Drone
93 US Navy seizes massive shipment of weapons in Arabian Sea
94 IDF: Our subs sail everywhere; Iran: Our response to any attack will be strong
95 U.S. designates Bahrain-based group as terrorist, accusing it of having Iran backing
96 Iran Celebrates Anniversary of Capturing US Sailors with Warning
97 Iran Sends New Flotilla To International Waters
98 Iran had warned U.S. to leave its theater: IRGC Navy
99 IRGC and army are vigorously monitoring enemy's movements in the Persian Gulf, says IRGC
100 With ‘gray zone’ attack on cargo ship, Iran-Israel tensions enter murky waters