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1 Big Impact Anticipated With HFpEF Expansion of Sacubitril/Valsartan Label
2 Premature menopause associated with increased ASCVD risk
3 Women in cardiology receive less money from CMS, submit fewer charges
4 Genetic Testing Identifies Disease-Associated Variants in Patients with AFib
5 Why young athletes who have contracted COVID-19 have to play it safe
6 AI Algorithm Matches Cardiologists' Expertise, While Explaining Its Decisions | UC San Francisco
7 Poor Choice of Stroke Patients for EVT; Sluggish Entresto Uptake; CBD for High BP?
8 Death From Lack of Cardiac ICU Beds; New CMS Labor Rates; Affordable Housing and BP
9 JAMA study supports the use of genetic testing for patients with early-onset atrial fibrillation
10 ​​Simple Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack, According to Doctors | Eat This Not That
11 Intensive BP control can modify risk associated with elevated troponin T and natriuretic peptide levels:...
12 CMS Pays More to Male Cardiologists, but the Reasons Why Are Murky
13 Cardiac PET predicts outcomes in aortic stenosis
14 Diverse DNA signatures linked to heart disease
15 Histology of Vaccine Myocarditis; PFO Closure for Divers; New Evolut Valve OK'd
16 Cardio Round-Up: Sleep Apnea Linked to Worse PAD Outcomes; and More
17 Less money, more heart risk?
18 Expanded FDA Label Increases Sacubitril/Valsartan Eligibility in Heart Failure Care
19 Choosing Personal Exercise Goals, Then Tackling Them Immediately is Key to Sustaining Change
20 AHA News: Registries of College Athletes With COVID-19 Aim to Learn More About Virus's Long-Term Impact
21 Lipids in Walnut Trial; Watchman Leak Aftermath; Not Even 1 Drink a Month in Afib?
22 Genomic autopsy reveals many genetic variants associated with cardiomyopathy
23 Boston Scientific's Watchman riskier for women, registry finds
24 Myocarditis COVID Vaccine Resolves Quickly
25 Pictorial Information on Vascular Age Increased Prescribing of Lipid-Lowering Drugs
26 Statins Positively Alter Coronary Plaque Composition |
27 Insurance benefits for Pfizer's heart drug Vyndamax uncertain
28 Genomic autopsy identifies cardiomyopathy variants
29 JAMA Cardiology Article Shows Effectiveness of AI-Guided Ultrasound Software
30 Dual Antiplatelet Therapy after PCI in Patients at High Bleeding Risk
31 Cardio Round-Up: Inflammatory Bowel Disease Linked to VTE, CVD, HF; and More
32 Caption Health Announces JAMA Cardiology Publication Showing Effectiveness of AI-Guided Ultrasound Software
33 Heart Failure in Patients With COVID-19
34 This One Easy Thing Reduces Your Risk of Premature Death by 70 Percent | Eat This Not That
35 Persistent Childhood Sleep Apnea Linked With Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure Later
36 Identification of Phenotypes Among COVID-19 Patients in the United Sta | IDR
37 Case Series Describes COVID-19 Vaccine-Associated Myocarditis in Children
38 Just How Much PCI Has Shifted to Outpatient Settings?
39 Myocarditis in Athletes After COVID-19 Infection
40 SGLT2 Inhibitor Adds Years of Life to Patients With Heart Failure
41 Setting the record straight: There is no 'Covid heart'
42 Analysis of diversity at premier medical journals met with silence
43 'Striking' Difference in Adverse Events in Women With Watchman LAAO
44 More adverse events, longer hospital stays for women undergoing LAA occlusion vs. men
45 Outpatient PCI Takes Hold in US Practice, Muddying Volume Trends
46 Diabetes powerfully associated with premature coronary heart disease in women
47 If You Can't Do These Exercises, You Need to Exercise More | Eat This Not That
48 Coronary artery calcium presence associated with ASCVD events
49 American College of Cardiology, May 15-17
50 Cardiologist follows the science to a new conclusion on fish oil supplements l Expert Opinion
51 Quality of Care Will Be a “Sweet Spot” for JAMA Cardiology Says New Editor-in-Chief
52 Suboptimal management of lipid levels prevalent among patients with ASCVD
53 Lipid Management Progresses and the U.S. Shrugs, Study Finds
54 DoD Confirms: Rare Heart Inflammation Cases Linked to COVID-19 Vaccines
55 Upward midlife wealth mobility may lower risk for CV events, death
56 Changes in midlife wealth influence cardiovascular health
57 Risk Scores in Elderly Chinese Patients with Heart Failure | CIA
58 Praluent OK'd for HoFH; Contraception in Cardiology; Cutting Amputations
59 How Many Daily Steps Should You Take to Live Longer?
60 Study of Big Ten college athletes suggests higher risk for post-COVID-19 heart problems
61 Subclinical Myocarditis Found in Some Athletes Post-COVID
62 Mount Sinai Cardiovascular Doctors to Receive Honors During American College of Cardiology 70th Annual Scientific Session
63 Statin Users See Good Changes in Atherosclerotic Plaques
64 Heart problems may be rare in pro athletes post-COVID-19
65 ICD-Magnet Distancing; Modernized Stroke Scale; Ear Buds in Lieu of ECG?
66 Recurrent Pericarditis Woes; Sluggish Cardiovascular Trials; Bargain-Rate TAVR
67 Academic Cardiologists Singled Out for Gender Equality Problem
68 Decline in acute MI, stroke hospitalizations among Medicare beneficiaries during pandemic
69 Jun 25 2021 This Week in Cardiology
70 Study identifies DNA signatures linked to heart disease
71 Aerobic exercise effectively reduces ambulatory BP in resistant hypertension patients: JAMA
72 More Sartan Troubles; Fumbling Action on HeartWare; Bariatric Surgery for High BP?
73 Short-term LAA Occlusion Outcomes Worse in Women
74 Effects of Mitral Annular Disjunction in Marfan Syndrome
75 With AI, No Experience Needed for Echo?
76 CMR Imaging to Detect Myocarditis in Athletes After Recent SARS-CoV-2 Infection
77 CaMKII Inhibitor Disappoints in Post-MI Cardioprotection
78 Exploring the Connection Between Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Cardiovascular Disease
79 Surveillance Recommendations for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Associated Myocarditis
80 Changed Warning on Statins; Novel Anticoagulant Shines; Porous Clots in Stroke
81 Diabetes, insulin resistance associated with premature CHD onset in women
82 Higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids from prescription fish oil showed no effect on CV events
83 First TTS Case After mRNA Shot; Fake Fellow Strikes Out; Disappearing Pacemaker
84 iPhone-CIED Danger; Vax Link to Myocarditis 'Probable'; Meet the Cardiologist-Farmer
85 New mutation raises risk for AFib, heart failure for people of color
86 An Unhealthy Diet Feeds Into Clonal Hematopoiesis
87 Myocarditis in Adolescents After COVID-19 Vaccine Typically Mild
88 Why 10000 steps per day may not be the true exercise 'sweet spot'
89 Jul 2 2021 This Week in Cardiology
90 Heart inflammation after virus is rare in Big Ten athletes
91 Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival fell 17% amid COVID-19
92 Aug 13 2021 This Week in Cardiology
93 Early Vax Myocarditis Data; Novel RAAS Inhibitor; Star Athletes Collapse Mid-Game
94 Heart inflammation after COVID-19 shots higher than expected in study of U.S. military
95 Myocarditis Following Immunization With mRNA COVID-19 vaccines in members of US military
96 SGLT2 Flops in COVID; Uproar Over J&J Vax Clots; Monoclonal Antibody for STEMI
97 Rare heart condition in teens after COVID-19 shots generally mild, study says
98 Assessing for myocarditis may clarify whether athletes can return to sports after COVID-19
99 Pedicled better than skeletonized technique for mammary artery grafting in CABG surgery: JAMA
100 NBPA Cardiologist Opens Up About League’s COVID-19 Concerns