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1 Islamophobia is getting amplified by bots on social media
2 9 tropes about Muslims that are a product of Islamophobia
3 Telangana govt urged to delete 'Islamophobic' content from school textbook
4 Can an AI model be Islamophobic? Researchers say GPT-3 is
5 'Innocent Until Proven Muslim': How Islamophobia lingers in post-9/11 era
6 AI’s anti-Muslim bias problem
7 Muslim community remembers Islamophobic impact of 9/11
8 Canada election: How are leaders combatting Islamophobia?
9 Muslim students express fear for their safety on campus following Islamophobic online reactions to flag removal
10 How Islamophobia has evolved since the 9-11 terrorist attacks
11 Macron continues Islamophobic hate speech over war on terror | Daily Sabah
12 MPs are debating the ‘definition’ of Islamophobia – it’s time they allowed us Muslims to name our suffering
13 In Kerala, the ruling CPM and an Islamophobic bishop make strange bedfellows
14 Since 9/11, Islamophobia has been ‘a constant feature’ in Canada, experts say
15 How post-9/11 Islamophobia impacted UI students
16 Islamophobia After 9/11: How a fearmongering fringe movement exploited the terror attacks to gain political power
17 A conversation about Islamophobia in the UK since 9/11
18 How U.S. Muslim youth are affected by 9/11, Islamophobia
19 Our Catholic faith demands that we confront Islamophobia
20 ‘Utter neglect’: Government fails to create Islamophobia definition two years after pledge
21 Islamophobia Continues To Follow Him In The Years Since 9/11
22 Cabinet reshuffle: Boris Johnson and the scourge of Islamophobia
23 'EastEnders' fans appalled as Dana is beaten up in horrific Islamophobic attack
24 Opinion: Fighting Islamophobia goes beyond government
25 Trail of 'Islamophobic' social-media posts follows Bloc candidate
26 Letters for September 19: Islamophobic rhetoric and vaccine science
27 Conservatives dump Toronto candidate over Islamophobic tweets
28 France Is Launching 18 Islamic Art Exhibitions to Counter Islamophobia
29 Groups work to stop hate crimes, Islamophobia 20 years after 9/11
30 As Canada grapples with Islamophobia concerns, Muslims in Thunder Bay share ideas on path forward
31 Reducing Islamophobia Through Apology and Afghan Resettlement Support
32 Islamophobia has penetrated politics in West, Erdoğan says
33 Teaching Islamophobia: Telangana textbook shows image of ‘terrorist’ holding Quran
34 Young Muslims reflect on Islamophobia in post September 11
35 Incidents of Islamophobia on the rise, says president of Moncton Muslim Association
36 Teachers urged to be wary of Islamophobia surrounding 9/11
37 How Taliban return in Afghanistan triggered Islamophobia in India
38 Islam and Islamophobia, and how democracies have responded
39 Controversies over Islamophobia dog Canada's conservatives
40 Muslim Canadians call on politicians to take concrete action to fight Islamophobia
41 How Islamophobia Has Impacted Sikh Communities | The Takeaway
42 Rome to host 1st International Youth Forum Against Islamophobia
43 A Muslim family was killed in Canada 3 months ago. Many wonder why party leaders are 'silent' on Islamophobia
44 France launches Islamic art shows across 18 cities to combat rising Islamophobia
45 EastEnders viewers sickened as thugs brutally beat up Dana in Islamophobic attack
46 New British Culture Secretary Dorries accused of Islamophobia | Daily Sabah
47 Gov. Noem's blatant white nationalism and Islamophobic comments and actions are 'morally grotesque,' says minister — The South Dakota Standard
48 Growing Islamophobia could affect global stability, security: Envoy | Daily Sabah
49 Comparing Texas' abortion ban to Islamic law is inaccurate, perpetuates Islamophobia, experts say
50 Kerala Muslim bodies hit out at CPIM leader for backing islamophobic remarks
51 India's Telangana Accused of Teaching Islamophobia in Textbook
52 Two decades after 9/11, Muslim Americans still fighting bias
53 Imran Khan Calls for End to Islamophobia
54 Canada election: Muslim candidates on tackling Islamophobia and facing discrimination
55 Do We Recognize Bollywood’s Affair with Islamophobia?
56 Muslim group calls for N.S. Conservative candidate's resignation
57 'Jingoistic agenda': Naseeruddin Shah on the rise of Islamophobia, religious bias in Bollywood
58 Conservative candidate dropped by party over Islamophobic tweets says she's still running as a Tory
59 Imran for collective efforts to fight emerging threat of terrorism
60 BJP plans to set out islamophobia; Catholic diocese shall realise this- Prakash Karat
61 Teachers warn of rising Islamophobia in English schools
62 Leave Your Islamophobia Out of the Texas Abortion Ban Fight
63 Is Biden ending Islamophobia? What shall we do then?
64 Les Hijabeuses: Muslim women footballers tackle French hijab ban
65 FPJ Edit: Kerala’s imaginary jihads reflect Islamophobia
66 Pakistan urges ‘global alliance’ against growing Islamophobia, other forms of racism
67 EastEnders spoilers: Dana is badly beaten in Islamophobic attack
68 Parenting in the shadow of terror: How do you raise a Muslim daughter in a society that vilifies Islam?
69 Islamophobia on TikTok and the guideline enforcement gap
70 The Middle East, Palestine and Islamophobia in Canada's 2021 election
71 ‘Dara Hua Media’: HT goes NDTV Pro Max, changes representational image of Muslim man even before Islamists attack
72 Narcotic jehad: Karat accuses BJP of whipping up Islamophobia in Kerala
73 'Narcotic Jihad' and the Delusions of the Catholic Church
74 National Canadian Muslim council issues recommendations for Ottawa to tackle Islamophobia
75 ‘Outsider narrative’: Muslims in India’s Bihar fear Assam repeat
76 What Oil Politics, Taliban, Islamophobia Mean to India
77 In the United Kingdom, Islamophobia Is on the Rise, But Existing Anti-Racist Measures are Not Equipped to Deal With It
78 EastEnders spoilers: Bobby declares his love for Dana after attack
79 Indian Americans protest outside White House over Modi’s visit
80 First on CNN: Ilhan Omar leads group calling for special envoy to combat Islamophobia
81 How it became normal to be Islamophobic in Belgium
82 The coloniality of Canadian Islamophobia – and anti-Islamophobia
83 Islamophobia in schools: How teachers and communities can recognize and challenge its harms
84 Shadowy Right-Wing Strategy Group Embraces Islamophobic Figures, Policies, Presents Challenge to Democracy
85 After Afzaal Family Killings, Muslims in Canada Denounce Islamophobia
86 France closes down Muslim publishing house for promoting Islamic history
87 Roseville woman charged with assaulting Muslim airline passenger on 9/11 anniversary
88 Islamophobia in western media is based on false premises
89 Latest Gaza conflict fuels anti-Semitism, Islamophobia across U.S., Europe
90 Islamophobic attacks in France increase by 53% in 2020 | Daily Sabah
91 Vital discourse
92 Narcotic jihad: Karat accuses BJP of whipping up Islamophobia in Kerala | Thiruvananthapuram NYOOOZ
93 Rutgers Professors Mark 20th Anniversary of 9/11 by Assaulting America
94 British law professor under fire over ‘Islamophobic’ statements
95 From Ontario to Bordeaux, Islamophobia and right-wing terrorism must be confronted head-on
96 ‘Europe’s racists disguise Islamophobia as freedom, democracy’ | Daily Sabah
97 Wave of Islamophobic hate crimes sweeping Southern Spain
98 West openly embraces Islamophobic, far-right movements: Erdoğan | Daily Sabah
99 America, You Have an Islamophobia Problem
100 UN leaders speak out against Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred