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1 Could humans really destroy all life on Earth?
2 Q&A: An ETF That Aims to Track Companies' Impact on Humanity | Financial Advisors | US News
3 PepsiCo SVP Mauro Porcini Spoke at Inaugural Impact Talks Event About Design's Impact on Humanity
4 How human health is 'intricately linked' to ocean health
5 Separating natural and man-made pollutants in the air
6 Global pollen samples reveal vegetation rate of change
7 Adapting to a changing climate with forests and agroforestry
8 4. Could a quantum leap someday aid ethical AI?
9 Pandemic like a global experiment on how human activity affects wildlife, researcher says
10 Nationwide lumber shortage impacting Habitat for Humanity
11 Joint Letter to Secretary Blinken: Proposed Thailand Law Threatens Civil Society Organizations Combatting Human Trafficking
12 Humanity Causes a Greater Impact Than Volcano Eruptions
13 David Oyelowo, Michael Brown Sr. and Mobolaji Olambiwonnu Explore the Impact of Michael Brown’s Killing in ‘Ferguson Rises’
14 SHOCKING: New Animation Film Reveals The Number Of Plastic Bottles Produced Globally In Real-Time
15 The Lunar Lantern could be a beacon for humanity on the moon
16 UN Shared Rohingya Data Without Informed Consent
17 Mapping the extent of human impact on the Earth's surface
18 UN chief: Desertification and drought destabilizing well-being of 3.2 billion people
19 As nature declines, so does human quality of life, study finds
20 Impacts of the COVID‐19 pandemic on human–nature interactions: Pathways, evidence and implications
21 Variety's 2021 Inclusion Impact Report
22 Cicadas have existed for more than 5 million years. Now, humans threaten their future.
23 Governments must stop conniving with fossil fuel industries to burn our rights
24 'Now is the time to scale for impact': Griffith leveraging economies of scale for 'cost-effective' sustainable ingredients
25 CSUN Art Project Highlights Impact of BLM Movement on Students
26 CSUN Project Highlights Impact of BLM Movement on Students
27 SP Hinduja Banque Privée & The Desai Foundation Partner to Create Heroes for Humanity, a COVID Response Recovery Initiative With Both Short and Long Term Impact in India
28 Finger-pointing infant style . . . – The Gisborne Herald
29 Separating natural and man-made pollutants in air
30 Up Next Visualizing the Human Impact on the Earth's Surface
31 Minister's Message: Seeing God's light on the longest day
32 WETM Celebrates Nexstar’s Founder’s Day of Caring
33 UN: Millions driven from homes in 2020 despite COVID crisis
34 Indigenous mortality following Spanish colonization did not always lead to forest regrowth, study finds
35 Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin's Regular Press Conference on June 11, 2021
36 Humanity's environmental impact
37 Mexico's bee guardians on mission to save species
38 Johnson & Johnson Releases 2020 Health for Humanity Report Highlighting Performance and Progress on Environmental, Social and Governance Priorities
39 Should solar geoengineering be part of how humanity counters climate change?
40 Human impacts in Antarctica — Australian Antarctic Program
42 Border Visions: Virtual art exhibit ‘Thirst for Humanity’ raises funds for humanitarian organizations No Más Muertes and Casa Alitas
43 Constellation commits $500K and names beneficiaries of Constellation FURYK & FRIENDS
44 Compared with climate, modelling of ecosystems is at an early stage
45 Transcript | The Unborn Future, Lecture 3: 'Catastrophes Big and Small' by Todd Dufresne
46 A Modest Proposal: Let's Change Earth's Orbit
47 Our impact on Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity – in graphics
48 Why do communities of color still face health inequities?
49 Postal Service Makes the Sun Shine Bright With Forever Stamps
50 Kamloops burials should be investigated as 'crime against humanity,' says Windsor law school's acting dean
51 Sir Courtney: A Leader Extraordinaire, a Visionary, and a Believer in Humanity
52 Elder Abuse During Covid-19 And Protecting Rights Of Older People
53 The G7 Must Take Initiative – The Organization for World Peace
54 COVID-19 impact: Emirates posts $5.5 billion loss on global travel restrictions
55 Unity Reveals Winners of Unity for Humanity Rare Impact Challenge
56 Coronavirus Crisis: Exploring the Human Impact on Nature
57 Tracking and understanding the impact of humans on environment – Geospatial World
58 Bans on teaching racism's impact means Juneteenth is now about resistance and revelry | Weathersbee
59 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought: Thursday 17 June 2021
60 Human 'stuff' now outweighs all life on Earth
61 Venezuela: Humanitarian Response Plan Update 2021
62 Intuitive Machines opening Lunar Operations Center at Houston Spaceport
63 20 Years of the Agile Manifesto: Looking Back and Accelerating Forward
64 In Pursuit of Equitable Development: James Roy II on Revolutionizing Urban Planning
65 What makes a person compassionate?
66 Knights Do That Podcast with Claire Connolly Knox
67 United Nations launches the 2021 Venezuela Humanitarian Response Plan to assist 4.5 million people
68 Humans control majority of freshwater ebb and flow on Earth
69 Human activity forces animals to move 70% further to survive
70 The human impact of COVID-19 – and how business can help
71 Seven Reasons the EU is Wrong to Oppose the TRIPS Waiver
72 Humans are causing life on Earth to vanish
73 Study: how much are humans contributing to global warming?
74 Policy & Ethics Will Quantum Computers Truly Serve Humanity?
75 What Climate Change Does to the Human Body
76 How does water pollution affect human health?
77 'Greenland' offers grim take on how humanity will respond to a comet impact
78 University of Western Australia: Coastal futures event to focus on climate change impacts
79 Coronavirus: How can society thrive post-pandemic?
80 Biodiversity loss has an enormous impact on humans, according to a UN report
81 Women helping each other on this special Habitat for Humanity Women of Impact Build Day
82 Project Manager Risk Education (Ninewa)
83 Behavior & Society How to Restore America's Humanity
84 Human impact on the environment may make pandemics more likely, experts warn
85 Joint statement: Impact of COVID-19 on people's livelihoods, their health and our food systems
86 Maps Show Humans' Growing Impact on the Planet
87 Coronavirus: Wildlife scientists examine the great 'human pause'
88 Scientists: Humans must respect these 9 boundaries to keep Earth habitable
89 How Much Time Does Humanity Have Left?
90 5G Radiation Effect: How harmful is it to the human body? Find out
91 Episcopal Church reiterates opposition to anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination after Supreme Court foster care ruling
92 The Coronavirus Global Pandemic Gifts a New Normal
93 People May Have Used Fire to Clear Forests More Than 80000 Years Ago
94 Human Impact On Biodiversity – The Organization for World Peace
95 Humanising medical care after the pandemic
96 How the online world is affecting the human brain
97 These stunning before-and-after satellite photos show humanity's massive impact on the environment
98 How the Human Life Span Doubled in 100 Years
99 Hellfest 2022 lineup: Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Deftones, 300+ more
100 Climate Change Is The Greatest Threat To Human Health In History