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1 Chipmakers Getting Serious About Integrated Photonics
2 Apple Receives Patents for Integrated Photonics, Periscope Lens Technology
3 Global Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Market Report 2021: Industry is Witnessing a Shift from Passive Optical Networks (PON) Technology to Active Optical Network (AON)
4 Apple won a Major Patent for an 'Integrated Photonics Device' that could be used in a Future Apple Watch for Monitoring Blood Glucose+
5 Integrated Optical Frequency Can Now Be Manufactured at Scale
6 Silicon Nitride Photonics with MEMS: Enabling New Sensing and Filtering Systems | Webinars
7 Global Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Market Report 2021: Market
8 Smart Photonics 'shifts gears' with new loan and updated design kit
9 Photonics News: Week in Brief: 07/23/21 | Business | Jul 2021
10 Doctoral Student Bridges Gap Between Electronics And Optics
11 More Photonics Courses on the Way: DOD, MIT Launch Online Advanced Manufacturing Learning Platform
12 OSA Advanced Photonics Congress Reverts to Virtual Format for 2021
13 Politecnico di Milano: Integrated Photonics: The First Optical Chip That Directs Wideband Data
14 New chip design exponentially boosts data rate for processors
15 PhotonicLEAP Receives Funding for Photonic Packaging and Test Technologies
16 Photonics 21: Scientists ramping up internet speed to 40 Tb/s
17 The Future of Deep Learning Is Photonic
18 The first commercially scalable integrated laser and microcomb on a single chip
19 Dutch startup SMART Photonics receives €13M loan from Rabobank to scale up production of its photonics chips
20 €5m EU funding for Cork-based Tyndall to lead new photonics project
21 The realization of topologically protected valley-dependent quantum photonic chips
22 People in the News: 7/21/21 | Jul 2021
23 Let there be light: Tyndall secures €5m in photonics funding
24 Scalable manufacturing of integrated optical frequency combs
25 Integrated Photonics Set to Light Up the Data Center
26 MIT and U.S. Department of Defense team up to launch a new edX learning platform
27 Rockley Photonics Unveils End-to-end Digital Health Monitoring Solution Based on Spectrophotometer-on-a-chip Sensing Module
28 UCF Researchers Awarded SEED Funding to Investigate Nano and Digital Technologies
29 Laser technique pushes data at 40Tbit/s through existing internet cabling
30 NeoPhotonics to Host Conference Call to Discuss 2021 Second Quarter Financial Results on Tuesday, August 3, 2021
31 Photonic computers: The future of computing is… analogue
32 Sense Photonics Sees Flash LiDAR As Best Path To Full Self-Driving Tech
33 SA Photonics’ Demonstrates Next-Generation PilotVision™ Augmented Reality System at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2021
34 Comments on: Integrated photonics leaps high-speed interconnect barriers
35 PhotonicLeap (Tyndall) awarded over €5M in EU funding to develop disruptive photonics manufacturing technology
36 Integrated Photonic Circuits Demonstrate Ultralow Loss | Research & Technology | Apr 2021
37 Smart Photonics secures €13M million loan for scale-up – Bits&Chips
38 Laser soliton microcombs heterogeneously integrated on silicon
39 New tech builds ultralow-loss integrated photonic circuits
40 Industrializing photonics
41 Hitachi snaps up Valencia spin-out VLC for integrated photonics expertise
42 Intel Advances Progress in Integrated Photonics for Data Centers
43 Quantum random number generator sets benchmark for size, performance
44 Intel: Advances in silicon photonics can break the I/O “power wall” with less energy, higher throughput
45 Researchers realize high-efficiency frequency conversion on integrated photonic chip
46 The military sensors market is estimated at USD 9.9 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 13.2 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2021 to 2026
47 Photonic Integrated Circuit (IC) & Quantum Computing Market 2020 Increasing Dema
48 Intel Labs Day – Quantum, Neuromorphic, Integrated Photonics, “Pursuit of 1000X” and More
49 AIM Photonics will give already-exploding AI/ML shot in the arm
50 Georgia Tech to lead new integrated photonics & electronics center
51 How photonic integration can boost artificial intelligence
52 Photonics Integrated Circuit (IC) Market to Show Incredible Growth by 2027 | IBM, Broadcom – The Manomet Current
53 Integrated Photonics May Solve Power and Speed Issues of Massive Data
54 Innovative Technology for Building Ultralow-Loss Integrated Photonic Circuits
55 Photonics Integrated Circuit (IC) Market Anticipated to Increase at a Stable Rate in the forecast period (2021 to 2027) with COVID-19 Study – Zambia Business Times
56 Light Speed: How Integrated Photonics Can Shape the Future of Neuroscience
57 Miniaturized Modulator Increases Potential of Photonic Integrated Circuits
58 Lithium niobate crystal film for integrated photonic applications
59 Tantala is exciting new material for nonlinear integrated photonics
60 Researchers create ultralow-loss silicon nitride integrated photonic circuits
61 NSF Names Georgia Tech Lead Institute of New Cross Disciplinary Center Focused on Integrated Photonics & Electronics: “Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits for Aerospace” (EPICA)
62 Integrated Approach Emits Quantum Light on Demand, at Room Temperature
63 Global UV Nanosecond Lasers Market Analysis, Scope and Forecast By 2021. The Global Infinity Business Insights Updates I Top key players- Coherent, Ekspla, Jenoptik, Photonics Industries Inc, – The Manomet Current
64 Etched Titania Films Could Speed Production of Integrated Photonics
65 Nonvolatile programmable silicon photonics using an ultralow-loss Sb2Se3 phase change material
66 Intel sees bright future for silicon photonics, moving information at light speed in datacenters and beyond
67 Integrated Laser-on-Silicon Photonics Gets a Boost from DARPA
68 Photonics Market Estimated to Flourish at by 2021-2027| Coherent, Inc, IPG Photonics, Finisar Corporation, Hamamatsu Photonics – The Manomet Current
69 INSPIRE project has goal of revolutionizing photonic integrated circuit technology
70 Photonfirst ready to claim world leadership in integrated photonic sensing – Bits&Chips
71 Global Photonics Market Company Business Analysis, Industry Synopsis, Business Outlook 2021 to 2026 – Zambia Business Times
72 III-V semiconductor photonic integrated circuits go quantum
73 NY Creates announces $19M federally-funded AIM Photonics program
74 Improving Photoluminescence in Silicon Boosts PIC Performance | Research & Technology | Jun 2021
75 MIT Lincoln Laboratory Creates The First Trapped-Ion Quantum Chip With Fully Integrated Photonics
76 Silicon photonics moves into new clinical and environmental applications
77 Silicon Photonics Market – Industry Size, Development Strategy, Historical Analysis, Competitive Landscape And Forecast to 2028 – The Manomet Current
78 Silicon Photonics Devices Market to Enjoy Explosive Growth by 2028 – The Manomet Current
79 Testing Silicon Photonics In Production
80 Photonic Integration Center Develops Revolutionary Chip Technology
81 Rockley Photonics goes public in merger with SC Health – valuing group at $1.2BN
82 imec collaboration integrates InP lasers with silicon photonics
83 Lightwave Logic Announces Release of Photonics Roadmap Whitepaper
84 Quantum Photonics | The UCSB Current
85 Shedding light on photonic integrated circuits | Electronics360
86 Weeklong Bootcamp Provides Hands-On Experience in Integrated Photonics
87 AIM Photonics to Lead $19M DARPA-Funded Photonics Program
88 AIM Photonics eyes stability, 7-year funding pact with feds
89 SOI Technology Lights Up the Next Wave of Photonics Solutions
90 Intel's micro-ring detector paves way to optical server interconnects
91 AEHR Stock Increased 87.94%: Why It Happened
92 Research and Industry News
93 Rockley Photonics Accelerates Plan to Revolutionize Consumer Health and Wellness Monitoring by Going Public via SC Health Corp.
94 Global Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits Market by Type , Application, Region, Trends and Forecast 2020- 2027 By – Murphy's Hockey Law
95 Low-Loss Silicon Nitride Served up on a Wafer
96 National photonics institute in Albany hoping for second round of funding
97 Report: New Applications Could Boost Silicon Photonics Business
98 Silicon Carbide: From Abrasives to Quantum Photonics
99 DARPA Advances Lasers-on-Chips Effort
100 Wafer-scale boost for optical photonics integration