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1 Maria Schneeweiss, MD, on the Incidence of VTE in Psoriasis and Other Chronic Inflammatory Skin Diseases
2 Assessing Performance of Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis Questionnaires Over Time
3 Infliximab, Adalimumab Use Associated With Risk of Serious Infection in Patients With Psoriasis
4 Biologics for Psoriasis May Increase Serious Infection Risk
5 Psoriasis One of the Most Common Immune-Mediated Diseases Affecting US Adults
6 Planning, options necessary in treating pregnant women with psoriasis Rebecca L. Forand
7 Questionnaire Responses About Dermatology History Inconsistent
8 IgA autoantibodies in breast milk linked to neonatal LABD in JAMA study
9 CBT Reduced Dermatitis Symptoms, Sleep Problems
10 UV Protection: Don't Let Patients Feel the Burn
11 Questionnaires to Assess Atopic Dermatitis Prevalence May Be Problematic
12 Biologic Use for Psoriasis May Increase Serious Infection Risk
13 Gender-Affirming Hair Removal Improves Mental Health
14 Patients of Color Less Likely to Get Specialist Care Than White Patients
15 Fenway Health, Harvard, MGH, & Brigham and Women's Researchers Find Association Between Gender-Affirming Hair Removal and Mental Health Outcomes
16 Androgenetic Alopecia May Reduce Health-Related Quality of Life
17 Skin Reactions After COVID-19 Vaccination: Rare, Usually Don’t Recur After Second Dose
18 Patients of color less likely to get specialist care
19 Disparities Seen for Racial, Ethnic Minorities in Outpatient Practices
20 Lip flip: What it is, results, side effects, and more
21 Early multidisciplinary approach needed for digital ulcers in systemic sclerosis
22 Robert J. Smith, MD, and Brittany U. Oliver, MD, on Advocating for Black Lives
23 Prevalence and Medications of Atopic Dermatitis in Germany | CLEP
24 The Racial Reckoning in Dermatology : Short Wave
25 Stigma toward those with hair loss
26 Study: How Does AK Affect Long-Term cSCC Risk?
27 Recognize Dermatologists for Their Role in HIV, AIDS Fight, Review Says
28 COVID-19 roundup: Smell test, tumors and cancer treatment | Daily Sabah
29 Study: Medical Marijuana Serves as Potential Therapy for Chronic Itch
30 First-of-its-kind study links wildfire smoke to skin disease
31 Mutation profile of acral nevi differs from acral melanoma, Moffitt researchers say
32 Margin Size, Radiation Tied to Survival in Merkel Cell Carcinoma
33 Biosimilars Match Up With Originals for Skin Disorders
34 Atopic dermatitis and patient perspectives | JAA
35 Young Hidradenitis Suppurativa Patients See Lags in Care
36 Infantile hemangioma size associated with time to heal
37 Diagnostic Delays in Children With Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Irreversible Damage
38 JAMA Dermatology Publishes Results from Verrica's Two Pivotal Phase III CAMP
39 UV-Related Melanoma Uncommon in Skin of Color
40 Imaging a Helpful Sidekick in Detecting Melanomas
41 High Potassium No Threat With Spironolactone | MedPage Today
42 Cutaneous immune-related adverse events often precede noncutaneous events
43 COVID Triggers Novel Infectious Skin Condition in Teen
44 Pandemic-related mask wearing increased rhytides, acne
45 Lay population stigmatizes patients with alopecia
46 a widespread but risky habit –
47 Medical Journals Blind to Racism as Health Crisis, Critics Say
48 For Authors | JAMA
49 Mucocutaneous Symptoms of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Pediatric Patients
50 Low Risk of Lymphoma, But Not Other Cancers, With Topical Calcineurin Inhibitors
51 Bizarre Covid vaccine side effects
52 Topical Corticosteroid Use During Pregnancy
53 6 Comorbidities of Pediatric Psoriasis
54 For Advertisers
55 VIDEO: Tildrakizumab shows strong efficacy at 5 years for plaque psoriasis
56 Confused About Sunscreen? New American Academy of Dermatology Survey Shows Americans Need a Refresher on Sunscreen Application and SPF
57 Strict avoidance of systemic steroids not necessary in psoriasis patients: JAMA
58 Melanoma Experts Say 'No' to Routine Gene Profile Testing
59 American Academy of Dermatology installs new officers and board members
60 Alexa B. Kimball, MD, MPH, on Pregnancy Outcomes in Women With Psoriasis
61 Cosmetic procedures more than vanity
62 Doctors Find Wildfire Smoke May Damage the Skin
63 Moderna Vaccine Can Trigger Red, Itchy 'COVID Arm,' But It's Temporary | Health News | US News
64 The Prevalence and Correlates of Fissured Tongue Among Outpatients in | CCIDE
65 Best Sunscreens and Self-Tanners for Psoriasis
66 Derm Symptoms Signal MIS-C in Kids
67 Barriers to Physician Skin Exam ID'd for Young Melanoma Survivors
68 Wildfire Smoke Linked to New and Worsened Eczema, Study Finds
69 Risk for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Increases With Age
70 Chronic inflammatory skin diseases not linked to VTE risk, finds JAMA study
71 Interventions for Vitiligo | Dermatology | JAMA
72 Increased Atopic Dermatitis Health Care Use Following Wildfire Air Pollution
73 Infantile hemangiomas not affected by topical timolol
74 Masculinizing Hormone Therapy Tied to Acne in Transmen
75 Pandemic-related mask-wearing tops 2020 dermatitis news
76 Study Evaluates Cutaneous Reactions to COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines
77 Wildfire smoke linked to skin disease
78 Wildfire smoke linked to skin disease in first-of-its-kind study
79 Potent Topical Corticosteroids Linked to Risk for Osteoporosis and Major Fractures
80 7 Ways Dermatologists Keep Their Skin Healthy During Travel
81 Study links childhood eczema with learning disabilities
82 Study Reports on US Incidence, Prevalence of Granuloma Annulare
83 Chilblain-like lesions have characteristics of viral-induced type I interferonopathy
84 Examining Stigmatizing Attitudes Toward People With Alopecia
85 Potassium being monitored in acne patients on spironolactone, defying guidelines: JAMA
86 Study Finds Teledermatology More Cost-Saving than Conventional Model
87 Dr Christine Ko: “COVID Toes” Not Active Skin Infection
88 Monitor Bone Health With High-Dose Topical Corticosteroids
89 Woman's foul-smelling 'turkey ear' caused by decades-long infection
90 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
91 Your Self-Care Guide for Psoriasis
92 Rash, Itch After COVID Vaccine Rare & Quickly Resolves | Health News | US News
93 Civilian dermatologists need to be aware of psoriasis' effect on military eligibility
94 Google debuts AI-powered app to help consumers identify common skin conditions
95 July FDA Approvals to Watch
96 JAMA study throws light on effectiveness of biologic therapies in psoriasis
97 Delayed Hypersensitivity Reactions to Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
98 Suicidality, depression, anxiety higher in younger patients on finasteride for alopecia
99 Medical Marijuana may help relieve Chronic Pruritus: JAMA Case Report
100 Fewer Occlusions for Facial Filler Injected With Cannulas Than With Needles