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34 Infernal Affairs
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38 The Departed/Infernal Affairs
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56 Hong Kong to 'Engage' Filmmakers Spooked by Censorship Rules
57 Pulse Films & ‘Infernal Affairs’ Director Andrew Lau Option ‘Teddy Boy’ Comic Book Series About Triad Brotherhood
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59 The Untold Truth Of The Departed
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64 TV version of Infernal Affairs
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67 Donnie Yen burns bright in action fest ‘Raging Fire’
68 Chapman To Reveals Why He Fell Out With Andy Lau And It's Not 'Cos The Latter Didn't Invest In His Film As Reports Had Claimed
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70 Hasselblad X1D II 50C: out of the studio and into the streets
71 Why Americanized, English-Language Remakes Bring So Much Baggage
72 12 Chinese Dramas, Movies, And Variety Shows To Watch On iQiyi For Chinese New Year
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74 New lawsuit alleges rampant corruption in NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau
75 HK actor Anthony Wong receives Taiwan employment gold card
76 Infernal Affairs Blu-ray Review | High Def Digest
77 Reporter gets promoted to senior executive while undercover to expose corrupt company
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82 Chinese Doctors: tribute to Wuhan’s Covid-19 medical workers
83 Liu Kai-Chi Dies From Stomach Cancer At 66
84 SBS World Movies Weekly Highlights 29 March
85 Tony Leung plays a new Mandarin in Shang-chi for Marvel
86 Good guy, bad guy -- who's who?
87 Int’l Critics Line: Anna Smith On Andy Lau Action Pic ‘Shock Wave 2’
88 New images from Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
89 Review: "Raging Fire" Is an Exciting but Unoriginal Hong Kong Cop Drama
90 Green light given to The Wandering Earth 2 as Andy Lau joins blockbuster sequel
91 Andy Lau stars in trailer for Shock Wave: Hong Kong Destruction
92 Media Asia sells 'God Of War 2' to North America, 'Septet' to Japan
93 Matt Damon Shares Disturbing Departed Rewrites- Daily Research Plot
94 Video Of Shawn Yue Paying Tribute To China Police Angers Hongkong Netizens
95 Honoring China's role in global peacekeeping
96 Andy Lau Rakes In S$350mil In Box Office Revenue This Past Year; Hongkong Media Laments Dearth Of Male Stars Under 40
97 COVID-19 blockbuster set for release July
98 The Rolling Stones: 5 Times Martin Scorsese Used Their Songs (& 5 Times Wes Anderson Did)
99 'Phantom Thread', 'The Departed', 'Wish Dragon': The films to stream this weekend
100 Infernal Affairs II